Chapter 248 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

This is a city in the northern part of the Empire.
Even though it was late at night, the thick clouds covering the sky were as red as the setting sun. Occasionally, the ground would shake violently with a loud sound like thunder.
The cause was a night raid by the elves.
Elf Knights were breaking through the defenses and closing in on the city, and the Imperial Knights were trying to keep them away. The battle between them is fierce, causing fire to break out in the city and surrounding.

「My 『Red Lotus Arrow』 was deflected by shield!?」

A high elf with who was as skinny as a dead tree frowned.
This old man sits in the cockpit of a Knight with a prickly appearance. He is standing on one knee, pointing his rifle at the Knight of the human race.

「You bastards are really getting on my nerves」

He said with a sigh and recalled the event earlier.
As he fired a magic attack at the crimson A-class Knight that was an eyesore to him, another A-class Knight that looked like a Japanese great armor intervened.

(Fool! Did he think it was just a flame arrow?)

He couldn’t help but laugh.
Even though it had the same fire attribute, 『Red Lotus Arrow』 was of a different level. It is a magic that he has absolute confidence in, a magic that can literally kill.

(It doesn’t matter if it was A-class Knight or not, my magic will burn and melt him along with his shield)

Or that was how it was supposed to be.

「….Fire attribute shield huh. They sure have something that doesn’t suit their place」

The high elf recovers from the unpleasant memories and makes the elven knight commander’s Knight stand up.
He then slings the rifle over his shoulder to his back and pulls the wand on his waist.

「This time I’ll use non-attribute magic. What would you do now?」

As he said this, he held up his wand with one hand and shot out a white light arrow.
The light arrow, Magic Missile is a non-attribute magic. It doesn’t have as much power as fire arrows or thunder arrows.
Instead, it can almost certainly deal damage to any kind of opponent.

「He dodged it? Cunning bastard」

However, the great armor did not use its shield to protect itself, but moved its body to the side to avoid the attack.
It was in a so-called half body stance, with the side of its body facing him. With its frontal projection area narrowed, it walked forward while moving from side to side like a snake.

「Don’t underestimate the magic power of us, elves!」

He snorts and begins shooting. This is a method of attack that is rarely practiced by humans.
With his chest outstretched and his right arm stretched out in a straight line, he started firing to show the difference in power.

「He can deflect this too?!」

The old man who’s as skinny as a dead tree clicked his tongue and hovered backwards. The shield that the great armor had blocked even the light arrow.
It was not a shield with specific attributes, rather a shield with high resistance to magic itself. He was getting more and more annoyed, especially with the fact that it had made him step back.

「However, with this number, there’s no way he can dodge all of it」

Light arrows that shoots from the tip of his wand reaches ten shots per second. Only he, a high elf, and the knight commander of the elven knight order can pull this off.

「Come on, what’s the matter? There will be nothing left of you if you do nothing but endure」

The great armor, unable to dodge or reflect the bullets with its shield, is gradually getting damaged.
Each shot is not heavy because the focus was on continuous shooting. Even so, it doesn’t mean it is something that can be ignored.
The armored warrior one-sidedly accumulates damage, unable to get close to him as he continues to fall back by hovering.

「A slow being like you will never dream of catching up to me!」

The great armor speeds up, desperately trying to close the distance. The high elf notices this and increases his speed by the same amount.
His mouth curved into a smile, a sign that he was back in a good mood.

「Know your place, trash!」

He is certain that his opponent will give up soon. Then he can torture him to death after that.
As he laughed harder while thinking about that, he arrived at a certain thought.

「Right, I have to get that shield back」

Not to take it, but to get it back. There’s a reason behind this thought.
Shield with specific attributes aside, not even the elves have a shield that can resist non-attribute magic. No, there is, but it hasn’t been handed down to him yet.

「I was told it was lost. That’s right, it was you, you bastards stole it from me!」

He nodded repeatedly, his face flushed and veins appearing on his forehead.

「You filthy thief. Don’t think I’m going to give you easy death」

The high elf glared hatefully at his opponent as he sent more magic into his wand.


At this point, the time goes back slightly and the perspective shifts to the commander of the imperial knight order.
He is an old warrior with a half-body stance, walking with a Knight’s stride. His meandering footwork is like that of a kendo master.

(This guy is clearly different from the rest of the elven Knights)

He looked at the Knight painted in green and black, standing on one knee and pointing his rifle at him.
The waist part is extremely narrow, and its hands and legs are skinny. Only the shoulders are oddly big, with several spike-like horns sticking out on it.
Only this one Knight had a completely different frame.

(It’s not a mass-produced Knight. And that powerful attack magic he used earlier. It’s probably what we’d call A-class)

While staring at it, he gazed at his left arm holding the shield.
The response was slow and the power did not increase. Although he managed to deflect the arrow that was emitting red light earlier, it seems that he was not completely unharmed.
It would be impossible to block something with such power again.

(Hou? He stopped using his rifle)

The elf A-class Knight without a shield stood up and switched its rifle to a wand.
And then, just like that, it began shooting out light arrows at him.


Something like this is not enough to hit the old warrior. He avoided it with minimal movement and moved forward without slowing down.
Seeing this, the elf A-class Knight began firing in rapid succession like rain.

(That’s the elves for you. What a terrifying amount of magic power!)

He said enviously.

(Unfortunately, you won’t be able to stop me with only this much)

While staring at him quietly, he approached his opponent step by step. However, the opponent did not allow him to do so and began to retreat by hovering while still facing him.

(He’s retreats while shooting?! Doing tricks like that again..)

His expression grimaced as he complimented his opponent.
The creepy skinny elf A-class Knight with thorns on its shoulders. This Knight just increased the rate of fire again.
Even someone with the skills of this old warrior couldn’t avoid being hit as expected.

(Speed up and leap onto him…. Doesn’t seem possible)

A speed even faster than before. He tried to increase his speed beyond the limit, but his opponent also increased his speed as if to mock him.

(Well, this doesn’t look too well)

It would be a match of endurance of which will run out first between his Knight’s durability and the elf’s magic power.
However, looking at his opponent’s confident appearance, he could not help but think that the odds were against him.

(I can’t see the bottom of his magic power)

Leaving now is impossible. The enemy who’s faster than him would catch up with him and shot his defenseless back.

(There’s no other way but to fight)

With cold sweat on his forehead, the old warrior focused all his energy on getting closer at his opponent while evading the attacks.


The place has changed to the royal capital.
The day has changed, and many of the stores in the red-light district are beginning to turn off their lights. The streets are less crowded than usual, probably because of the heavy rain.
In the middle of this, the light in Tauro’s house was still on.

(I think I stayed up too late)

I thought to myself as I looked up at the clock on the wall. The novel I borrowed was so interesting that I couldn’t help but continue reading it.
Incidentally, the genre of the book was a highly interesting historical novel.
I went to the book rental shop, hoping that it would help me learn more about this world.

(A tournament between Knights huh? That would be very interesting)

The bookmark was tucked into the page of 『The Battle of Landbarn』. This is a different battle from the one we lost to the Empire last year.
The battle happened much earlier, and this time the Knights of the Empire were defeated by the allied Knights of the Kingdom and the Eastern country.

(It was the first city I visited after I was transferred into this world)

From there, my life in this other world began.
At that time, I had no idea that it was a battlefield that was repeatedly fought over by the Empire and the Kingdom.

(I wonder if I would’ve gone to the imperial capital instead if it had been the Empire’s territory at that time)

The reason I came from Landbarn to the royal capital via Awoke was because of the regular golem carriage. If it was a city of the Empire, the destination of the regular service would be the imperial capital, not the royal capital.


A chill ran down my spine and I shivered lightly. The image of a beautiful woman with gorgeous blond hair and a celebrity atmosphere floated in my mind.
She was an agent of the Empire. She had been hiding out in Jayanne for a while, and was known as the Giant Killing.

(Stop it, don’t start dancing)

The celeb beauty begins to dance aggressively while taking off her clothes on the stage in my brain. The huge, propped-up strawberry bowls at the tips of both of her breasts sharply pierces my heart.

『Uuu~ Yeaaahhhh~』

I even started to have auditory hallucinations.
She made strange noises like an Indian and spread her legs wide while licking her lips with her tongue. She pushed her legs apart with her hands and showed me the inner depths of her body.
Then she looks me straight in the eye and makes a face as if saying 『You like this?』

(It’s too straightforward and lacked excitement)

Honestly, I don’t really like it. However, it was true that Jayanne was popular and had a number of regular customers.

(It’s more of a matter of preference)

There are always things that suit and don’t suit someone’s taste. It won’t be good to just completely deny it.

(But still, I’m glad I ended up in royal capital)

I don’t think all the women in the Empire are like that. But I have gained so many things in the royal capital.
My familiars, my friends, my job as a Knight pilot. There were also a lot of brothels where I could interact with a lot of wonderful women including Light cruiser-sensei.

(The world sure has various branched path of destiny, huh)

As I concluded my thought, I stretched by raising my arms and yawned. Then I crawled into bed and flicked my fingers in the air to turn off the lights.




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