Chapter 271 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Here the perspective returns to Tauro.
After sending off Cool-san and the virgin young man, I enjoyed a cup of tea in Jayanne’s waiting room. After finishing my tea, I went out into the hallway to return to the lobby.


Just as I turned the corner, I spotted a woman walking in front of me, swinging her magnificent buttocks from side to side.

(How are you?)

While greeting them in my mind, I raised my middle finger and stroked the peach grooves.
Of course, with my magic eye activated. I precisely press the brightest point.


Explosive onee-san jumps up like a cat and turns around while holding her bottom with her hands behind her back.
Looking at the spots of light popping up all over her body like a lingering fire, she seems to be returning from a job well done.

(As I thought this should be the right reaction after being sexually harassed)

The response was not very promising for Cool-san. While filled with soothing thoughts, I called out to her while raising one hand.

「It seems you’ve been busy. If you’re feeling tired, I can always give you a massage, you know?」

Of course, free of charge, I added, while making a rubbing gesture with one of my hands.
Explosive onee-san backed away with her face flushed while guarding her breasts and crotch with both hands. It’s really cute.

(I heard from Cool-san that as a student of the Magic Academy, she was interested in my private life)

Or had she already graduated and is working for the crooked mouth professor?

(In any case, let’s just be careful. In front of her, I’m just a playboy with money who’s good at sexual massage.)

I intend to follow Cool’s advice to the hilt.
Unicorn was far smarter than me, even though she was my subordinate. It would be foolish to ignore the words of a wise woman.

(But even so, not playing with Explosive onee-sama is not an option)

She is the top of one of the big three in the royal capital known as the City of Flowers. It would be a great loss for me if I kept myself away from her.

「Ah, right, I probably should book you while I’m here. When are you free?」

As I said this, she fixedly stared at me while thinking about it.
Then she nodded as if she had made up her mind and told me.

「If it’s a slime game for a half session from now, I can accept it」

She’s available for the next one but booked the one after that.
She specified a slime game, a strip version of the rock-paper-scissors for half the playtime. I guess she thought of this in her own way so that she wouldn’t bother the customers who had booked her.

「Then, let’s go with that please」

I replied immediately with a smile on my face and took Explosive onee-san’s hand and headed for the playroom via the counter.

「Well then… rock, paper, scissors!」

As soon as we arrived, we started playing while standing. I couldn’t waste even a second of our time.
Looks like she’s already familiar with the rock-paper-scissors I taught everyone, and she was able to make a fist without delay.

「All right!」

I thrust my fists up in the air, and Explosive onee-san puts her hands on both hips, blushes, and turns to the side. I put my hands inside her miniskirt, slip off her underwear and pull it off her ankles.
After a few twitches of my nose enjoying the scent, I tossed the small cloth onto the bed.

「Yoyoi no yoi!」

And soon, the second round began.
The result was my loss in the first round. Because I was the loser, I was not given the initiative and only received hand-free oral service.

(I feel like I’m going to melt)

Her attack was easy to bear, but as expected from Jayanne’s number one. The taste of her thick lips and tongue clinging to me is truly exquisite. I also like the way she looks at me.
But I don’t intend to just stay silent and let her defeat me. When the kiss changes from a deep swallow to a kiss on the tip, I wiggle my hips to escape.
I slapped the side of her face with the belly of my sword as she opened her mouth and extended her tongue to pursue me.

「Wait! What are you–」

She made an angry expression with one eye closed. “Did I overdid it?”, just when I thought so and stopped, she bit me sweetly.


With a fearless smile, she swallowed down her drink and exploded. She caught me off guard.
The first match’s reward time was over, and we were off to the next match. Looking at the time, this would be the last one.

「If you’re playing in the royal capital~ then you should try this game~ one two three!」

The two of us sang and danced together and pumped our fists in the air.

「Yoyoi no yoi! Ah, crap」

I put one hand on my forehead and look up to the ceiling, while Explosive onee-san makes a gut pose with the rock she made with her hand.
She bends down in front of me, unbuckles my belt and lowers my pants.
The tent pillar recoils and rises in front of the intelligent and sexy onee-sama. It is truly a wonderful sight.
And then, after more than ten rounds, I jumped up and shouted.

「I win!」

Me in only my trunks and Explosive onee-san in only a mini skirt. It can be seen how close the battle was.
Thanks to that, I’m running out of time.
I pushed her down, pulled up her skirt, and penetrated deeply into her. I use my magic eye to find the spot of light.

(This spot huh? It has the highest color temperature and the strongest light)

The white point of light is like Sirius, the celestial wolf star shining in the night sky.
I pinch the top two of Explosive onee-san’s summer triangle with my fingers and start poking at the bottom point. I need to match the moment when the star twinkles to get the best effect.
This is a difficult task that requires a high level of aiming and timing.

(Just a little more!)

But then, the bell suddenly rang.
I was going to detonate it in time and sink to the bottom of the sea together with her, but the time ran out first. As I thought, the defense and durability of a battleship are outstanding.
When I look at the girl who is laying on the floor, she has a proud expression on her face.

(I lost the first game. And won the second one, but didn’t manage to get her to finish in the reward time)

She gently guides me to the shower and cleans me off with a shower gel.
She told me that she was going to stay here for the next reservation, so I headed to the lobby alone.

(Well, it was fun, so I guess it’s not all bad)

Looking back, this was my first slime game in Jayanne. And it was against Explosive onee-san.
It was more than enough.

(But I just feel a little incomplete now. I guess I’ll go to the next store to release this feeling)

I said my farewell to the concierge and left for the red-light district.
And here is Explosive onee-san who stayed in the room.


After Tauro left the room, she slumped down on the tile.

(It sure is tough to be on the verge of coming when running out of time)

The fire that had been lit now went down to the base of the fuse. A few more moments and it would have ignited deep within her.
A burning sensation in the pit of her stomach. The hand holding the shower unconsciously moved downward in an attempt to extinguish the fire.

(What am I doing, me… No, I can’t, I need to stop this)

She stopped her hand with her mental strength and exhaled heavily.

(Not just that, I also miss the chance to have a conversation with him)

She had hoped for pillow talk but feared she would fall back and forth with regular playtime. However, half of it seemed to be too short, on the contrary.
It will take a little bit longer, but with the situation back then, she couldn’t deny the possibility that she would have definitely sunk.

(What a fearsome man)

She takes a deep breath and stands up. She wiped her body with a bath towel to prepare for the next reservation.
Incidentally, the next customer lost consciousness in the middle of the play because of the passionate service he received.



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