Chapter 27




                                      Translator: “Imouto_Hunter”                                             

Right now I’m eating fried seafood at a restaurant called “Marinade”. I heard customers saying good things about it in the brothel, so I decided to check it out. The flavor is, hmm, not bad. Eating the fried white fish with tartar sauce filled me with joy.

(The food’s good, but this really isn’t for me…)

I looked at the ceiling and sighed. This ceiling is the store’s selling point, but it’s not really to my tastes. It’s barely high enough for me to stand up, and it’s made out of some sort of glass or acrylic material. It’s transparent, and functions as the floor for the level above us. Upstairs are girls passing by wearing sailor uniforms.

(They should at least wear some underwear…)

They were wearing sailor uniforms, but that was all. They were crouching, and swinging their hips while dancing. Well, basically, the akebia trees were bearing fruit, and the chrysanthemums were in bloom. All at point-blank range, even though I’m eating. The three men at the table next to me were really into it, and looked excited. They were eating and enjoying the view while lying all the way down in their reclining seats. Of course, there were bits of food all over the aprons covering their chests as well as their surroundings.

(I wondered why they gave us aprons at a yakiniku-style retaurant, but I guess this is why.)

To each their own, but I don’t like it. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I finished my food upright in my chair, and quickly left. As a change of pace, I went to a fast food store. It’s not actually a fast food restaurant, but rather the brothel equivalent of fast food. I’m a man of experience when it comes to this sort of business, but recently I’ve come to enjoy cheap and casual places.


A young girl wearing the store’s uniform greeted me with an energetic smile. Inside was a hall with a tiered platform near the end.

「Once you’ve chosen, please let me know.」

Standing and sitting on the platform were girls wearing yellow bikinis. Their chests were affixed with plates that had their numbers on them.

(This is what you could call “prostitution without penetration”.)

According to me research, there’s no penetration allowed in this place. There’s also no time limit, but rather a limit to one “shot”. And above all, it’s cheap. Only one silver coin, no tipping, and no need to order drinks. The old lady from Bell Talk informed me that cheap prices should be cause for concern, but I’m here for a different reason.

(”Finger and Lip Only” (FALO), is what the system is called. I think it could be useful to help improve my massage technique.)

That’s what I thought. I chose a partner without being too picky, and headed to a room.

「What a failure.」

I said while reflecting on my actions. As soon as we entered, I was forced into a sixty-nine position. While in that position, she untied her bikini and spoke.

「Please feel free.」

Again in front of my eyes was an arrangement of chrysanthemum and akebia. This place is definitely under the same management as the last one! Like a dairy cow having its milk squeezed out, I reached the goal without any pleasure.

「I’m pretty worn out.」

I was running out of energy. Suddenly, a store’s sign caught my eye.
(”Relaxing Massage”, huh? Might not be a bad idea. My body’s still stiff from the sixty-nine in that small room, I think I’ll head inside.)

It’s my first time entering a “normal” massage shop, so it might be nice.

I entered, and a woman came out to escort me to a private room. She laid my face down on a bed. Then she began massaging my back. I sat up and she took my arm and bent my leg, like a judo technique. It wasn’t what you’d expect from a traditional massage.

(Agh, it hurts, but it feels good.)

Even I could tell that my body had become stiff. My breathing gradually became deeper and more relaxed.

However, things gradually began to change. Her fingers began to brush up against my genitals and I could feel her breasts touching me.

(What’s going on?)

Unexpectedly, I started to get excited even though this wasn’t supposed to be that sort of massage. The onee-san noticed and stopped moving her hands.

「Uh, um, I’m sorry.」

She apologized to me and then said something unexpected.

「This part will cost extra, what do you choose?」

Huh? Is this that kind of shop? I hadn’t noticed. But since it’s come to this, I requested it. There’s no penetration allowed, by the way.

「Okay, look this way and don’t close your eyes.」

The onee-san smiled charmingly as she told me to pay attention. She was toying with me. She put her left hand on the base of the hose, and the water current was in complete control. The right hand continued to stimulate the tip of the hose. Her eyes were looking intently at my eyes, trying to discern how I was doing. If I was close to climaxing, she would squeeze her left hand and slow down the stimulation. If I was coming back down, she would loosen her left hand and increase the stimulation. I was in agony as she pushed my limits.

An aikido master is said to be able to keep a small bird in his right hand without letting it fly away. If the bird tries to fly away, he can sense it and lower his right hand. The bird will stumble while trying to take off as the hand is lowered. Then, as the bird prepares itself to take off again, the master will return his right hand to its original position. By repeating this, the bird will never be able to fly.

I’m in the same situation right now. The onee-san isn’t perfect like the master, but she compensates for it with her left hand not letting a single drop come through. I learned the importance of looking at the person’s eyes. The sixty-nine from earlier seemed really foolish in comparison.

Just as I was about to reach a massive climax and was anticipating the left hand to stop me again, the onee-san removed her binding spell from it.


I couldn’t believe what just happened before my eyes. In that moment, I lied on my back and stared as all of my little sons flew up to the ceiling.

(Impossible! This is impossible! Even as a high schooler, they never flew this high!)

I was astonished. However, that wasn’t the only reason for my surprise.

(!? Ah, gah, ahhh!)

It wasn’t stopping. There’s no way there could be this much. It’s an unbelievable amount.

(My life! My life is drifting away!)

It was enough to scare me.

(…This is… My first time…)

I had been toyed with.

I returned to my new home. What just happened was amazing. I asked her, and she told me that it was her special technique “Toxin Removal”. By pushing the person to their limits, their body reacts like that. By the way, have I told you guys before? “Special techniques” or a nameable skill. I really want one. I want a special technique. I want to name a certain move. Then, I want to repeat that special move while shouting its name. As the self-proclaimed mysterious villain of Cione, I’d like to have a nickname and a special move. With that aside, I made a few mistakes today, but I also learned a lot.

I used the remainder of my magic spell count to make potions. I used rank F cure injury, cure illness, and cure status abnormality potions on myself too. I believe that by using rank F potions on myself, I’d be able to tell if there’s anything wrong with me by how it feels. I didn’t feel anything in response to the cure illness or status abnormality potions. I felt the cure injury potion cure something completely, and I remembered that I had hit my shin against something earlier.
I have one S rank spell left for today, as well as three A rank, six B rank, and ten C rank. Hmm, I haven’t used any at all even the date’s going to change soon.

(If I don’t use them once in a while, I get worried wondering if I can really do it or not.)

Since it’s come to this, I made ten S, A, and B rank potions and poured them onto the medicinal herbs. They’d be useless if used on me, so I figure it will at least provide nutrition to the plants. I diluted them in the watering can, covered in a bag so that the potion’s light doesn’t leak out and poured it over the herbs. Just out of curiosity, I poured the rank S cure injury potion directly onto the centermost herb.





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