Chapter 267 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The high elf mansion on the trunk of the world tree.
A meeting was being held there today. New information had come in.

「There’s a report that a Gryphon was seen in the Northern city of the Empire」

A hunched shouldered high elf sits in the chairman’s seat and tells everyone in the room. He had aged so much in such a short time due to the responsibilities of a substitute without authority.
The one who brought the news to the elven village was a merchant of the human race.
Even though they had stopped trading, the Empire could not completely cut off the flow of people. With the allure of gold and colorful goods, there are people who will risk everything to visit the village.

「Northern city? So they’re not in the Great Pit, huh」

One of them asks, his brow furrowed in doubt.
He had expected to find the next world tree and the descendants of the elven royalty in a massive hole full of golems on the southeast of Landbarn.

「They’re probably coming near to instigate the villagers」

He replied to the thick-browed high elf sitting next to him.

「The northern city is just south of the Spirit Forest. There’s no better place to base their operations」

He added, and all of the people present in the room had a bitter look on their faces.

『A pile of garbage that keeps growing because they can’t remove it, emitting a foul smell and seeping out rotting liquid』

『Trade stops, causing worsening shortages』

『No improvement in drinking water quality』

The villagers were already nearing the end of their patience. The balloons of their frustration will burst with the prick of a needle.
If this is all a plot by the last heir of the elven royalty, they have been completely outwitted.
It’s frustrating, but as expected of the elves.

「The surviving members of the royal family are manipulating the Empire from behind the scenes. If only I’d realized that a little earlier」

All of the people present showed their agreement with the thick-browed high elf’s remorse.
The High Elves feared that the wrath of the people of their village would be directed at them.
If the power of numbers exceeded the quality possessed by the high elves, what awaited them is another revolution.

『Buried alive』

Because of their culture’s hatred of earth attributes, the elves are particularly loath to die this way.
The queen at the time of the 『Bloodless Revolution』 seems to have lost her mind when she was buried up to her shoulders.

「There’s one more thing I’d like to tell all of you」

The acting chairman with hunched shoulders spoke with a sigh.

「The other day, there was a clash between some of the villagers and the guards who guard this mansion」

He said that those who live near the pile of garbage came to protest in groups.

「Let me see the high elves-sama!」

They demanded, but they were not heeded, so they tried to break the guard’s restraint and enter the mansion.
They were eventually dismissed by force, but it seems that many of the residents were injured in the process.

「I don’t think that will be the end of it. They will come back with more people. All the time until it’s resolved」

The acting chairman covers his face with both hands.
A chill ran down the spines of those present as they realized that the 『Revolution』 was closer than expected.

「We have to take action, right away!」

A thick-browed high elf said with a quivering voice and stiff expression.
Sensing the imminent danger coming at them, the meeting turns from a shouting match to a constructive one. Opinions are gathered with a speed that is unparalleled until now.

『Kill the descendants of the elven royalty along with the griffon and destroy the empire』

They easily come to an agreement regarding the goal. The next topic for discussion was the means to achieve said goal.

『Use the Spirit Canon』

There were no objections to this either. Because they had no other choice.
The idea of joining forces with the Kingdom had been scrapped. There were problems with the Northern nations, but the most important reason was that the Kingdom was rude.
The elves sent an emissary to the Kingdom that has strong influential power, to complain about the outrage of the Black Locust country.
The Prime Minister who received him did not respond, but instead made a request.

「Recently, magic beasts from the Spirit Forest have been crossing our borders and invading our country. Can you please keep them from getting out?」

“What are you talking about?”, was the expression on the Elven messenger’s face.
It was a good thing for the elves that the pests were no longer in the forest. Besides, all of the magic beasts traveled through the Empire’s territory.

「Please say that to the Empire, not us」

He replied like that as if it was a matter of course, but the Prime Minister was not convinced with that answer. On the contrary, he launched into an unrestrained rant.

「I don’t think the person who can’t even manage a forest has no right to claim ownership of the Spirit Forest」

He then went on to say, 『The Kingdom will support the Black Locust country』.
The messenger’s self-control was evident as he only kicked the chair and left without saying a word.
Upon hearing the report, the high elves became enraged and hurled abusive language at the Kingdom. On the other hand, they gave words of appreciation to the messenger.

「The target is the Northern City. If that proves to be ineffective, we’ll target the Great Pit」

Almost everyone nodded in agreement with the thick-browed high elf.
The spirit cannon has a long range and high power. However, it also consumes an enormous amount of magic power.
If it was fired, it will put a heavy burden on the world tree, and it will certainly reduce its lifespan.

「Royalty and Griffon. We should be able to deal with the rest of the problems somehow once we eliminate these two. It’d be best if we could do it in one shot」

Conversely, even if the imperial city is burnt to ashes and the emperor is killed, the threat will continue as long as the elf royalty and the Griffon remain.
There were a lot of people voicing their agreement, and their eyes turned to the acting chancellor.

「Then, we will now take a vote」

The acting chairman looked exhausted as he proceeded with the meeting like a robot. It was as if he had given up on thinking.

「All in favor. I hereby authorize the use of the Spirit Canon. Each of you please get ready」

The fat high elf continues to sit in his chair with his eyes closed as he listens to the acting chairman’s declaration.
He had voted against it, but had not expressed his opinion. This was because he felt something close to hopelessness about this high elf meeting.

(They neglect the people and the world tree for their own safety. Aren’t they just the same as the royalty in the past then)

They can blame the corrupt, but they can’t admit their own corruption.
To the fat high elf, the title 『High Elf』 is just as the same as 『Royalty』.

(Perhaps we have already lost the right to stand above the people)

However, there is nothing he can do. The votes at the meeting are heavier than anything else.
If even this was taken lightly, then there would be no difference between them and the royalty.

(…This is it huh)

His colleagues were leaving the conference room while excitedly exchanging words with each other. After feeling their voice fading into the distance, he left his seat.
On this day, the fat high elf disappears from the elf village. But not many people cared.

『A noisy man who always complains and opposed the use of Spirit Canon』

He’s a nuisance when he is around so it’s better if he wasn’t. That’s what many of his colleagues thought.


Far south-southeast from the Spirit Forest.
In a prime location in the entertainment district of the capital, I was in the playroom of Jayanne, one of the big three brothel in the royal capital.
In front of me, sitting upright on the bed, was the figure of the Light Cruiser-sensei, who was also sitting upright.
I’m not in the middle of a sermon. I was talking to her before playing.

「Are there a lot of people who come to the brothel to train as brides?」

The other day I went to a ballet performance with Corneal and saw an episode where a princess goes to a brothel in another country.
I wanted to ask her what it actually was.
With a gentle smile, Light Cruiser-sensei affirmed. It seems that the mental and skills to entertain the opposite sex is an essential education for children of good families.
It is said that a good woman can only be a good woman if she has the 『Mind, Skills, and Body』.

「Then, the princess of the Kingdom is also…」

The princess of the royal family of the Kingdom is supposed to be of age. However, I have never seen her in any events.
I wondered if that was the case, and Light Cruiser-sensei nodded.





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