Chapter 291 Part 2



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I was frowning inside the cockpit of the Old Lady that was standing on top of the turtle’s shell.

(I managed to broke a little)

Running through various parts of my body was severe pain as if I had hit my toes on the corner of a cupboard. The Knight’s body must have been injured by the two C-rank shots.

(It will be dangerous to fire a third shot as is. Let’s heal up first)

When I activated the D-rank cure injury magic, I could feel that it was being used up instead of accumulating inside the Old Lady.
I feel a sensation as if I’m hitting a wall when I’ve used it up. At the same time, the pain I was feeling in my body receded.

(It has healed the part that can be healed)

To be honest, it was scary that the spell to heal injuries worked even though it was a golem. However, it was nice to know that I could repair it even in the middle of battle, like now.
Normally, you would need to bring it to the repair magic docks in a workshop or hangar.
Here, my gaze turned to the world tree itself.

(Five, no, maybe six shots and we would be able to get through. But destroying the magic barrier isn’t the end.)

Our goal is to make the Spirit Cannon unable to fire. In order to do that, we need to do a lot of damage to the World Tree.
And I only had eight C-rank spells left. That’s not a very good number, considering how much food I bought for a one-day mission.

(But the date is already about to change)

The number of times I can use Akashic Magic, lent by the mysterious stone statue, resets after each day. It will instantly return to ten times.
This should be enough to do the job.

(And it looks like Zaratan also still has some leeway)

A turtle who submerged most of his body underwater with the Old Lady riding on his shell. I can’t feel any waves of 『Tiredness』, 『Pain』, or 『Depleting magic power』 from him.

(I’m sure it’ll work out. And as soon as we finish here, we’ll go home and return to our normal daily lives.)

I patted the shell with Old Lady’s hand. I readied my cane rifle. Then, in the distance, I saw a Knight with a different atmosphere from the other Knights that appeared until now.

(It’s fast. Is that the elves’ A-class Knight?)

When I look towards the World Tree, I can see the figure of a Knight approaching at an unusually high speed on the lake.
The silhouette, growing larger by the second, was dark and strangely had a prickly look.


It was midnight. The date had changed and the brothels in the red-light district of the royal capital were closing one after another.
This low-class brothel on a back street had just turned off its front light and locked its front door.

「Owner, there’s something I want to try but, can we talk about it for a bit?」

A woman’s voice came from the platform to the back of the slightly hunched old concierge.
With the keys still in his hand, the old man turned around and saw that the owner of the voice was a lady with her hair tied in a bun. She is followed by an office worker-like woman who looks like something you would see in a cell phone store and a girl with red hair in a braid.

「Is it about the toy?」

The three of them nodded. During a break today, the old concierge had asked them if they would be interested in representing the store at the upcoming joint event of the low-class brothels.
At the event, there would be a big attraction using the toy invented by the Revolutioner.

「I want to try it out before deciding whether to participate or not」

The two women beside the married lady with her hair tied up in a bun nodded in agreement. The old concierge retreated behind the counter and brought out a wooden box.
He placed the wand and a stick the size of a thumb on a table in the lobby and explained how to use it.

「He sure thought of some interesting things huh? As expected of the Revolutioner.」

The married lady is a little dumbfounded but impressed. Next to her, the woman who looks like an office lady that works in a cell phone store grabbed one of the vibrating thumb sticks and spoke with a blush on her face.

「Isn’t this like, bad? It’ll be rough if you get shot by the wand」

The youngest woman with red hair in a braid wielded one of the wands with a curious expression and shot a Light Arrow at the wall.

「Owner, why don’t we use the lobby and have a four-people match? Let’s decide who will be the participant based on the results.」

At the suggestion of the married lady who was in charge of organizing the event, the old concierge made a fearless smile from the corner of his mouth.

「You might doesn’t know it, but I’m the man they call 『The White Lion of the red-light district』, you know?」

The former commander of the knight order, 『The White Lion of the Kingdom』 was relieved of his duties and took his Knight with him to the Battle of Landbarn, where lost his life after he injured his allies.
However, he is still popular among the common people because his disgraceful behavior is kept secret from the masses.

「You’re missing the 『back streets』 of the red-light district. And that’s just something you said whenever you drink, isn’t it?」

The old concierge straightened his hunched back and puffed out his chest, while the married lady was frowning. The women beside her had the same expression on their faces.

「And you’re saying that just because the color of your hair is white, right? No one thinks it’s funny, so you should stop it.」

He pulled down his pants and underwear, exposing his crotch, and announced in a high-pitched voice, 『The White Lion has arrived!』. Apparently, he’s comparing his pubic hair to a lion’s mane.
This is his favorite thing to do when he is drunk.
The old concierge scratched his cheek with his finger with an embarrassed expression and diverted the conversation.

「…Well, let’s do it since we’re all here, shall we?」

They each grabbed a short staff wand and a thumbstick, and after finishing their preparations, they scattered to the four corners of the lobby. Here, the cellphone store office lady raised a question.

「Wait, what do the men do with these sticks?」

The old concierge lightly tapped the breast pocket of his shirt with the hand that was not holding the wand.

「I’m keeping it here for now. I haven’t heard how they will decide it in the event, though.」

What he said wasn’t a lie. Although the manual has the suggested rules, he just hasn’t read them because of his old eyes.
How to use the wand and how to enter and remove the thumbstick. He only heard it by ear from others.

「Well, that’s probably the case since the opponent is the customers」

The woman with red hair in a braid says while practicing swinging the wand. The cell phone store office lady looked unconvinced. But she didn’t say anything more.

「Alright, let’s start it, shall we? Ready? One, two, three! Take this!」

The mock battle began with a shout from the married lady. In that instant, Light Arrow flew from the four corners.


「Hii–!! As I thought, this is too rough」

The old man concierge presses the pocket of his chest on the first shot and the office lady sits on her inner thighs. The married lady with the pulled-back hair was distracted by that and fell in front of the red-haired braid on the second shot.
Looks like the lobby of the brothel with only three people on the platform is too small for this game.

「….Can I say something?」

The old concierge cleared his throat and asked for another round. It was over too quickly, so the three women agreed.
This time, the attack was focused on the red-haired braid.

「Wait, no! It’s too deep!」

「You’re the one who inserted it yourself, right?」

The four of them played through to the third round while making a lot of noise. In the end, they haven’t decided who to participate in the event and leave it for a later date.



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