Chapter 233 Part 3



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Twenty minutes later, Andale returned to the reception desk, out of breath.
The young man was surprised to see the display on the pendant that was given to Andale.

「20 points… you did it」

Balding old man in his late middle age, smiling wryly back at him while panting.

「You bet I did. When I was a little, people used to call me 『Andale-kun the Eagle』」

Nodding admiringly, the young man took out a piece of paper.

「Congratulations. Here’s your prize: ticket to tonight’s idol unit live concert!」

It was probably about the thank you touching concert that’s held in the middle of the night.
Depending on the popularity of the idol, you may need a few silver coins to attend one. It was really a good deal if he could get it for only two copper coins.
He looked at the ticket he had received and listened to the rest of the young man’s explanation.

「This idol unit didn’t held the touching session in a private room, but instead, they have something called 『On Stage』」

There, his smile deepened and the young man finished his explanation.

「This is a special ticket, one of the few that gives you the right to attend this 『On Stage』. Have fun!」

He frowned at the unfamiliar words and read the note on the back of the ticket.
Then he glared at the young man with a grim expression.

「You mean I have to get up on that stage and do it in front of everybody!?」

The young man however, was unfazed.

「It called on stage after all」

He replied without hesitation and squinted his eyes, smiling thinly as he continued.

「If you can’t do it in front of other people, you are welcome to decline. You can still watch the on stage performance」

Agitated by a young man who is almost twice younger than him, Andale showed a fighting spirit in his eyes.

「Don’t underestimate me. When I was younger, I used to yearn to work in a brothel. The more people watch the harder I will get」

In response to his bluff, the young man bowed his head politely.

「My apologies. Then, I wish you the best of luck tonight」

Andale snorts and walks away confidently. But he’s not as calm as he looks.

(We’ll be doing it in front of people, right? Will I be alright? If it turns out I can’t do it, it would be too uncool)

If someone he knew saw him there, he would be made fun of forever.

(No, look at the players at the Divine Tournament. Even on such a big stage, they kept performing magnificently. I’m sure can do it too, if I put my mind to it)

Looking at the autograph on the ticket, his partner will be the sub-leader. When he checked the posters hanging nearby, he saw that her looks were reasonably high.

(Alright! Let’s eat meat!)

He made up his mind and headed out to eat for the occasion tonight.


Andale went out to the outer perimeter of the temple and ate a thick cut of steak dripping with juice. As night fell, he went into the concert hall.
He watched a group of five women singing and dancing.

(Hmm…the sub-leader is… the girl with a very short hair over there huh)

She wore hot pants and a short top. Her belly button is visible between the two and her supple, toned abs.
Her hair also gives her a sporty look. She looks even better than the poster.

(Still, are we really going to do it in this situation?)

The seats were packed, and many people were standing up and cheering enthusiastically. The group in pink jackets were no doubt a group of fans cheering for them.
To them, these women were probably goddesses. I was about to unite with one of them right in front of these fans.

(Will it really be fine?)

『Embracing the woman everyone longs for in front of their eyes』

I felt a dark emotion about it, but the pressure surpassed that.
There was no time to enjoy the stage. Andale’s stomach ached with nervousness as he waited for the right moment.

『Then, we will begin the on-stage performance now』

A young man made a somewhat dramatic announcement. It was probably the young man who had been at the reception desk during the day.
Although he had changed the way he spoke, his voice sounded very similar.

『And now, first of all, the leader’s partner. Customers who have grasped the ticket with their abilities and luck, please proceed to the stage! 』

A long-chinned brother in a pink jacket jumps up the stairs. He headed for the leader of the group, a slim woman with a long sauvage haircut.
There were tremendous cries of envy and resentment from the audience.

(These guys are serious!)

I just happened to get it as a prize in a game. So, to be honest, I don’t know much about this idol unit.
I don’t have the same sense of values as the people cheering enthusiastically for them here.

(Why can’t these guys get something like 20 points?)

They were younger than I was, and they must have more strength. I couldn’t understand why I could do it and they couldn’t.

(Could it be that I’m actually a genius?)

As a leader of the shopping district, I have been keeping a close eye on shoplifting. I wondered if this was the reason for my good performance in the 『Bandit Game』.
As I was thinking about this, I heard a cheerful laugh from the people in the surrounding area.
When I looked up at the stage with surprise, I saw the long chin young man continuously firing his load on the stage.

(What the hell is wrong with him?)

The first shot was when he was undressed, the second shot was when he was touched by her hand, and the third shot was when she breathed on him.
He couldn’t stop himself from feeling so close to the idol of his dreams, whom he worshiped as a goddess.

(There he goes firing it off again)

Their lips touched and force shot. The shot seems to stop there, and the long-chinned young man is lying on his back on the stage with his mouth loosened.

(It’ll be alright, I should be better than him)

I flinched from the jeers and laughter, but kept my spirits up. The audience, by the way, was shouting and mocking him in unison.

『Thank you for your hard work. We will now continue with the sub-leader. Customer, please!』

Andale stands up, holding his ticket high in the air.
The jeers being thrown at him seem to carry a physical pressure. He clenches his teeth to endure it and makes his way to the stage.

「Please be gentle with me, uncle」

The sub-leader loosens Andale’s belt and squats down with his pants. Although she greeted him with a smile, the uncle at her eye level was nodding feebly.
I guess it’s because he’s on stage and attracting a lot of attention.


With a look of bitterness and impatience on his face, Andale apologized in a whisper.
He was probably cold. When he was exposed to the outside air, he pulled his head back and shrunk even more.

(It shouldn’t be like this)

He pulled up the collar of his sweater to the nape and looked down. Even when he was shook from side to side, he just shook his shoulders with no energy.
He looks like his son when he failed to get accepted into the knight order.

「It’s okay, leave it to me」

The sub-leader didn’t seem to mind, and gently wrapped her tongue around the uncle while letting out a warm breath.
At this thoughtfulness, a voice unconsciously leaked from Andale’s mouth.


The outcome was that Andale was able to hold on.
But much of the credit would have to go to the skill and thoughtfulness of the sub-leader.

(Thank god she’s used to it)

After she’s done, he was deeply impressed.
The sub-leader who forced him to get ready by using her mouth proactively. And after that, they merged without a pause.
It is a secret between the two of them that the hardness was half-hard.

(How’s that, little boy?)

He returned to his seat and crossed his arms while looking around with a snort. There was envy in his eyes, but not a hint of contempt.
He had made a good example out of the many who had failed. In this venue, at this time, where a man’s value is measured in front of others.
By the way, it will be a little while before Andale returns to the royal capital.




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