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Chapter 249 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

A few hours have passed, it was now the perfect time for teatime.
Jayanne, one of the most luxurious brothels in the capital. In the employee’s waiting room, there were several women chatting and laughing.
All of them were on their break or were waiting for the time for the reservation.

「Hey, hear me out. It’s about the young concierge that recently became the hall staff but…」

Two people are sitting side by side on a three-seat sofa. One of them is a big breasted girl with twintails, talking to Light Cruiser-sensei.

「That guy, I don’t think he has the eye to judge customers」

There, she frowned as she let out a big sigh.

「He sent a customer to me, thinking that this customer has high sensitivity, but he was actually very slow! I felt like I was going crazy, so I called the staff over」

She is the girl that Tauro calls by 『Twintail』 behind her back. She was once used by Tauro as a practice subject for his massage.
As a result, she recovered from the status abnormality caused by a poison, but as a side effect, her sensitivity increased and stayed as it is.

『She came multiple times at the beginning of the play and lost consciousness before even half of the time limit』

This continued to happen, and she was no longer able to serve most of the customers. For a while, she was very worried about this.
But now, her weakness has become her selling point and she is very popular among highly sensitive customers. Twintail’s revenue is probably one of the highest among the famous Jayanne of the big three.

「He have to study more because it’s a matter of the store’s credibility」

Twintail puffed out her cheeks and Light Cruiser-sensei smiled at her. However, the expression on Light Cruiser-sensei’s face suddenly faded.


Sitting on the sofa, she frowned while holding her abdomen with her hands and bent over. She looked as if she was suffering from a serious illness.

「W-what’s wrong? Are you okay?」

Her expression tightened, and she brought her face closer to Twintail.
A disease that her best friend had once suffered from and even given up trying to cure it. She was terrified that it had come back.
With a bright red face and sweat on her forehead, Light Cruiser-sensei nodded her head slightly as if to reassure her.

「…Don’t worry, I can handle this」

She could even see her abdomen twitching intermittently from the top of her hand that was holding it. The sound of the contractions was almost audible to Twintail.
The lingering effects of the previous play must have returned abruptly.

「You’re pushing yourself too hard! You’re dealing with that Doctor Slime, you know? And you’re doing it with him almost every day. It’s even stranger if you don’t lose your mind after all of those」

Light Cruiser-sensei smiles weakly at her friend who advises her with a serious expression.

「It’s really okay, I can ask him to stop if it gets bad. And I’m actually happy. I’ve never felt this confident before in my life」

The moment their eyes met, Twintail gasped and shouted in her heart.

(What’s with those eyes!)

In spite of her weak appearance, her eyes were shining strongly. Moreover, those eyes seemed to be looking far into the distance.
It was like an adventurer standing on the top of the highest mountain or a magician who discovered the truth of the world.

(…Good grief, it can’t be helped, this girl. If you make such a face then I wouldn’t be able to stop you now, can’t I?)

She closed her eyes once and shook her head. Then, she opened them again while placing her hands on both of her friend’s shoulders.

「You really, really shouldn’t push yourself. If it comes to the point where you endure it anymore, make sure to ask someone to take over, okay?」

She then tells her the name of another one of her close friends, Werewolf Onee-san.
This can’t be helped. Because Twintails can’t even get close to Doctor Slime.


A woman stares silently at them from the other side of the table.
She sits cross-legged on the sofa, looking like a selfish woman with a selfish body. She is the so-called Explosive onee-san.
She lightly shakes her head from side to side and lets out a sigh from the depths of her lungs.

(I wonder if I can really take him on)

The other day, she was told by the store’s master concierge that Doctor Slime was on her list of reservations.
As she tried to refuse in panic, the elderly gentleman opened his mouth with a calm expression on his face.

『If it isn’t a match, and just a normal play, then I’m okay with it. Isn’t that what you said before?』

At those words, she doesn’t have any choice but to comply. She certainly said that herself.


It might have been a spur-of-the-moment line at the time, but it was true that she said it. The next reservation aside, she will have to accept this one.
I take back what I said. Such an idea does not exist in Explosive onee-san.
The only thing that is selfish is just her body.


The figure in front of her is one that she recognizes as the best woman in the store. And now, that woman is just about to collapse.

(Am I going to end up like that too?)

She pressed her face with both of her hands and looked down.
The thought of the day of that reservation made her stomach stir and growl involuntarily.


On the other hand, in the Eastern country, a monotheistic religious state located in the east of the Kingdom. The capital is called the Cathedral City, and it was led by an Archbishop.
A big church stands facing the central square of the Cathedral City. A well-fed man with a double chin was looking at himself with satisfaction in his office.

(This looks good on me more than I thought)

He nodded his sunken chin and turned around, this time showing his back to the mirror. This person is the Archbishop.
He is wearing bikini pants, boots and gloves, all black and made of leather.
He wears a butterfly mask with the same color on his face, and holds a short whip in his hand.

「Is this everything?」

The Archbishop asked the other person in the office. He was a timid-looking old man.

「Yes, that seems to be everything. But still, that’s quite a peculiar battle costume, isn’t it?」

He looked into the crate in front of him to see if there was anything else. He nodded and answered while comparing the delivery note with the Archbishop’s figure.
The one who brought it was the merchant company that had just arrived from the Kingdom.

「This seems to be the official costume for 『Sin and Punishment』」

The Archbishop put his hands on his hips and shook his hips from side to side. Unable to wait any longer, he had asked the bishop, a woman with a long tongue, whom he had dispatched to the royal capital, to send him a set of formal wear.
Incidentally, the Saintess and her party had not yet returned.

「Hou… What a good sound it made」

The Archbishop shakes the protruding flesh of his belly and tries to swing the whip. The sound of the whip cutting through the wind echoed.
The timid-looking old man gazed at it in amazement.

(This should have been the first time he wield a whip)

However it looks quite fitting on him.

『The archbishop used to be a strong man』

That rumor seems to be true.

(As expected of a man who has performed asceticism in the wilderness)

It is one of the most dangerous practices in the religion of the Eastern country.
They are thrown into the wilderness without food or water and have to spend more than a month there.

(When we are pushed to the extreme, we are attacked by doubts about God’s teachings and uncontrollable desires)

The timid-looking old man had only heard about it through stories. Still, it is easy to imagine the harshness.
In reality, many have dropped out or even lost their lives.

(But if one managed to overcome it, you will receive a revelation from God)

A fat man in black leather bikini pants wielding a whip in front of him. His Eminence, the Archbishop, is a hero who did just that in his youth.

「Oh that? I wouldn’t recommend it」

When he told him about this, the Archbishop removed his butterfly mask and spoke in a tired tone. He then placed his overweight body in the chair.

「At that time, I was convinced I had heard the voice of God. But now I know. I know now that it was nothing more than an illusion I made myself」

He was so shocked by the statement that he became stiff as stone.
The fat man in the black bikini looks as if he’s having a conversation with himself, and tells him why he’s having second thoughts.

「The things that God pointed out to me were all too pale and self-centered. I think I would have frowned, if the me now were to hear them」

After letting out a big sigh, the Archbishop rests his plump chin on his hands crossed on the desk. He then smiles weakly

「How could God have told me such a thing? Those were definitely words that came from within me. And I perceived them as the words of God」

The timid-looking old man, who is a devout believer, swallows his saliva and opens his mouth.

「Such a thing… So are you saying that all those arduous practices were for nothing? That practice that took the lives of some and broke the hearts of many more?」

He returned with a piercing gaze as if it could even see deep into the old-man’s heart. Then the Archbishop’s calm voice echoed.

「The training itself is not a waste. It allows you to face and confront the side of yourself that you are not aware of」

“But”, he continued.

「There is no need to be discouraged, much less lose your life for it. You’d risk your life to hear the voice of God, but that’s not the voice of God in the first place」

The timid-looking old man who had his eyes and mouth wide open to the limit. Looking at him like that, the archbishop told him what he wished to achieve.

「I think it should be easier for people to attain pleasure and communicate with themselves. Not just a few people who perform rough practices」

There, he lightly swung the whip in his right hand into the air.

「That’s why I’m looking forward to this 『Sin and Punishment』. Because it may provide people with a greater opportunity to do so」

Looking at the smiling archbishop, the timid-looking old man bowed deeply.
He really admired the way the archbishop was trying to lead his people.




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