Chapter 29




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I walked on the path to Jayanne in high spirits. I’ve grown so much since I first came to the Royal Capital that I feel like I’m on an entirely different level of strength than before. I was able to confirm that when I spent time with Plain-chan.

(My body feels light.)

I attempted some practice while I walked.

(I’ll try tracing the lines as I imagine them.)

The surrounding people were creeped out by my actions, and started keeping their distance from me. However, I was in such a good mood that I didn’t notice.

「…What are you doing?」

Suddenly, a voice called out to me. When I looked in the direction of the voice, standing there was a shocked looking Explosive Onee-san. She was wearing her normal clothes. A dark one-piece dress, a cream colored cardigan, and a flax colored tote bag. She looked like an office lady on her way to work. A different sort of appearance than the cheerleader outfit she wears while at her job.

「…I thought I’d pick up my coat from a shop.」

I quickly stopped my hand-motions, and looked around frantically as I realized what I had been doing. People were avoiding me and occasionally glancing towards me as if they were looking at a crazy person. I spoke, blushing and embarrassed. I had brought my coat in for cleaning yesterday after it got covered in vomit. “Ah, I see.” said the onee-sama as she continued.

「Catching that villain yesterday, it seems like you’ve been pretty busy.」

「No, I just happened to notice that the symptoms were alike and notified the staff that they could be from the same source.」

That’s pretty much how it happened. I didn’t want to get involved in it any further. “Hmm” said the onee-sama, but it looked like she believed me.

「By the way, are you off work today?」

I changed the topic while admiring her clothing.

「No, I’m heading to the shop after this.」

”The shop, huh?” I said, suddenly becoming interested. It saw that she had several finely bound books inside her tote bag. I wonder if she reads them while sitting at the sidelines. “Ahh, this is…” she began explaining as she noticed my gaze.

「I’m coming back from school. I go straight to the shop on my way back.」

(…A student!? Well, she is right around the age of a female university student…But is it really okay to surprise me all of a sudden like that!?)

Seeing my surprised expression, she spoke somewhat unhappily.

「Oh it might not seem like it, but I’m a student at the Royal Magic Academy, you know?」

(Royal Magic Academy? Just from the name, it sounds like the most elite school for magic.)

I was astonished. It was just as surprising as when I met a graduate from Tokyo University for the first time at 28 years old. As someone who lived in the country, it was just as exciting seeing a celebrity appear on television.

「Here’s proof.」

She seemed to be satisfied with my shock, and pointed to her chest with a proud expression. There was a brooch designed with a green leaf and a white cane. It was probably a symbol of the school.

「If we stop here I’ll be late, so let’s walk together.」

Saying that, she took my hand and walked with me to the shop.

「Uh, is it okay to talk about you as a student of the Royal Magic Academy?」

I asked, as I didn’t want to pry into her personal life.

「What in particular?」

She returned my question as if it was strange to have asked it. She really didn’t understand what I was worried about. I just then realized that this was a different world. I had been thinking of this as if I was in Japan. I had translated it something like this:

『I just left my university lecture, and now I’m going to go work at a soapland.』

In Japan, that’s not something a girl would say in broad daylight while walking down the middle of the street. Moreover,

『Ehh, you don’t believe that I’m a university student? Here, this is proof. Hehe, are you surprised? I’m a student of the Royal Magic Academy after all.』

She even has pride for her school. An active student of Tokyo University is telling me that she’s going to work at a soapland right here in public. I can’t believe such a thing, but I guess it’s possible in this world. Looking back, the girls I’ve met at the brothels don’t seem to have any shame about their jobs. On the contrary, some girls like Instructor Light Cruiser are very prideful about it. In this world, working in a brothel isn’t something that you have to keep private. Rather, it may even be something that you can be boastful of. They’re young, beautiful, stylish, and able to fulfill the desires of people.

「Ahh, sorry, I must have been mistaken.」

I smiled and tried to dodge the situation. The question mark above her head was still there, but she didn’t say anything after that. After that, we continued to talk while we walked.

「Research materials and books all cost quite a lot of money.」

She said. To pay for those expenses on top of tuition, and to live comfortably, she works part time at Jayanne. It was just as I had thought. Working at a brothel is popular, and there are many girls who would like to work there yet can’t get hired. The pay must be good too. There’s also the status that comes with landing a job with such a low acceptance rate. It’s like being a female television announcer in Japan. To compare them, Jayanne and other first-class brothels of the capital are like Tokyo’s leading broadcast station, while the second-rate brothels are more like local broadcast stations, and go-go bars are quite below brothels.

「My working hours are short, so it’s no big deal. I earn enough for what I need.」

Now that I think of it, I haven’t really seen her on the sidelines that often. Particularly in the early hours after they open, I haven’t seen her. It must be because she’s also working as a student. Instructor Light Cruiser really is top class. She told me that she hadn’t been working as much do to poor health, but recently she’s been working enough to threaten the other girls.

「By the way, I’d like to change the subject.」

It was about the incident with the captured villain.

「You said that you didn’t have a big part in it, but the shop seems to think otherwise.」

I see. Well, I guess that makes sense considering the state the concierge was in.

「They want to thank you somehow.」

She smiled suggestively.

「Specifically, they’ll let you play with any girl in the store.」

Hmm. I’m not really short on money, so it doesn’t have much meaning to me. However, I can’t refuse someone’s feelings of gratitude.

「So, how about me? If that’s fine with you, we can stop the negotiations here.」

Wearing a dark one-piece dress, the onee-sama smiled as she faced me. I was enchanted by the sight. To be invited by such an attractive woman, hesitating or taking time to consider her request would be a dishonor.

「Of course!」

I tightened my loose expression, and gave her my reply.

「Then it’s decided. It won’t be like last time, so be prepared.」

Saying that, the onee-sama pressed her big soft elastic weapon into my upper arm. She seemed concerned about our draw from earlier. Then, I realized something important.

(This is the first time in my life that I’ve walked a sex-worker to work as her customer.)

Tauro’s life experience points increased by one.





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