Chapter 259



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The southeastern part of the Spirit Forest. The steep mountains there act as a border to the northern countries.
It is difficult to cross on foot, let alone with a golem carriage, unless one is familiar with the mountains. Therefore, only adventurers, local merchants, or elves who were skilled in magic and familiar with the forest would travel along the narrow, mountain roads.

『I have to hurry』

The road that was relatively easy to walk on, and thus naturally became a path. A magical beast leaps up the cliff, ignoring all of that.
It was a large beast about fourteen meters tall, but it was so light-footed that it didn’t look like one.
It was a Capricorn. If you had been able to follow it with your eyes, you would have seen a large burn mark on the left side of its face.

『They’re not here either』

What this young male Capricorn had been looking for was his own herd.
They disappeared from the Spirit Forest while he was away from the herd, refining himself to fight against the chief of the herd.
When he was at a loss, he met the Great Spirit Beast, the guardian of the lake. The Great Spirit Beast, the guardian of the lake, carried him on its shell and brought him to another world where another world tree existed.

『It’s the great spirit beast’s words. It has to be true』

There were two other spirit beasts there, and they told him that there were Capricorns in this mountainous area.
There is not enough food here to feed a herd of Capricorns. They must have evacuated in an emergency.
It was obvious that they would start to starve soon, so he kept looking for them with impatience.

『We can eat as much as we want in that forest』

No, maybe not at such a level. Even in the little time I spent running around the forest, I could smell the delicious scent of poison everywhere, making my nose tingle.
There’s no doubt there are a lot of poisonous plants growing there. There are also poisonous mushrooms that are like giant trees, although they are said to be small enough to eat in one bite.

『Let’s try going deeper』

He could see the line of the forest limit drawn horizontally high up on the mountain. The young male Capricorn was making his way up the stream, which was strewn with huge rocks and poor footholds.


After a few days, he finally found his herd.
It was so deep in the mountains that not many species, not even magical beasts, could have made it this far.

『…..You were chased by the giants huh』

Hearing the story from the chief, the young male murmured. The herd, like him, had been driven out of the forest by a giant who had shot magic at him.
The reason they had ventured into such a remote area was to avoid the smaller creatures. Apparently, there are a surprising number of creatures that come and go in low altitude places.

『I want you to listen to my story』

After looking around, the young male made firm eye contact with the chief and opened his mouth.
The others in the herd had lost a lot of weight, and the chief looked smaller than he had for some time.

『A different forest, you say?』

This is what the chief said after he finished listening to the story. He seemed to be in disbelief and tilted his head.
The other members of his herd also looked uneasy as they looked at each other.

『That’s really hard to believe』

More importantly, our priority should be to return to the Spirit Forest. The chief continued to speak, insisting so.

『I’m sure they have cooled down by now』

The chief thought the rampage of the forest giants was just a temporary thing. Or maybe he wanted to think that’s the case.
The chief’s knowledge and experience did not allow him to find an option to go anywhere other than the Spirit Forest
At his words, the young male shook his head.

『I got shot』

He turned the left side of his face toward the chief as if to show him. It was a scar from a magical attack by the green giant as he approached the lake to drink the water.
The young male had noticed that the poisonous plants were diminishing throughout the forest. The green giants, their competitors in the fight for food, were resorting to physical violence.
The young male told him that they would not stand a chance in a fight.


Unable to deny it, the chief could only groan.
Eventually, he opened his mouth as if he had made up his mind. “We should fight to decide this”, is what he said next.

『If you win, you can be the next chief』

The destination they’re going to will not be decided by discussion, but by a contest of strength between the chief and him, who want to be the next chief. It was the most natural way for the Capricorn to live.
It was also what the young male hoped for. In the first place, he was looking for his herd to challenge the chief.

『I won’t be holding back』

The chief gazed at the whitened eyes of his burned and crushed left side of his face. He probably can’t see with it.

『I know』

But the young male showed no hesitation. He lowered his head and stepped forward with a snort.
While the rest of the herd watched over them, the two males charged forward like bullets.

(…..How light)

The battle was instant.
Their head-on collision resulted in the chief being blown backwards.
The chief had led the herd deep into the mountains without eating. Both his physical and mental strength must have been greatly depleted.

(The chief must have understood)

He himself must have realized that he didn’t have the strength left to fight now. Knowing this, he challenged the young male to a fight.
He wanted to convince the other members of the herd of the decision of this young male. And there is nothing more convincing than a duel to decide the leader of the pack.
At this moment, the Capricorn herd had a new leader.

『We are going to the new forest』

The former chief stood up staggeringly and moved to the edge of the herd. While keeping that figure in his sight, the new chief announced.
The people in the herd were anxious about doing another migration. The new chief reassured them with a few words.

『The great spirit beast will guide us』

He turned his head towards the south and wished hard in his heart. The figure of a giant caterpillar floated in his mind.
The other members of the herd quietly watched him.


The place has shifted to the garden forest in the royal capital.
Receiving the call, the caterpillar on the medicinal tree and the dung beetle below were exchanging glances.

『It’s here』

『It’s coming』

The turtle swimming in the pond must have sensed this too. It moved closer to the shore and turned its head toward the two animals.

『It’s okay to call them over, right?』

『He said it’s okay』

The two of them then looked at their junior, although the oldest of the familiars. Zaratan nodded quietly in response.
He must have sensed the movements of the spirit beasts. The Heavy Lancers, the self-proclaimed guards of the Garden Forest, were gathering in droves.
Imosuke looked over at them from the branch, and shook his head. A magic circle unfolds in the field between Dangoro and Zaratan.
After a brief glow, a group of large, four-legged magical beasts, each one a size smaller than the Heavy Lancer, appeared.


The herd of Capricorn looked up in unison as a voice called out from the branches.
In this way, a new addition to the garden forest, one that feeds on poisonous plants came.


While all of that was happening, I was paying a visit to Light cruiser-sensei at Jayanne, in the red-light district not far from the garden forest.

(With this, my 100 day shrine visit is finally over today)

A hundred days shrine visit. I couldn’t always make it through every single day, but I did the best I could with the schedule we had.
I’ve been shaking Light Cruiser-sensei shrine with gratitude, but it is finally the last day.
Of course, I have no intention of stopping my visits to Light Cruiser-sensei at this point.

(Daiganjōju! Daiganjōju!*)
「*TL Note: A prayer to God and Buddha that means “to fulfill a great wish”.」

Muttering in my mind, I held Light Cruiser-sensei in my arms like a lunch box salesman at train station and shook her back and forth. I don’t have a particular wish in mind, but as expected these words came to mind when we’re talking about praying.

(Still, I’ve gained some muscles too huh)

It’s still impossible when it comes to battleship class Explosive onee-san, but I can manage it somehow if it’s Light Cruiser-sensei.
It’s been over a year since I came to this world. It must be the result of the training I’ve been doing every night at the brothels.

(In my previous life, something like fitness was something that I only did for three days and quit afterwards, after all)

I joined the membership on the spur of the moment and ended up wasting a lot of money. While remembering the amount of money I had wasted, I continued my muscle training with heavy breathing.
The sweet voice of Light Cruiser-sensei who clung to me gave me the strength to continue.

(If it’s something I like, then I can keep doing it)

I love playing at brothels, and also Light Cruiser-sensei.

(Alright, here’s the one hundredth!)

The instructor, Light Cruiser-sensei, was already used to it and would match me these days.
At exactly one hundred times, she would gently but tightly tighten up and start shaking violently. So there is no need to worry about counting wrong.
When I push her on the bed to lay her down, she releases what she has been holding back. A sloppy voice as if she had just taken a bath leaked out from her mouth.


Then I noticed something unusual.
When we reach the end of our playtime, we usually let go of each other and take a shower or talk. But today, she kept hugging me.
With her arms around my neck, she was holding me tightly against her.


I asked, while she was lying on the bed with her head directly beside me.
She loosened her arms a little and looked at me, our noses touching.

(Somehow… She looks like someone’s drunk)

There is a gentleness, but also a deep sense of ruggedness. It was as if her usual sternness had disappeared, floating in the air.
Of course, we hadn’t been drinking.


She smiled happily and hugged me again. So I hugged her back.
If I don’t return the gesture, I might embarrass the woman.


Her voice tickled my ears.


「Is there anything you wish for? I’ll make it come true whatever it is」

She said in a slow tone while rubbing her cheek against mine.
I’ve already talked to Light Cruiser-sensei in pillow talk about making a wish at the 100-day shrine visit. The way she turned red and looked away was very endearing.
She knows that today is the 100th day, so she probably thought to give me a reward for my accomplishment.

「Then, there’s one thing」

She loosened her arms, so I looked her in the eye and spoke.

「Please keep playing with me from now on too」

My face reflected in her clear eyes. It swayed for a moment, as if it was a reflection in the water.
I wanted to look at it more, but she hugged me tightly again, so it was out of my sight.

「….Yes, I will be in your care」

With those words, the part that was still connected to me was clenched hotly. The feeling made me feel energized again.
As the body volume increases, the breath of Light Cruiser-sensei becomes hotter in my ear.

(I can’t hold it anymore!)

I know I’m putting a lot of pressure on Light Cruiser-sensei, but I can’t resist it. The fault lies entirely with the overly attractive Light Cruiser-sensei.

(Let’s stop if she says stop)

Let’s continue if she says the opposite.

(If it’s only once, I can probably pretend not to hear her)

While thinking such evil thoughts, I started moving.
As it turned out, her reaction was something I had never seen before. To my surprise, she reached the goal in one round trip.
If I were to compare it to a game, I would say it was like using a glitch in a game, where the number of remaining lives keeps increasing.

(Second round finished!)

It was two rounds for me, but how many dozens of rounds would it have been for Light Cruiser-sensei? I’m proud of myself for being so careful not to knock her unconscious.
The two of us looked up at the ceiling for a while, breathing heavily.

「Tauro-sama. Actually, I’ve been asked by the pilot school if I’d like to take the exam」

The topic was brought up by Light Cruiser-sensei when we both calmed down and we share a pillow and had a conversation.
I was not surprised by that. When Corneal, who was troubled by a shortage of pilots, asked me to introduce him to someone who might have the potential to be a pilot, I told him her name as well.

『Skill on bed and Knight operation ability』

The theory I came up with is that these two are related. From there, after looking around, there is no doubt that Light Cruiser-sensei has great potential as a pilot sleeping inside her.

「And I’m thinking of taking it」

I was surprised by her answer, even though I was the one who recommended her.
She loves her current job and is proud of it. I had expected her to refuse.
Light Cruiser-sensei, looked at me who was unable to say anything with a gentle smile.

「Even if I pass, there are other ways to go besides becoming a member of the Kingdom’s knight order anyway」

I continued to look at her, still unable to understand what she’s getting at. Light Cruiser-sensei made a slightly embarrassed expression and added.

「Perhaps the merchant guild could use some more Knights, right? If I can become a pilot, I might be able to become Tauro-sama’s work colleague」

My breath involuntarily stopped at those words.
The job of the Knight of the merchant guild is mainly to deal with demon beasts. It’s not the same as the Kingdom’s knight order who go into a war, but it’s still not a safe job.
If a war broke out, they could be conscripted and sent to the battlefield, just like me.

(I know it’s selfish of me, but I don’t want to put Light Cruiser-sensei in such a position)

But on the other hand, what she said about wanting to be with me even outside the store melted my brain.
Various thoughts ran through my head in circles, and finally I’m reaching my limit.



Light Cruiser-sensei screamed at me as I suddenly plunged into her.
When I tried to get inside, I was hit hard on the forehead.

「That’s it for today」


I was scolded and both my lower and upper head nodded on the bed.




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