Chapter 284 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Four days east of Landbarn by the once-existing commuting golem carriage, is the royal capital. Even now that the truce between the Empire and the Kingdom has been signed, this route has yet to be re-established.
After sunset, I was sitting in my living room, talking with my familiars as usual.

『Can I plant them?』

Imosuke, who’s lifting half of his body on the bath towel, asked for permission.
When I asked what he was going to plant, the forest sage, who had access to plant seeds at will, replied, 『Hatsumono*』. He must have been thinking about what he could do to help the first-time eater, Unicorn, who was very hungry.
「*TL Note: “初物”(Hatsumono) here means crops that are harvested for the first time that season. It can also mean virgin based on the context.」

「It wasn’t something you can grow like that, you know? Something that no one else has harvested yet, is what First-time means, you see」

The caterpillar nodded its head in understanding and sent me a wave of images, which made me realize that my explanation was bad.
The caterpillar seemed to have misinterpreted it as something like 『Bracken』, a wild vegetable.
The first thick and long brackens are 『Hatsumono』, and other than that are only seconds. And he probably misunderstood that the first-time eater, Unicorn, has a habit of eating only the first bracken.

「You’re not wrong but… How should I put it…」

With a troubled look, I crossed my arms and raised my eyebrows. Then the general, Dangorou, calls out to me.

『A protection』

His proposal was also about Hatsumono.
The image he sent me is that of chestnut burr and walnut shells. It was to provide solid protection to prevent being eaten.
The general himself is curled up in a ball to show his sturdiness.

『With these, they will be safe』

I had no choice but to correct him, even though it pains my heart after seeing him so confident about it.

「The problem is, the Hatsumono themselves are also eager to be eaten」

I answered as such for the time being, and then they discussed among themselves in whispers.



Such waves of thoughts leaked from them and came to my mind. They probably thought of it as some kind of fruit that the birds or the likes eat.
The fruit that wants to be eaten is right in front of those who want to eat it. So they must somehow deliver it to the first-times eater, Unicorn’s place before that happens.

『This is difficult』

『This is really difficult』

The two animals then went silent at the difficult challenge. The turtle, by the way, did not join in the conversation and fell asleep with his head resting on the bath towel.

「I think what we can do is look for the remaining Hatsumono that haven’t been eaten yet」

That, or we can launch a 『Surprise your mother』 campaign.
Whereas the idea is to lure the inexperienced child with the phrase, 『You can improve your skills without your parents knowing』 and let Unicorn eat them before their mothers do.

(The outcome of that might be interesting)

I imagine their mothers, who intended to teach them, were caught off guard. They will never expect the incoming series of critical hits that would drown them in the sea of sheets.

(No, we don’t know yet. It’s Cool-san we’re talking about here, so she might end up educating their back entrance too)

Certainly, their mothers will probably still be surprised, but for a different reason.

『Crab Warrior!』

『Let’s ask the Crab Warrior』

My familiars reacted to the words 『Look for』 I said.
The adventurers, including the main character in the picture book 『The Crab Warrior』, were thanked for completing requests for things people were looking for. However, I wondered if 『First Times』 could be the subject of a gathering request.

「Maybe I should consult the guild master after all」

Goblin Jii-chan who nestles on the third floor of the merchant guild building. When his image popped in my mind, I involuntarily shook my head.

(No, it might be better not to rely on him. I have a feeling he’s going to say something like, 『Doing it with grandmothers is better than doing it with mothers, you know?』)

I decided to put this matter behind me for the time being.

「By the way, about that magical disturbance you guys were talking about, have you noticed anything else after that?」

The spirit beasts are saying with absolute certainty that there is something going on. But a few days have passed, but there is still no news of anything happening.
As the two of them tilt their heads in unison, the knowledgeable turtle opens his eyes and mouth at the same time.

『It calmed down once, but it’s starting to get disordered again』

He was occasionally investigating while he was in the pond. But that was all he could find.
What was happening, or what is going to happen? He said he couldn’t figure it out that far.

『If we can get even a little bit of information, we could make a guess based on that』

Zaratan blinks slowly.
I guess I’ll just have to go and ask around myself. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to talk to merchants and adventurers as I travel to various places to subjugate magical beasts.

「Alright, you can leave that to me. As for the investigation you do with magic, take it easy on yourself」

The turtle, caterpillar, and dung beetle nodded their heads.
And like this, the day passed slowly by.


This is a story from long ago.
Nearly a thousand years ago, an event called 『Bloodless Revolution』 took place in the elven village in the Spirit Forest. This brought an end to the monarchy in the elven village.
The legend says that the royal family was buried alive in the ground so that no blood would be spilled.
However, a few months after the bloodless revolution, there was a figure of a surviving royalty walking through a cave.

『The Old Cemetery』

That’s what this place is called, and it is a place that is kept secret from all but the royal family.
The entrance is behind a waterfall in a steep ravine upstream of the river that flows into the Spirit Lake. And it is protected by a strong magic that prevents those with thin blood from entering.

「….A bit deeper」

There is no source of light at all in the depths of the cave. It was pitch black, but the royal elf seemed to be able to see just fine.
They proceeded with a steady but strangely slow pace.
They arrived at a large space. The passage until now was big enough for a giant to crawl through, but it was even wider.
Anyone who could see in the dark would have seen a giant clad in armor lying as if asleep.

「There it is」

The elf who was once royalty opened his rotting lower jaw and spoke. Two hollow eyes, already missing their eyeballs, were directed at the Knight in the darkness.
The origin of this zombie is Elda’s eldest brother. He was a young man who had successfully made a contract with a Griffon and was assisting his father as the next king.

『The Griffon was killed in front of him and the commoners buried him in the ground with the throne in front of him』

The resentment and regret from that, and the high magical power of the royal family. The combination of these factors, as well as the circulation of the planet’s and the earth’s veins, led to the transformation of his existence into a lifeless, living creature.
Whether it was good luck or bad luck, he would never know.


The zombie, covered in mud and water tilted its head. According to the legend, there should be two Knights, but there is only one.
But the rotting corpse stopped thinking about it. It only had one body anyway.

「Get on it, move it, and kill」

Opening the chest armor, the zombie mumbles and climbs into the cockpit.
However, as he lowered the chest armor and tried to get the Knight to stand up, his time stopped.
He couldn’t supply the magic power needed to activate it, because it had been taken away from him, even the amount needed for his own activities.


The cause was that he turned into an undead. Compared to when he was alive as the prince of the elves, the amount of magic that the zombie possesses is very small.
The situation then becomes a deadly vicious circle.

『The Knight will immediately absorb the magic power that will recover on its own. But it is not enough to activate it, and over time it leaks out and disappears into the atmosphere』

As a result, the Knight remains lying down. The zombies also went dormant due to a lack of magic power.


Thus the former prince was left to slumber in the pilot’s seat of his Knight as is.




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