Chapter 249 Part 1



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The rain that fell last night had cleared by dawn, and a cloudless blue sky stretched over the capital.
As I walk along the street, I keep my eyes on the driver’s seat of the golem carriage that’s heading this way. This is to avoid the wheels splashing the water that has accumulated in the gaps in the cobblestones.

(Don’t look away and pay attention on the road, dammit!)

I squared my shoulders at the old lady who was clearly distracted. She then slowed down before the puddle of water.
I’m walking along the main street that leads from the red-light district to the plaza. My destination is the merchant guild, which stands on the east side of the plaza.

(Great, I managed to come here safely)

After arriving without getting soaked by puddles on the street, I made my way to the purchase counter on the first floor. I laid out the potions I had made in front of the tough-looking old man who came out after seeing my face.

「Thank you very much as always. We’re always grateful for the potions you delivered regularly」

The chief began inspecting the products with a business smile on his rugged face. Recently, the F-rank potion I made has been sold out due to someone buying them on brand loyalty.

「She said that the quality was consistent, making it ideal for research」

I tilted my head at the words that followed. Apparently, it’s not used as you would normally use a healing potion.

『Who’s buying it, and what they were using it for?』

That’s what I asked the tough-looking man.
He seemed to be thinking hard about it, probably because it was a customer’s information. After seemingly deciding that there was no problem, he told me.

「It is someone that Tauro-san also knows well」

To my surprise, the buyer is Explosive onee-san. She is the top player of Jayanne, one of the big three brothels in the royal capital, at the same time she is a student of the Royal Magic Academy.
I wonder if she is running errands at the behest of her professor.

「No, apparently she was buying it for her own use」

The payment was in cash, and the receipt was addressed to Explosive onee-san.
Here, I opened my mouth with a sense of concern.

「Does she know that I’m the one who made it?」

The tough looking man shakes his head from side to side in a calm manner. He said that he had not revealed my name to the public, as I had requested before.

『It is sold under the name of the merchant guild and guaranteed by them. But the name of the maker is not to be mentioned』

This is the same style as handling second-hand items and potions that are imported. They are first judged, ranked, and then sold.

(It will be bad if she knows after all)

In my case, my identity as a 『pharmacist』 is just a guise. However, Explosive onee-san is a pharmacist student at the best school.
I can’t underestimate an expert. If we had a conversation on this topic, my lie would be exposed immediately.

(But… what does he mean, 『brand royalty』 when the name of the brand is not on it?)

I was relieved, but I had more questions.
It seems that it was written all over my face, the tough-looking old man explained with a wry smile.

「It is because we have a steady supply of Tauro-san’s potions. “If the potions from the usual place are brought in, please save some for me” is what she asked me to do」

There are potions of varying quality that are sold on a regular basis. It seems she had noticed that.

(Quality, huh?)

There are F ranks potions, but there are also F plus ranks. There are even cases where a pharmacist makes an E rank, but when it is appraised, it turns out to be an E minus.
Naturally, an E minus is regarded as an F rank.

(But the potions I make are a flat F, not pluses or minuses)

Since I made the potions with Akashic Magic lent by the stone statue, there is no variation. Or rather, that’s the only way it works.
If I delivered ten F-ranked cure injury potions, they would all be perfectly F-ranked.

「Cure injury potion, cure disease potion, and cure status abnormality potion. We have received orders for all of these three」

There, the tough-looking old man grinned widely.
He said that Explosive onee-san was not only beautiful in appearance, but also smelled good when he met her at the counter.
Her voice is also pleasant to the ear, and he says that he felt happy for the rest of the day after he served her at the counter.

「There’s always a fight for the counter seat whenever she visits」

Moreover, not only the male employees, but the female employees are also said to participate in the fight. It seems that Explosive onee-san’s charm affects the same sex as well.

(Well, she’s something like a national-level idol after all)

There are even some young male employees who say they won’t wash their hands for the rest of their lives after they touch hands with her.
The high social status of women working in brothels. I was once again made aware of this.
I’m sure I’m a person who would be envied with tears of blood if I were to make a reservation with that Explosive onee-san

「Still, I wonder what kind of research she’s doing?」

While chewing on my happiness, I returned to the topic.
The tough-looking old man shrugged his shoulders and held out his hands.

「I tried asking her without being rude, but she wouldn’t tell me」

I felt it all made sense after he gave such an answer.
She was still a student, but she was conducting research with her own money. Of course she wouldn’t tell anyone about it.
I realized that he was done with the examination and I added a few words while handing him my guild card.

「Sorry, can you deduct the guild fee for this month?」

Even though I don’t have a business myself, I became an E-rank merchant. I must not forget to pay.
By the way, the amount is six gold coins, twice as much as when I was F-rank.

「Have you gotten any information about the Capricorns?」

After receiving my guild card, I asked him another question. I had asked him to check their habitat the other day.

「Please wait a moment. I’ll be right back with the map」

He went to his seat for a moment and returned with a big atlas. He then spread it out on the counter.

「Here, here, and around here」

I followed the tips of his fingers with my eyes across the Spirit Forest, the mountainous region of the western part of the Empire, and the northeastern part of the Eastern country.

「And it’s recent but, there’s also a report that they were spotted around here」

I was surprised when I saw the location and the name of the place he pointed at.

「The northern country, is it?」

The area he pointed at was Lightning’s homeland, the Black Locust country. This is the place where I was sent as reinforcements during the invasion of the Empire.
It was the first time I had fought against a Knight, not a magical beast.

「It’s a mountainous area on the border of the Spirit Forest. This is information from an adventurer who went there on a harvesting quest」

The tough-looking man spoke to me, who was staring at it with a nostalgic feeling.
He told me that the adventurer had run into one deep in the mountains and had come back to get away from it. So far, there have been no requests to subjugate it, and there will probably be none in the near future.

「Large type magical beasts are dangerous. However, in this case, the adventurers were the ones who stepped into their territory」

So, the adventurers have to protect themselves, he said.
Nodding my head in agreement, I looked for a place with water on the map.

「It doesn’t have to be a lake, but a big river or something should’ve worked too」

However, most of the places he showed me are mountainous areas. There were only mountain rivers or small swamps.
There was no place where a two-hundred-meter-long turtle could teleport to.

(As I thought, spirit lake is the only possible place huh)

Let’s try it again on another day. I think it’s worth a try.

(I’ll talk to Imosuke and the others when I get home)

The figure of a caterpillar, a dung beetle, and a turtle floated in my mind.
Zaratan, with the Heavy Lancers on his shell, practicing diligently. The edge of my mouth slackened a little as I remembered that scene.

「By the way, you mentioned that you were going to the Eastern country, when will that be?」

The tough-looking old man’s question brought me back to reality.
A missionary is being dispatched to a Cathedral city in the east for the public presentation of 『Sin and Punishment』. And the merchant guild has been entrusted with its arrangements.
This includes sending him there. For this reason, the guild’s Knight, Old Lady, will also be dispatched to escort him.

「About that, I’m waiting for the convenience of the person who was chosen to be the missionary」

This is the story I was told the other day by the Santa Claus-like vice-guild master.
Casabelle, one of the big three brothels, where the Plain Queen works. The owner and concierge there bowed to him apologetically.

『We are very grateful for the offer, but she is currently unable to be away from her work. So could you please give us some time?』

The guild master and vice-guild master decided to agree after discussing the matter.

(Besides, the Old Lady is still not in any condition to move yet)

It seems our side also needs a little more time. Actually, I’m being called to the hangar tomorrow.
I’m going to see the Old Lady’s condition, and we’ll depart if everything is good. There was no doubt that the matter regarding the Old Lady played a role in guild master and vice-guild master’s decision.

「So, the Saintess and her group will go first?」

The chief asks me while looking at the calendar on the wall.
Although looking like this, the tough-looking old man is actually a big fan of idols. He’s probably going to stand in line along the street to see the Saintess off when she leaves.
He may even take a day off just to do that.

「No, they’re postponing it as well. I heard that the Saintess has grown very fond of the royal capital and is rather pleased with the extension of her stay」

“That’s quite an honor”, the chief said while nodding with his stern face. Looking at that figure, I moved over my chair and left my seat.
It was almost noon. I had to have a light lunch and then head for Jayanne.
Today, Light cruiser-sensei is only available right after the store opens.

(We can use the first session to play, and the second to enjoy a break with Light cruiser-sensei)

I’m paying the price worth of playing twice to play only once, but that’s no problem at all. I’d even be willing to pay ten times as much to play with Light Cruiser-sensei.

「Well then, I’ll see you another time」

I said my farewell to the tough-looking old man and left the guild building.



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