Chapter 286 Part 1



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A religious nation that exists to the east of the Kingdom, the Eastern Country.
The official name of the country is 『A land built around the altar that praises the majesty of the radiant God, on the land given by the mercy of the one and only God, whose heart is wider and deeper than the sea, who pitied those who were forced to go to the east after chased out of paradise』.
In the grand hall of the great church in the Cathedral city, a grand banquet was being held to welcome the missionary of 『Sin and Punishment』 who had come from the Kingdom.

「I’ve been thinking that maybe, 『Sin and Punishment』 could be a good substitute for the life-threatening training」

The burly middle-aged man doing a speech in the seat of honor is the Archbishop. He is the leader of the Eastern Country.
The sturdy missionary old man facing him opens his mouth with an impressed expression.

「There have been a few times during my play that I have felt a supernatural presence. And I was wondering if could that have been God」

With a happy expression, the Archbishop fills his double chin.

「As I thought, you have encountered him too, huh? Yes, that’s God. He is in the heart of each and every one of us」

The two were talking so passionately that no one else dared to interrupt them. The conversation shifts naturally to the other guest, Corneal, the pilot of the Kingdom knight order.
This one is in a good mood. Because tonight, there would be a group reception by the monks, a specialty of the Eastern country.
It’s called 『Tongue Hell』.
It involves throwing yourself from the stage into a sea of nuns that fills a large hall.

「Will these girls swarm and fight over us and lick us all over our bodies?」

The pervert macho, who will play for the first time, asks the greasy, middle-aged male bishop.

「Yes sir, that would be correct. The play is a reenactment of the 『Eternal Torment』 that evil people will suffer in the afterlife and the 『Ascension』 from which they are enlightened and ascend to heaven」

But that’s not all. The middle-aged bishop continued his explanation.

「The girls will not stop even after your ascension. They will use their tongue skills to arouse you and drink down what comes out」

The nuns in Tongue Hell represent sinners who are being burned by uncontrollable lust.

「Unlike the lower mouth, they can eat with their upper mouth even when we are still not yet ready. And I am ashamed to say that there are still a few high-ranking female monks who can be satisfied with only their throats」

If they are not satisfied, the play might continue until the sun comes up. It is said that their minds and bodies can be negatively affected when this happens.

「This is a play that was intended for advanced customers. I understand that keeping up your appearance is important, but if it ever gets too hard, please give up」

Corneal nodded back at the middle-aged bishop with a serious expression. In his mind, he imagined a sea of crowds rushing to a concert by a famous singer.
And tonight, he’s about to dive into that sea of crowds, naked.

(There will be quite a lot of people, and all of them have a certain level of skill. No amount of money will suffice if I try to implement it on my own)

A very valuable experience. He was happy about that, but he felt bad for his best friend, Tauro.
This is because he was the reason why Tauro had to immediately return to the royal capital.

(I’m sorry, Tauro-san. I didn’t know they were preparing such a wonderful event)

The young Knights went to subjugate magic beasts. In exchange for asking him to do follow-up for them, they paid for the overnight business trip that would have been a burden for him.
As a result, Tauro returned to the royal capital without crossing the border of the Eastern country.

(I will definitely be hated if I bragged about this to him)

The middle-aged bishop left his seat after the conversation. He thought as he looked at the balding back of his head.
Then a young man and woman came and asked if they could sit next to him. He gladly agreed and offered them to sit, and they sat down on either side of him without hesitation.

「I’d like to ask you something, if it’s okay」

One of them nervously spoke to him.

「Have you ever heard of Dr. Slime? He’s the person who invented the 『Sin and Punishment』」

Corneal nodded and replied to the question of the young man with handsome features and a cleft chin with a lush, shaven look.
The nun, who looked like a job-hunting college girl, gulped at his answer.
The two are the 『Chest hair Pheromone』 and the 『Job hunting college girl』. They are the ones who once infiltrated the royal capital with the Saintess and tried to convert Doctor Slime.

「In the royal capital, which is known as the City of Flowers, he is still called the 『Pair of Bright Jewels』 or the 『Greatest Treasure』. There is no one in the red-light district who doesn’t know him」

It is not surprising that these two are here. They are ranked in the top 100 in the world, and they are high-ranking monks.
As they listened with serious expressions on their faces, Corneal continued.

「To give you an example of his greatness based on what I’ve seen, the moment Dr. Slime appeared, the customers in the lobby of the royal capital’s top three brothels will split up」

The Chest Hair Pheromone and the Job-hunting college girl looked at each other with surprised expressions. The names of the big three brothels of the royal capital have been heard of in the Cathedral city.
If you are a customer of one of the most high-class brothels in the royal capital, it means that you are also one of the most famous and powerful people in the royal capital.

「Do you mean that they make way for him? The customers of a famous store did?」

The Job-hunting college girl said in an incredulous tone. Corneal with a somewhat smug expression, make a small correction.

「It’s not that they make way for him. The word means as it is, the wave of people will split in two, forming a straight path in the middle!」

The Job-hunting college girl recalled an anecdote from the scriptures of the Eastern Country, the part about 『God splitting the sea to create a path for the guide』. However, those who retreated to the side of the story now were all proud people with high self-confidence. It would be far more difficult than seawater that has no will.

「And it wasn’t just the other customers. Even the girls on the platform, the sidelines, the representatives of the royal capital, were horrified by Dr. Slime’s gaze and kept their faces down, avoiding eye contact」

They are lost for words. They realized what a terrifying existence they were about to face back then.
However, somewhere inside their heart, they are convinced. If he was such a terrifying man, it was no wonder that the overall champion of the Divine Tournament would be by his side.
The Chest Hair pheromone, who seems to be popular among housewives, can’t stop his body from shaking. In his place, the Job-hunting college girl stoutly asks for his opinion.

「Dr. Slime calls himself a 『Leader of a secret evil organization』. What is your opinion on this matter, Corneal-dono?」

He looked at her with gentle eyes as she desperately tried to squeeze out those words, and replied in a calm tone.

「I personally think that he’s not someone who would harm people. As for the 『Evil』 part, I think it was his way of saying 『I’m not bound by rules』 and 『I will do things as I like』.」

He took a breath and continued.

「And from that free-spirited mindset, he invented new types of plays such as 『Sin and Punishment』, 『Oyakodon』 and 『Slime Games』, which brought vitality and fun to the red-light district」

The Chest Hair Pheromone and the Job-hunting college girl are shocked as their faces lose their colors.

『God exists beyond the deeds of men and women who improve one another』

In the Eastern country that teaches this doctrine, contributing to the sexual deed of men and women is the same as fulfilling the will of God.
In other words, what they were trying to do was 『Condemning Dr. Slime who is on a far higher plane as evil and a heretic just because they couldn’t understand him』.

「What arrogance. What stupidity. I cannot forgive myself for that」

Chest Hair Pheromone clenched his fists and shuddered.

「What terrible things I’ve done——」

While choking on her voice, the Job-hunting college girl covered her face with her hands and turned her head away. Droplets of water and stifled sobs leaked from between her fingers.
Corneal, who had been looking at her with a calm expression, spoke to her in a gentle but firm tone.

「It’s okay. Dr. Slime will not blame you. I can guarantee it」

Those words seeped through to the two of them as if they were visible.

「Thank you very much. Thanks to you, I was able to clear my doubts and avoid taking the wrong path!」

After a brief pause, the Chest Hair Pheromone expresses his gratitude with a refreshed face. The Job-hunting college student next to him also bows her head repeatedly while shuffling.

「I’m glad I was of some help to both of you」

Corneal smiles warmly.
In the question and answer session just now, their perception of Dr.Slime has changed from an 『Evil Person』 to a 『Person who understands the will of God』. Through the two of them, this reputation will gradually spread throughout the Eastern country.
Corneal was satisfied that his evaluation of his friend had been corrected.
Meanwhile, the Noble Kid was seated at a distance, surrounded by a group of aunty nuns, while the other old man pilot was chatting with the monk next to him.

「Please excuse me」

Then an elderly monk came running in, looking flustered.
He seemed to be in a state of panic as he rushed into the room. He also seemed to be afraid to intervene in the conversation between the archbishop and the missionary, but he did not hesitate to do so.
Sensing this, the Archbishop’s expression tightened and he apologized to everyone as he left the venue.

(Did something happen?)

It’s not just Corneal, everyone was wondering the same thing. But no one said anything, and a delicate atmosphere filled the room.
Then, the elderly monk entered the room again and told Corneal that the Archbishop wanted to see him.




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