Chapter 261 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

「P-Please treat me well」

Her stuttered and her right hand trembled as she saluted. It seems that Corneal has a different influence than a wannabe instructor like me.
The high school girl’s eyes went wide at the scene. I hugged her by the shoulders and headed upstairs.

「Looking forward to playing with you. I really like your uniform」

After entering the playroom, the first thing I do is compliment her.
The straight semi-long smiles happily and strikes a pose.
Receiving applause, she re-poses several times after that.

(I can’t blatantly seen a gaze at them inside the city, but here I can take a look as much as I want)

I’m sitting on the carpet with a soft drink delivered by the apprentice girl in my hand. A skirt with high slits moves in front of me, a really nice view.
For a moment, I could see the side of her underwear at the top of the slit.

(Eh? That is…)

I ask her to stop and insert my finger into the slit. I proceeded to flip it lightly to confirm what I had just seen.

(Bikini-type panties. And the ones with the string knot on the side at that)

I’ll give her a high score. It may not have been intentional, but she hit my weak spot.
The straight semi-long haired girl held her skirt while laughing as she flipped it further.

(Smiles and shyness. She understand it well)

It’s not as tense as a serious match, but it’s fun.
Then, a question popped in my hand.

「When you tie the string, doesn’t it get caught in the slit sometimes?」

The high school girl in the uniform affirmed with a smile on her face. According to her explanation, getting it caught in the slit is one of its good points.

『The gazes that gathered at me when I fix it in embarrassment feels good』

This is what she said. Then I asked her to demonstrate it for me.


The high school girl in front of me immediately raises one knee high in the air. The slit opens wide and I can see the inside of her thigh.
Next, she pulls her leg back and the knot is caught in the slit.
Even when she moved her legs back, the slit remained wide open at the top. As a result, she was generously exposing her white thighs to the public.

「Ugh, this is embarrassing」

She fixed her skirt while blushing and lightly glared at me who was staring at her. I averted my gaze and turned my head to the side.

(That was wonderful)

Her acting skills are also very good. She’s a far cry from the bad actresses in the end of the century brothel. I have to give her a tip later.
Afterwards, I played with her skirt, untying and tying the side ties. Of course, I don’t forget to rub her breasts from the top of her shirt.
When I unbuttoned her shirt, I found a white bra. This is also a very high score.

(It’s so smooth)

I slipped my hand inside her bra and enjoyed the feel of her skin.

(I guess we’ll go with soft play today)

The girl who just showed me that she felt pleasure of being stared at. Instead of a stare, I’ll gently stimulate her with the palm of my hand.
It’s been a while since I gave a massage.

(There~ there~)

I deliberately did not touch the tips of her breasts, but stroked them teasingly.
It wasn’t just her breasts. I pulled one hand out of her bra and rubbed her sides, back, and thighs.
Although she finds pleasure in the gaze of others, she seems to prefer gentle stimulation. Soon the high school girl began to wriggle.

(If this an intermediate class brothel or higher, she would probably fight back)

Rather than having the customer to make them feel good, they want to be the one who makes them feel good. It’s a necessary attitude for a professional.
But the high school girl in my arms is just drowning in the pleasure on the receiving end.
She repeatedly rubs her buttocks against me as I hug her from behind, and begins to repeatedly saying, 『Please』 to me.

「What do you want me to do?」

I ask the obvious with an indecent smile on my face.
The straight semi-long haired girl looked embarrassed, but her butt didn’t stop moving.
I continued to rub her gently until she told me exactly what she wanted me to do.

「Okay okay, I understand」

The high school girl couldn’t take it anymore and explained what she was 『asking』 for. I nodded and led her to the bed while patting her butt.
When she was on all fours, I took off my own clothes and got on my knees behind her ass. There, I crossed my arms and stopped moving.

「Eh? What’s wrong?」

These are the words of the high school girl. She’s probably wondering why I haven’t entered.
She turns around questioningly and makes eye contact with me.

「If you want it, you have to do something about it yourself, don’t you think?」

After a brief pause, she understood what I said. Her face flushes and she shouts out in an angry tone.

「No way! Are you for real?」

I am serious, yeah, very serious in fact.
Giving up on her determination, the straight semi-long haired girl rolled up her slit skirt by herself. Then she untied one of the straps of her bikini and guided me with one hand and pressed her butt hard against me.

「….Do I have to do it by myself after this too?」

She asked, and I nodded slowly.
After a big sigh, the straight semi-long haired high school girl in uniform turned her head to the front. Then, on all fours, she began to shake her body back and forth.

(This has a different taste than having her ride on top of me)

It’s probably much more exhausting for the woman to crawl on all fours and move on her own. It is not a style of play that can be done many times, but it is refreshing.


From time to time, I put my fist between her butt and my lower abdomen.
Naturally, it gets in the way of her butt pushing onto me, so the penetration becomes more shallow.

「Don’t tease me please」

Her voice has a mixture of complaint and frustration that is pleasant to the ear.
She probably thought in her mind that she should step up the game. The high school girl in uniform begins to wiggle her buttocks as if she is kneading, not just moving back and forth.
I couldn’t help but squint my eyes at the sight.

(Guh.. If I don’t shift the point soon, it’ll be over)

I activated my magic eye and kept it on without making use of it.
I pull my hips back in time with her hips that are closing in to hit the point. Eventually, the straight semi-long straight girl couldn’t take it anymore and turned around with an angry voice.

「Knock it off!」

After that she jumped on me, straddled me and started shaking her butt violently. The way she ignores the customers’ needs to fulfills her own desires, probably could be said as a rape itself.

(I guess this is one of the parts that made this place considered as a low-class brothel)

But I’m not going to complain at all.

『Attacked and raped by a high school girl in uniform』

This is definitely not something you can experience easily.

「I’m not going to let you off!」

From top and bottom, the high school girl assaults me with both her mouths, arbitrarily fulfilling her own desires.
She was frowning and moaning loudly, then pulled away and let out a big breath. This is where I start my counter attack.

「This guy haven’t finished yet, so be prepared for another round」

I pushed her down on her back and entered her again from the front. She resisted because she just came, but even after using up all her strength, her thin arms could not stop the thirty-year-old man.
I’m going to give you the thing that you wanted so bad, as much as you want.

「Please wait! Let me rest! I’m at my limit!」

I answer her in a playful tone as she desperately tries to push me away.

「I’m not going to let you off」


In a place not far from the『Specialized Uniform store』.
On the roof garden of a three-story building there, a caterpillar and a dung beetle were having a conversation.

『I want to show it off』

『I know right? I want to show off too』

In addition to the increase in magic power coming from the earth’s veins, the forest garden welcomed new residents, the herd of Capricorns.
Perhaps it was because they had achieved so many things, they wanted to brag about it to someone.

『But to who?』

『Yeah, I wonder who should we show it off to?』

These two spirit beasts don’t care much about the other’s race. However, the number of people they knew was small.
After a moment’s contemplation, they remembered the existence of their subordinate.


『Oh, right! There’s unicorn!』

『The Doom Squad』, an organization led by the two. Unicorn is a monster belongs to this organization.
They are the vice-commander and general respectively, so it could be said that she is their subordinate.
Let’s discuss it when the Lord comes back. The two of them nodded to each other.




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