Chapter 271 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Imperial territory, Northern city.
In the waiting room of the only brothel in the city, a woman with the beauty of a mannequin was making a sullen face in her heart.
The reason she doesn’t show it is to prevent her makeup from cracking.

(This is weird)

She is 『Elder』 as Tauro calls her. A survivor of the elven royal family.
She has been hiding her race and origin, living among the humans.

(What does this mean?)

When she learns that the Griffon’s owner is Count Rosehip, she looks for his name in the brothel’s customer list. However, no matter how many times she flipped through the list, she could not find it.

(Even though I was planning to brainwash him when he came to the store)

A brothel is a social gathering place for ladies and gentlemen. And this place is the only one of its kind in the city.
The female lords even visit this place to mingle with the representatives of the residents. It’s unbelievable that he never came.
Elda closes her eyes along with the spine of the list of names. But before she could wrap her head around it, a girl’s voice called out to her.

「Onee-sama, it’s time」

When she opened her eyes, she saw the apprentice looking at her from the entrance of the waiting room. It seemed to be the time for the late shift.
When she asked the apprentice girl about it, she said that she had already been assigned.

(Looks like it will be busy today too)

She stood up from her chair and tapped her backside several times with one hand to stretch her waist.
The unopened bag of sweets she had bought in the square during the day. She gave it to the girl and headed for the lobby.


Meanwhile, in the lobby.
The fat high elf saw a woman walking out from the back and nodded heartily.

(There’s no mistaking it)

It was the woman who had handed the letter to the Griffon in the alleyway during the day.
He couldn’t help but feel his cheeks relax at the sight of this humanoid treasure trove of information.

(Once I get inside her, everything will be mine. By the time I pull it out, her body and mind will have succumbed to me)

Absolute confidence against the human race. It’s a common trait among the elves, but it’s more prevalent among those who stay in their villages and don’t have the opportunity to interact with humans at all.
The fat high elf walks up the stairs with the beautiful woman smiling at him with just her eyes, taking his hand. At this point, neither of them realized that the other was an elf.

(Now then)

Just like the rumors, he heard beforehand, the woman in front of him dimmed the lights before taking off her clothes.
It was a good thing for both of them because they didn’t have to expose their naked body under the light.

(After all, the spears of the elves are too much for humans to handle)

She might be frightened by its long and majestic appearance of it and run away from it.

「Ma’am. I’m sorry, but may I be so selfish as to ask you for a favor?」

His request was, 『I want to get on all fours on the bed』. He continues with 『I want to do it from behind』.

「Fufu… I don’t mind」

As expected of a woman working in a brothel. Without a hint of a displeased tone in her voice, she immediately agreed.
She took off her heels and climbed onto the bed, raising her buttocks in a low prostrate position, which he could see even in the dim light.
She’s still dressed, but so is him. So he’s not going to complain.

「I’m ready. Please do me as you please」

To my surprise, she said she was fine with him starting as is.
As expected of a professional. He was impressed, but he didn’t like her relaxed attitude. She rolled up her skirt, slipped off her underwear, placed the tip of her spear on it, and smiled.

(Just wait, I’ll send her mind to the other side soon)

Her butt looked much skinnier than it did under the lights. While feeling a little uncomfortable with the difference, the fat high elf gradually pushed his hips forward.

「How’s that?」

He asked, looking down at the woman’s back. It’s not even halfway buried yet, but it would be rare for a human being to reach this level.
As if to back it up, the woman let out a strained voice.

「I-It’s going so deep」

“Of course it is”, he thought with a smile, but he had no intention of going easy on her. While listening to the 『Please endure it』 pleasantly, he proceeded slowly further in.
However, halfway in, he raised his eyebrows in doubt.

(Was the human race always this welcoming?)

While wondering about it, he went to explore further. Finally, he managed to get his spear to the base, but there was still no wall of flesh to catch the tip.
This was not possible. Only the elves would have a sheath this large.

「Don’t tell me… She’s an elf?」

A chill ran down his spine as he heard his own voice.
He now realized that he had been too careless in assuming that the other party was a human. If she’s the contact of the elven royal family, it would not be surprising if she was an elf.

「Did you only realize it just now?」

The woman’s words confirmed his prediction and tried to pull out to escape. But he couldn’t.
The woman’s soft flesh was instantly transformed into stone. The spear that was caught in the crack didn’t move an inch, just like the holy sword Excalibur that stuck in the rock.
The painful and sweet voice that she had raised earlier had already stopped.

(This is bad! This is really bad!)

He couldn’t stop breaking out in a cold sweat.
The fat high elf grabs the woman’s buttocks with both hands, trying to pull off from her body somehow. He clenched his teeth and put all of his strength into his arms.


Immediately after, he felt intense pressure on his spear.
It was like a snake coiled from the base to the tip, tightening its grip to strangle its prey.

「Stop it! Let me go!」

The fat high elf shouted out as the snake seemed to squeeze even harder. However, the snake made of woman’s flesh does not loosen up.
The snake continues to stimulate the spot every time he reacts.

(What the hell is this?)

It’s a feeling he’s never experienced before. It was no wonder.
The fat high elf with little experience and Elder, who had lived for hundreds of years in the human world with only her body. It would be foolish to compare them.
As the snake tightened its grip, the spear was raised from its roots. The fat high elf groaned in anguish and let out his load with a wide grin.


The snake opened its large mouth and gobbled up the tip of the spear, trying to swallow it. The body, on the other hand, moves like a cow being milked.
It spits out a volume of milk unlike ever before, but the voracious appetite of the snake does not stop. The sensation of being sucked sent a sweet numbness down his spine and made his hips melt.
The fat high elf collapsed onto the woman’s back with his distorted mouth wide open.

「Thanks for the food. Some magic power you have there. It’s been a while since I’ve had something this long」

Elder raises herself up, turns her body halfway around, and mounts the man without pulling out. Her current position is straddling the man lying on his back.
The fat high elf glared up at her silently, waved one hand, and intervened with the room’s lighting with magic. He turned on all the lights.

「My my, what a naughty boy you are. Didn’t I tell you not to turn on the lights?」

The woman looked down at him with her clothes on and a wicked smile on her face. However, her face was different from what he had seen before the play.
Countless cracks were spreading from around her mouth and eyes.

「You traitor! What are you going to do to me?」

Elder didn’t answer and her smile grew deeper. The cracks grew into fissures, and the thick wall of makeup fell one by one onto the man’s stomach.
After the makeup was applied, Elder looked like a statue of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara with a sorrowful expression on her face.
Now the surface is cracked and shattered, exposing the coated body to the outside air.

「You lich! No, Elder Lich, huh」

The fat high elf gulped and screamed at the sight of the real Buddha, and even his wig was upside down.

(To think she was an undead!)

Undead. They are lifeless, living entities that sometimes occur under certain conditions.
With this in front of his eyes, all of the information he had gathered up to this point began to come together one after another.

(Not a survivor of elven royalty. But a royalty that was buried alive and changed its existence by feeding on hatred)

Then I can see why they leave the World Enemy out of their picture.
The undead doesn’t want to be restored. They have only hatred for the living.
The Griffon was not their familiars but controlled by them using some kind of power.

(That’s why they’ve been keeping their distance. If you touch them, they will suck the life out of you. Just like what she’s doing to me right now)

Just as he thought this, an index finger was placed on his forehead. The fat high elf felt a bursting impact and lost consciousness.
Looking down coldly at the fat man stretched out on the bed, the Buddha opened his mouth.

「How rude, who the hell did he call an Elder Lich?」

It was the truth, Elder is a living person. She is not undead, just an extremely old elf.
The fat high elf was just mistaken by her appearance.

「But still, this guy is sure a very old elf. I wonder what he’s doing in the human city」

After punishing him with an electric shock from point-blank range, she reaches for the man’s ear.

「It looks like he’s covering his ears with his hair. Is he trying to infiltrate and gather information? No, that shouldn’t be the case」

Elder puts a finger to her chin and tilts her head.
A merchant in peacetime aside, now is wartime. It was hard to imagine an elf himself going into enemy territory.
It was no wonder the thought of him being a high elf didn’t cross her mind, and she assumed he was just a very old elf.

「Well, whatever. I’ll let you off for giving me some information. He’s got plenty of magic in him, and brainwashing is not going to be an easy task, so be prepared」

Again, he placed his fingertips on the fat high elf’s forehead and began casting spells out of her mouth.
A magic circle appeared on the man’s forehead and slowly began to spin.

「When I’m done with you, I’ll cut off your ears and throw you out, just like what they did to me. You’ll be forgetting everything and also your money will be gone, but I hope you can do your best」

In the short time between the end of the chanting and the activation, Elder spoke softly to him.
She then closed her eyes and began to suck the memories out of the man’s brain.




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