Chapter 252 Part 2



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Heading straight east from the desert area northeast of the royal capital. There is a hot spring town with a scenic view after crossing the border.
Stone houses, streets paved with stone pavement, and a small but curvy arch bridge. All of them are well maintained, which shows the richness of the residents’ pockets.
However, there is no country that extends its hand to take over this land.

『The Valley of Lilies』

This valley, as it is called, is the home of the international mercenary knight order, the Lily Knights.
It’s an unassailable territory in a different meaning, with its expensive looking buildings and open-air baths.

「Thank you as always. Yes, by the evening」

The time was just before noon. A golem carriage is parked on a street along the river, and an old man with a big nose bows his head as he finishes packing the clothes.
He runs a dry-cleaning shop and travels from house to house like this every day. Since there were many working single women, he was quite useful.

「I guess that’s all for today」

A lot of white cloth bags piled up on the back of the truck. He looked at them and narrowed his small eyes with satisfaction.
Although the Lily Knights were made up entirely of women, it was not forbidden for men to enter or leave the Valley of Lilies.
There were a few people like him who lived and worked here.

(What a beautiful place this is)

The mountain greenery was beginning to bud and clear water flowed through the center of the valley. He looked at the scenery and let out a sigh.
It is a pity that the male population is not increasing.

『There’s nothing but women here, so I might become popular』

Not a few men visit this place with such expectations in mind.

『It shouldn’t be hard to find a job, and since I’m a man, they will treat me well』

『And if I went to drink in a tavern, a young rich ladies might wink at me』

But such fantasy was quickly shattered.
This is the the 『Valley where Lilies Blossom*』. The women are not interested in men.
No woman would approach them even if they walked around the valley waiting to be hit on.
「*TL Note: “百合” in Japanese have double meaning, which was “Yuri” and “Lily”, so this could also mean “A Valley where Yuri Flourished”.」

(They have too many strange expectations)

How many men have I seen hang their heads and left with disappointment? How many of these men have I seen in my life?
He himself was not interested in women, so they couldn’t understand how they felt.

(Oops, I shouldn’t stay here any longer. I’d better get back to the workshop as soon as possible)

An old man with a big nose climbs up on the driver seat, noticing the sun gained altitude. The deadline was a form of trust, so he couldn’t afford to be late.
He shook the reins lightly and let the golem wagon start walking quietly.

「This… and this」

Inside the warehouse-like building, the big-nosed man threw in laundry one after another while talking to himself.
This is his laundry workshop. He is currently in the middle of sorting the laundry.
He opened and ran this business alone, so there are no other employees. The only thing that helps him is magic.

「I knew it was worth my money」

He crossed his arms and looked down at the three magic circles glowing on the floor with satisfaction.
These magic circles activates water, wind, and fire magic. Two large whirlpools of water and wind floated in the air, making the laundry dance inside of it.

「I never thought it can even fold the clothes for me」

This was the factor that made him decide to upgrade the magic circle.
What he saw was clothing that moved itself from whirlpool to whirlpool and folded itself into a neat square as if it had a will of its own.

「It’s really worth the money I loaned」

With a sorrowful feeling, he recalled the days when he used to fold the clothes himself with a pale face as he looked at the clock. He never wants to go back to those days again.

「The bills are tight, but I can make it if it keeps going at this pace. But more importantly, I have much time on me now」

Since the laundry is entirely done by magic, his only work is sales, delivery, and financial transactions.

「Alright. Now that I have this precious time, let’s do something else we’ve got to do」

On the table, there was a small pile of laundry. It was shirts and underwear left over from the sorting process.
It is only in the Valley of the Lily that such things are put out without shame.

『Physical Education at Women’s College』

Is the closest feeling to this. It’s like having your junior staff or manager do your laundry.


He glanced at the small mountain of clothes and picked up the top t-shirt. He pulled it up to his face and put his nose to its armpit part.

「…Hmm, all I can smell is perfume」

With an unamused look on his face, he threw it into the water whirlpool. The swallowed t-shirt immediately began to dance around inside it.
Next came the shorts. He pressed his nose against the tip of the triangular fabric and inhaled deeply.

「This on is a no-go too」

His expression remained unamused.

「It’s only been wore for just half a day, not one full day」

His professional experience reveals the history of clothing that’s hidden from the eyes.
But he is not impressed by this, and just stares at the dwindling treasures on the table with a sad expression on his face.


His hand stopped at one item, and a voice escaped from the mouth under his large nose.
Anger followed as he slammed the small cloth into the whirlpool of water.

「Don’t joke with me! What I like is the smell of sweat, not the smell of rotting clothes」

A fungus has built a nest deep in the fabric. When it absorbs even a little moisture, it begins to emit a foul smell.
The scary thing is that it still looks the same even when it’s decayed. That’s why some people don’t notice and continue to wear them.

「This one, too. This underwear smells like a rag」

It must have been stored in a damp state and became ruined.

「It’s hard to notice on your own」

When our living environment is polluted, our noses get used to it and we won’t realize something has gone wrong. It’s a troublesome thing, indeed.
He threw the group of rotten underwear together and reached for the next one.


He let out another loud voice, but there was no anger this time. Because this was exactly what he was looking for.
The pungent smell of organic solvents from the underwear caught his attention with a single whiff.

「It’s here! This is a good one. Probably the best of the year」

A bigger wave than expected flowed into his nasal cavity, and his vitality rose at once.
He immediately divides the big inhalation into smaller ones. He savored it like a sommelier and imagined the background of the smell.

「The duration of use is generally three days. And she’s been sitting while sweating」

From the mixture of old and new odors, he was able to determine the number, which is three consecutive days.
Next, from the degree of the dirty parts and where it’s concentrated, he guessed the body position when it was used.

「This brewery-like scent. The owner’s must have lived for a good time」

The information coming in through his nose is analyzed, and various possibilities are examined and eliminated. In search of the truth, the brain of the old man with the big nose repeats the elimination process over and over again.

「…I have arrived at the answer」

What he saw was a ray of light shining through a corner of thick clouds.
After all of the conditions were met, he had arrived at an unshakable truth.

「A pilot, no less, the commander of the Lily Knights. There’s no doubt about it」

With her underwear pressed against his nose, his small eyes glared sharply at the wearer who was not here.

「She did it while camping didn’t she? Did she think no one would notice since she’s in the cockpit?」

With a fearless smile on his face, the big-nosed man shouted.

「Don’t you think you can fool my nose!」

And after that, he sniffed it again and again while breathing hard. After all, organic solvents are addictive.


He let go once and sniffed again. The stimulus was so strong that his mucous membranes reacted defensively.
The big-nosed man carefully placed the triangular cloth in the middle of the table, and then picked up the bra of the same pattern.
He took a sniff with an expectant look on his face. But he quickly changed his expression to one of disappointment.

「This one is not as good, huh. Sweat won’t flow down your cleavage if you got small breast after all」

He commented in his mind and undressed himself.
There lies something worthy of his nose. If there was a belongings inspection, it might get regarded as a weapon and confiscated by someone who likes it big.
It might have been popular with some women, if this were not the Valley of Lilies.

「Your place is right here」

He said to the bra and moved his hand down. He pinched the splitting image of his nose with the fabric.
Then he took the strong piece from earlier and pressed it against his nose again and began to inhale it.

「This is good, oh onee-sama」

He let out a squeal as he held the triangular cloth to his nose, while vigorously moving his right hand up and down. In his mind, he pictured a beautiful woman with long eyelashes and long, straight chestnut-colored hair.

「It smells so great that my proud nose might get addicted to it. You’re the best」

It seemed to be too stimulating even for the old man, and he finished early.
The bra gets dirty, but it’s not a problem since it will be washed soon anyway.

「Let’s do it one more time, onee-sama」

The old man with a big nose moves the bra as it is while breathing into the triangular cloth. It’s soft and slick to the touch.

(I’m so glad I choose to do this job)

The old man thinks as he guides the smelly substance through his nose and into his lungs. If it had been a different job, he doesn’t know how twisted he would end up.

(I could’ve been stealing here too)

He chases after the woman after catching her scent, and then pushes her down in an unpopulated area. Then he takes her underwear and runs away.
He may succeed at first. But the more times he does this, the more wary they become, and the more difficult it will be for him to do it again.

(This isn’t something I could enjoy by doing it only once)

It is not something that can be compared to gold coins or jewelry. Smells are alive, and they change and fade with time.
In his world, the best products are always in the future. And it is only in this moment, while living the present, that its true value shines through.
Like the triangular piece of cloth that releases a scent like an organic solvent right under his nose.

(It’s nice to have it all to myself, but it’s also a bit lonely)

This time would be even more wonderful if he could discuss it with people who share the same passion in front of the gem.
That’s why the old man with the big nose wanted to increase the male population.

(Life is one meeting at a time. We must not forget yesterday’s goodbyes, but we must cherish today’s encounters more)

In a few moments, the cloth will disappear into a swirl of detergent-laced water. But he shouldn’t be sad and regretful.

(I’m sure the future will bring more encounters than the present)

That’s why the old man with the big nose never puts them in his pocket, no matter how much he likes them.
He always washes it up perfectly before parting with it.

(Because that’s the only thing I could do to repay it)

Tears flowed from his eyes as he thanked God for everything in his life.
It was because the commander’s strong product had gone over his nose and stained his eyes.




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