Chapter 263 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

It was currently time for morning tea. The spring sunlight was pouring down, and the leaves of the trees in the garden forest dazzlingly reflect the light.

『Unicorn is here!』

As I was cleaning and preparing drinks to welcome our guest, Imosuke informed me.

(As expected of Cool-san. She came just a few minutes just before the scheduled time)

I took a glance at the clock on the wall and nodded. That’s just like her.
Cool-san is Jayanne’s sideline and the winner of the last two Divine Tournament in the Holy City. She’s also 『Unicorn』 , a monster of the secret evil organization, the 『Doom Squad』, which I lead.
She had asked me to make some time because she wanted to visit and say hello and report something to me.

「I have been offered to attend the pilot school」

Cool-san who was sitting on the sofa in the reception set in front of me, told me.
She said that a messenger from the Kingdom’s knight order came to her and begged her to take the exam because he thought she had the qualification.
Her back was straight and her manners were graceful. Her quiet and dignified atmosphere reminded me of a wife of a samurai family.

「Even for me, you look like someone who has a lot of talent after all」

I replied as I opened the box of sweets that had been given to me.
Inside the box was a white bun wrapped in a leaf. The fresh green scent tickled my nostrils, and I couldn’t help but smile.
I know I’m talking like someone else when I was the one who recommended her.

『We have plenty of Knights around, but we’re short on pilot who can ride it』

My best friend, a lecherous, macho man who is a member of the Kingdom’s knight order, came crying to me and begged me to give the name of anyone that has the potential to become a pilot.

「I came exactly because I have something to ask you about it, chief」

My heart jumped when I saw the glint in her eyes. I wonder if it was a bad idea to leak her personal information.

(No, I just told him that she has the potential. I never gave him her address or contact information)

Rather, I don’t know any of that information. The only way for me to get in touch with Cool-san is through Jayanne.
I told myself to remain as calm as possible. As I sipped my teacup, I urged Cool-san to continue.

「Please tell me more about wickedness to the defeated」

「Excuse me?」

What popped up in my mind was nothing but a big question mark. That was an unexpected question.
But why the wickedness to the defeated? Regardless, I told her what I knew for now.

「….I see. So only a pilot can perform adultery on a pilot. And the pilot can do it to anyone who participates in the fight」

Cool-san leaned forward in a serious manner and nodded repeatedly.
When she finished listening to the explanation, she was silent for a while. And then she straightened her posture, pulled her chin back, and looked straight at me.

「I’m going to take the entrance exam for the pilot school」

I have no intention of objecting to her decision. However, I still wanted to know the reason why she made that decision.

「I-Is that so? Is it okay if I ask the reason?」

Cool-san replied quietly to my question.

「If there’s a virgin on the other side, I can adulterate them with no questions asked」

She slightly bent the corners of her mouth upward to create a devilish smile. Then she continued.

「Lately, I’ve gotten tired of waiting around like this. I’d like to go out here and go hunting myself」

What a proactive person she is. People who have a strong purpose in life have a different way of living.
But, I think to myself.

(Demon beasts subjugation aside, when she ride a Knight into the battlefield, it’s not simply about 『Hunting』 anymore. She might even lose her own life)

I wonder how much she understands about that.
She must have caught my gaze and realized that I was worried about her. Her expression changed, and this time she smiled quietly.

「Please don’t worry. Because I want to do the wickedness to the defeated to someone, I already prepared to be at the receiving end myself」

We’re not in sync after all.

「It’s not about wickedness to the defeated, there’s a chance you can lose yourself, you know?」

This might be weird coming from me who’s a pilot myself, but it’s an occupation with irreversible risks. I told her with a serious expression, and Cool-san stared back at me.

「Hunting virgins is worth risking my life for. That’s how I see it」

She was completely unshaken. That radiance makes me admire her even though she is my subordinate.
She will never regret it, even if she ends up losing her life on the battlefield. She is choosing to continuously pursue her own path with responsibility.

「I see. I’m really proud to have a Unicorn, you as my friend」

The change of expression that she showed for an instant, it was definitely embarrassment.

「But you don’t have to be a pilot, do you? It’s not like there are many virgin pilots or soldiers」

If anything, I think it’s the other way around.
In response to my question, Cool-san told me that her ultimate goal was different.

「I think I will go on a journey in the future」

It was obvious what she’s looking for, so I just listened quietly.

「Having the power to ride Knights and having actual combat experience. I believe that these two things will become a great weapons to guarantee my freedom」

When she told me that, I remembered. It is easy to forget when you are in the capital, but this world is full of dangers.
The only place that can be said to be safe is when the wealthy travel to tourist spots. Even in the Kingdom, if you go out just a little bit, you might get attacked by a magical beast and get your carriage destroyed.
A woman traveling alone in a remote area would be nothing more than going to a jaw of death.

「So you want to get any weapons you can get and polish them, even if you still haven’t decided what to use it for, huh?」

Cool-san nodded quietly at my words. But right after that, her gaze moved behind me.
After she let her gaze wander for a moment, she tilted her head slightly and returned her gaze to me.

(She’s very perceptive)

She must have realized the gaze that was being directed at her. I was amazed.
When I was feeling like that, she took another glance at my back. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of her.
Because I ‘ve been receiving a wave that Cool-san couldn’t hear while she was doing that.

『She looked this way!』

『What do we do now? Should we stop?』

They are Imosuke and Dangorou. Imoske and Dangoro are spirit beasts and my familiars, they are also the vice commander and general of our Doom Squad.
Actually, the two of them had asked me to introduce them to her. But after seeing the real thing up close, they seem to be a bit hesitant.

(Even though they said at first that they were fine with being in the shadows)

The Forest Garden has been improved in many ways, including the arrival of the Capricorns. They wanted to show off this progress they made to someone and ask them what they thought.

(Well, I guess that would happen when you made something)

Whether it’s a garden or anything else, at first you create something for your own enjoyment. But the next thing you know, you want people to see it.
Today, when I told them that Cool-san was coming, they decided to show up.
The reason they chose her was because she was the monster of our Doom Squad. They thought if they were going to choose someone, it would be better to choose someone from the same organization.

(Lightning saw the spirit beasts and respected them, so I’m sure Cool-san will be cool with them too)

I nodded at the suggestion of my familiars who came to consult me. But first, I asked her a question to see her reaction.

「By the way, do you know 『Spirit Beasts』?」

Cool-san was quite puzzled by the sudden topic, but she answered without showing much expression.

「Yes, they are higher level spirits with physical bodies. I’ve heard that some species and individuals even have magical power and wisdom that far surpasses that of humans」

There was no hint of disgust or harm in her voice. I nodded strongly and opened my mouth.

「Actually, the vice commander and the general of Doom Squad that I’ve told you before. They’re both spirit animals」

Cool-san’s expression doesn’t change and she remains silent. I turned around and signaled to them that they could come out.
From behind a bookshelf, a 20-centimeter-long fifth instar larva of a swallowtail butterfly and a 15-centimeter-long dung beetle showed themselves.
Incidentally, the dung beetle has already taken off its moth armor. The two insects crawled towards me on the wooden floor.

「This is Imosuke, the vice commander. And this is the general, Dangorou」

I picked them up from the floor and placed them on my lap. Seeing them, Cool-san bowed her head deeply and folded her arms.
Her ample bosom is sexy as always.

「Please to meet you. My name is first-time eater, Unicorn. Please treat me well from now on」

Imosuke and Dangorou were nervous at first, but they let out a wave of relief and returned the greeting.
Since they couldn’t communicate their thoughts directly to her, they did it through me and it became like telephone game. But even so, it seemed to be enough to get the message across.

「You don’t seem very surprised」

She doesn’t pry further, like asking why these two ended up here. It’s just like her, but now I’m the one who’s surprised.
Cool-san shrugged her shoulders and let out a small breath, then looked at me and said.

「You yourself don’t seem to be aware of it, chief, but looking at you from the outside, you’re out of the standard in many ways」

That’s why it’s not too surprising to see you with spirit beasts, is what she said.

(I thought I already held back but… so that’s how people see me huh)

I think I have an idea why it’s like that. Something like the crowd in the lobby split into two when I show up at a brothel and some people calling me 『One of the twin peaks of the capital’s red-light district』 or 『Supreme Treasure』.

(But if I hold back more than this, I won’t be able to have fun)

I thought to myself, without much remorse.
Cool-san, who was watching me sighing, gave me a piece of advice.

「However, spirit beasts are very rare outside the Spirit Forest. It would be best not to let them be seen by people」

She went on to mention the name of her colleague, Explosive onee-san.

「Her for example. She showed a strong attachment to a fruit that you gave her, chief」

I nodded as I listened.
She was so eager to get her hands on some Pomelos that she even accepted a match on the bed, something she had avoided until then.
Certainly, she doesn’t seem to be a simple 『Pomelos loving onee-san』.

「I’ve heard that she’s an excellent student who has made a name for herself at the Royal Magic Academy. You must not underestimate her desire for knowledge and discovery」

Now that she mentioned it, something does come to mind.
A random question after our play the other day. She knew about Zaratan’s anecdote, and she was also concerned about Pomelo.

「I understand. I’ll be careful」

Putting aside Lightning, who has already seen Imosuke and the others, I should probably be more selective about who I can tell about this.
I asked Cool-san, who was bowing. It’s about Light Cruiser-sensei

(She seems to be pretty tight lipped. So I think it should be fine)

I asked her about what she thinks, but her response was simple.

「It’s no problem. Because she’s already fallen?」

「She’s fallen?」

When I asked her, she narrowed her eyes at me with a fierce look.

「Didn’t you visit her everyday to bring her down?」

I was attempting a 100th day shrine visit to Light Cruiser shrine, and Light Cruiser-sensei accepted it. It was a ritual that made even Cool-san feel cold inside.

「I’m sure she will be happy when you tell her about your big secret, and I think there’s no way she would tell anyone」

She said she could be trusted more than herself.

(What an honor)

I don’t know if I’ve ever been adored so much in my previous life. Moreover, the other person had good looks and personality.
It was worth the 100-day pilgrimage. It seems that my great wish has been fulfilled.


Imosuke, who is on my thighs, presses my stomach with his head so I turned to look at him. He wants to show off his forest to Unicorn.
I look up and invite Cool-san to join me in the garden.

「Imosuke and Dangorou want to show you the garden they’ve been working on」

Then we walked together into the garden forest. It’s narrow, but Cool-san is also under Imosuke’s blessing, so she doesn’t step on any trees or grass and break them.

「This big one here is the medicinal tree, and this one is the pomelo. That’s the fruit from the other day. And this flower, they say it looks good on Unicorn」

Imosuke talks enthusiastically through me. Cool-san replies quietly, but with sincerity.
A wave of great satisfaction emanates not only from Imosuke, but from Dangorou as well.

(Looks like they have grown quite fond of Cool-san already)

The meeting of the Doom Squad, human and spirit beasts, was a great success. The turtle, by the way, was swimming in the pond, seemingly unconcerned.




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