Chapter 268



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The merchant guild’s Knight hangar that’s located near the eastern gate of the royal capital.

「Thank you for your hard work」

After finishing my work as a pilot, I said goodbye to Herbivore mechanic and went outside.
The sun had already set and the stars were beginning to twinkle in the sky.

(Today is another productive day)

Being away from the downtown area, the stars are more visible here.
I rolled my neck and shoulders and took a deep breath while looking at the sky. Then, to fill my stomach and relieve my fatigue, I walked down the main street running east-west towards the central square.

『Places with high magical power are appearing all over the world, and magic beasts are beginning to move towards them』

Remembering what Zaratan had said, I realized that my prediction had been correct.
Powerful magic beasts had invaded the Spirit Forest. Fearing this, the weaker magic beasts in their path had moved their habitats.
As a result, they began to appear near towns and villages, which means this is the Kingdom knight order and merchant guild Knight’s time to do their job.

(It’ll get busier but it’s worth it)

A Knight is a humanoid golem that can stand up to 18 meters tall. Fighting magic beasts with it is fun.
What makes me even happier, however, is the gratitude I receive from the people I help. There are not many jobs that are as rewarding as this one.

(Ponytail also looked like she was having fun)

Today’s job is a joint mission with the knight order.
The old lady and I secured the safety along the road. Meanwhile, Ponytail and Busty-chan fought off another magic beast that was approaching the village.
The villagers greeted her with cheers, and Ponytail responded by waving from the cockpit of her Knight.

『This. I’ve been waiting for this moment to come』

I could hear the voice in her heart just from seeing her flushed face.
Recently, the reputation of the knight order has been improving, and with that, the motivation of the knights has been increasing.
I hope they will do their best since it will also reduce my burden.

(It must be harder for them now that Lightning has left the country to go back home)

He’s a visiting pilot from another country, invited by the Kingdom knight order who lived on the floor directly below mine.
Actually, he came to visit me the other day with his wife and child.
Apparently, his home country, Black Locust country, has some sort of dispute with the elves. It seems to be a big problem, and they’ve decided to send the best Knight of the Northern countries back home.

(It’s a shame. He was going so well with Imosuke and the others)

Lightning has respect for the spirit beasts, and his personality is trustworthy.
Before I introduced my familiars to Cool-san, I had been thinking that I could leave them to him if anything happened to me.

(His daughter worries me a little bit though)

I smiled wryly.
She seemed to be interested in the giant caterpillar, dung beetle, and turtle and tried to chase and catch them.
She’s still barely able to walk, so there was no real harm done, but the caterpillar and the others became scared of her.
I switched my mind and remembered what I had given him before we parted.

(The souvenirs… I wonder how if it’s popular in his hometown)

When Imosuke and Dangorou heard that he was going home, they prepared something for him.
It was a small potted plant. Growing in the middle of the plant is a small twin leaf.

『A Venus flytrap』

If I had to describe it using the knowledge from my previous world, that’s what I would call it. The leaves of this plant look like an open soybean, but they are surrounded by sharp thorns.
It seems that when prey approaches, it snaps shut and eats them.

『It’s a plant with thorns that can fight』

Dangorou suggested, and Imosuke, the sage of the forest, found the seed. I also helped by buying a flowerpot, planting the seeds, and applying a D-rank potion.
Incidentally, Dangorou’s idea of giving this as a gift was to 『Protect his country by growing this plant』.

(I’m a little worried)

The reason why Imosuke didn’t sow the seeds in the garden forest. If they grew too big, they would eat the small magic beasts.
He said that it was a dangerous plant to him when he was still in the Spirit Forest. Unfortunately, you can’t make it choose who or what to eat.

「A gift from the Spirit Beasts. I’ll treasure this」

Holding an unfinished pot in his hand, the young man with a short mustache smiled happily.
I wrote down on a piece of paper the precautions that Imosuke told me about, and I hope he will read them so that he can handle it without any accidents.

(Now then, where should I go for tonight?)

I arrived at the central square and ate some stir-fried meat and vegetables at one of the stalls.
I’m tired, sweaty, and covered in dust, and I need to take a bath to refresh myself.

『Sweat aside, how come you’re covered in dust? You’re sitting in the cockpit』

Some of you may think so. But recently, we also have to do some of the work of guiding people and cleaning up after the battle.
This is because of the lack of manpower. The adventurers have been very busy due to the mass migration of magical beasts. They don’t have the time to help me.
The knight order was in the same situation, Busty-chan with her shaking cannonball-like huge breasts was guiding the villagers on foot.

(I think I’ll go with 『Ippon Yokocho』)

It’s a narrow street in the red-light district, lined with small, privately owned stores.
The average age of the women is not that young, in fact, many of them are in their thirties, the same age as me. When I’m tired, I can just take it easy there.

(Let’s go then)

After I finished eating, I left my seat and headed west from the central square. I pass the high-class stores on the main street, Cassabell, Jayanne, and Cione, and take the sidewalk on the way.
There, I noticed flowers being put on the storefront. They seemed to have been a gift to celebrate the opening of the store.

(Hee… so there’s a new store here. But, a 『Steam Bath』 huh?)

The words on the sign caught my attention and I thought for a moment.
I wondered if it was something like a sauna. This might be the first time I see it in this world.

(It might not be a bad idea)

I was so tired that I wandered like a butterfly naturally flying towards a flower. I pushed the door of the store open.


I walked in and was immediately greeted by the receptionist. The older man standing at the counter bows his head.
When I told him that I had come to take a bath, he pointed to the price list on the wall with a polite gesture. He asked me to choose a course.

(So there are three options, clothes, underwear, and naked, huh)

Well, this is a red-light district after all. Even if it’s just taking a bath, a woman will serve you. But here, I felt something strange.

(…The price isn’t anything cheap)

The store’s building is comparable to a low-class brothel.
However, even the lowest price, the 『Naked Course』 is at the price of an upper end of the lower class brothels. And the most expensive course, the 『Clothed Course』 is comparable to a mid-class brothel.
I wondered if they could attract customers with this price.

「I will go with the 『Clothed Course』 please」

When in doubt, just try it.
The receptionist’s smile grew wider at my words. I guess he thought I was a high-class customer.

(I’m not going to let my purse limit my brothel activities)

My income is considerably high from selling potions and working as a pilot. If I don’t spend it hard, it will only accumulate.
The change in the expression on the shopkeeper’s face reminded me of how fortunate I am.

「This will be the playroom. Please wait a moment」

I was guided into an empty room of about four and a half tatami mats with a wooden floor. After changing into a bathrobe, I stood in the center of the room and looked around.

(It doesn’t feel hot or anything. I wonder if there will be hot steam coming in from now)

While I was thinking about this, the door opened and a group of young women in plain clothes came in.
I say “women” because they were not alone. For some reason, they were coming in a line.

(Is this where I’m supposed to choose from one of them? They have a lot of women to choose from, but the level is lower than low-class brothels)

I made a critique after setting aside my own appearance. Although it’s a harsh evaluation, I’m not saying that these girls are not ugly.

(Their faces and styles are well above standard, but…)

I would’ve wanted to turn my head if I passed her in my previous world.
But in this world, a brothel is a popular job, even at the lowest level. You have to at least become popular at your school or workplace to get hired in a brothel.

(Eh? They’re still more coming?)

They continue to enter the room continuously, and soon the four-and-a-half tatami mats are full of people. Even so, the girls are still coming in.
Their bodies were pressed against each other from all sides, and it was getting hotter and harder to breathe.

(Wa-wait a minute, what’s going on?)

Amid my confusion, I remembered a feeling that I had long forgotten. Yes, this was a crowded train.

(It’s narrow and hot)

The room is packed with people. The room temperature and my body temperature rose at once, and I began to sweat profusely.
The women in plain clothes around me were also the same, and their sweat-soaked clothes were transparent. That’s when it hit me.

(So this is what the 『Steam Bath』 means!)

Then I was convinced. I was convinced that this idea came from the 『Revolutioner of the industry』.
His ability to think out of the box and immediately put it into action. No one else but that genius could have done it.


As I frowned at the sweat in my eyes, several women slid their hands into my bathrobe.
The young women in plain clothes rubbed me, and the smell of perfume and sweat filled the air as they reverse molested me. This seems to be the play of this store.

(So the reason why the clothes course was so expensive is because of the laundry fee huh)

It won’t be as much if they’re only wearing underwear, and it won’t be necessary if they’re naked. While I was thinking about this, my train was being taken into the tunnel by itself.

(Who is it? At least I want to see their face)

But I couldn’t.
The heads of the women around me were completely touching my head. They are also licking off my sweat with their tongues.
After a short playtime, my train arrived at the station and spat out many passengers onto the platform.

(I’m even more tired now)

After the play, I went to take a shower alone to clean off the sweat and saliva on my body.
It’s a great play, but it’s not a place I want to stop by when I’m exhausted after work.

(This store may or may not become a hit. The idea is interesting, so I hope it continues)

I’m not sure if I want to go back there again in the future, but I do hope that stores with a different style will survive.

(I wonder if there is a store like this, but for women)

I remember the words of my best friend Corneal, the macho who works at the knight order. He said, 『The Revolutioner of the industry usually opens a store for both men and women』.

『Make a boy wear a skirt dance on a glass floor, and eat while looking up at him from below』

There was even a time when he invited me to go to that store. That man is not afraid of beautiful boys.
By the way, I myself can’t eat at a place like that.

「Tauro-san. Being picky is not good, you know? We should be grateful for our daily blessings and eat well」

“I will help you overcome this”. He strongly offered me to which I declined.

(Let’s not go in there even by mistake)

With a heavy feeling of fatigue in my neck and shoulders, I headed home to be healed by my familiars.


Tauro’s prediction that was based on Corneal’s information.
It turned out to be correct, and a store with a 『Steam Bath』 sign was opened for women in the red-light district.
The number of customers was higher than that for the men, and although it had just opened, they already have regulars.

(Hairy chest! Strong smell! And the sweat trickling from their bodies! It’s the best!)

Dirty old men with steam rising from their entire bodies. The woman who is being squeezed by them and panting in ecstasy as she struggles to breathe is one of them.
She looks to be in her early twenties, with a neat face and a well-proportioned body. She is quite a beauty, but what stands out is her long tongue that is licking off the old men’s sweat.

(As I thought, the 『naked course』 is best topped with 『Hairy』 and 『Older men』.)

She is the female bishop who is visiting from the Eastern country as a state guest, Shitanaga.
Originally, she had different tastes. She actually prefers young, handsome, hairless, muscular men.
However, she was awakened to a new taste when she was exposed to the gorgeous culture of the royal capital.
It was probably triggered by an event organized by her mentor, the giant old woman, the Abbess of the Northern Monastery.


It was to welcome all guests from sunset to sunrise without rejecting them.
Shitanaga and the Abbot received strong and fierce men from the royal capital at the guesthouse.

(Ahh this feeling. I remember it)

With the older men squeezing around her, the events of that night come to her mind.
In contrast to the Abbot, who had annihilated all the men coming at her, Shitanaga was knocked out before the date changed. She was unable to stay conscious and welcome any more guests until morning.
The sweet memories of that night are still fresh in her mind.

(What is this older man’s odor from the back of my neck? And the garlic-like sweat behind my ears? Oh my God, I think I’m going crazy)

A train full of old men invaded the tunnels in front of and behind her, going back and forth violently. They hold her in their hands, and if she is not careful, they will take her lips as well.
She turns her face away in agony, but there it is, the bearded mouth of another old man.

(It’s a little like Maradhan, but still different. That one is much blander)

She thought as they stared at each other at close range, their tongues intertwined, unable to even focus.
It was a period in the Eastern country calendar, a month that strictly forbids even self-comforting. The masses held in the cathedrals around the country immediately after the liberation would be close to the Bureiko.
However, since all the participants are on the verge of blowing up, their attention is focused on letting it out, so the taste is weak. At least that’s what Shitanaga thinks.

(I’m glad to get to come to the Kingdom. I’ve learned a lot ever since I came here)

She could feel herself growing.

(But I have to go home soon)

As Shitanaga felt a feeling of regret arise, her heart sank slightly.
The old men in the service industry are keenly aware of the changing mood of the customers. They start to get even more enthusiastic to liven things up.
The temperature and humidity rise even higher. And the smell too of course. What was just a crowded train has been upgraded to a midsummer train in rush hour with broken air conditioning.

(….Let’s just think about that later)

A crowded train, unable to move a single muscle. Her toes were already floating in the air from the floor.
The train was so crowded that she couldn’t even move.



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