Chapter 295 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

***Yuck content ahead. Reader discretion advised***

When the soldiers heard the news of their return to the camp, they were overjoyed and let out a huge cheer.
They regretted the fact that they had not been able to capture the Knights, but it can’t be helped on the battlefield. Carrying a Knight without a cart is dangerous, even with three horsemen.

「If that A-class was in a repairable condition, I would have dragged it home.」

The vice-captain said as he dismounted from the Knight and left him with the mechanic. He respected the captain and was making an effort to grow a beard, despite his not-so-thick constitution.
He would eventually like to have a Kaiser Mustache.

「There will be wickedness to the defeated after this, huh」

It wasn’t the vice-captain who said this. At the end of his impatient gaze were two female pilots.
Their necks and wrists were secured by wooden boards with three holes in them, large and small. The three are the only pilots in this group, so they have complete monopoly.

『A pilot can only receive wickedness to the defeated from fellow pilots.』

This is the reason why they are not sent to the soldiers.


The captain with Kaiser Mustache brings his own face close to the front of the face of an older, sexy woman. His nose twitched on the spot and he looked back once.
When he saw the vice-captain nodding, he opened his mouth.

「We both will handle the commander of the Lily Knights. You can do as you like to the C-class pilot」

The target of wickedness to the defeated is two people, but there are three people on their side. However, being the lowest of the three, he was allowed to monopolize one of them.

「Then, I will take up on your offer, thank you very much」

With a big smile on his face, the pilot pulled the noose from the girl’s wooden shackles. He then disappeared straight into his own bedroom.

「Now then, let’s find out right away」

They both also took her into their room, and Kaiser Mustache told her to strip off the commander’s skirt, along with her underwear, without saying a word. He wasn’t even concerned when he was looked at with a hateful gaze.

「….This bulge in her lower abdomen, and the smell of the exhaled breath. There’s no doubt about it.」

The vice-captain watched with an expression of mystery as Kaizer Mustache turned up her shirt and stroked the area below the navel with the palm of his hand.
After finishing the palpation, the captain let out a big sigh and said the result.

「She’s probably constipated. And it’s a severe one.」

The commander of the Lily Knights peered at him in astonishment. But she kept her mouth shut and didn’t reply.
Kaiser Mustache grabbed both of her sides from the front and began to rub them carefully.

「What are you doing!」

The female prisoner of war resists with a sharp voice as she twisted her body. However, her hands are restrained at the same level as her face, making it impossible to stop him.
Kaiser Mustache stayed silent as he continued to knead her sides with a serious expression.
The vice-captain, on the other hand, placed a roll of greaseproof paper about shoulder width apart on the floor and began to roll and stretch it.

「I wonder how long it will be. I’m really looking forward to it!」

The vice-captain’s eyes sparkle with anticipation.
He is a private disciple and friend. A friend of Gold who shares the same aspirations as the Gourmet of Gold.

「Are you sleeping, O Gold Dragon」

Kaiser Mustache presses his ear against her swollen belly and calls out in a soft, deep voice. Meanwhile, his ten well-trained fingers continue to rub her belly with great skill.

「If you hear my voice, I ask you to wake up. The time is already ripe.」

A man with a Kaiser Mustache was having a conversation with the contents of her own stomach. Surprise prevailed creepiness in the mind of the sexy female commander.
Because no matter how hard she tried, her savings, which had not even shown any sign of moving, were now writhing in her stomach.

「O noble dragon, who reigns at the end of the human food chain. Answer my summons and emerge from your long, deep cave.」

After emitting a low, growling roar, the dragon begins to poke its head out of the summoning magic circle in the center of the female commander’s butt.

「Come! O Golden Dragon!」

Kaiser Mustache shouted and lifted her from the front, making her open both knees wide.
The vice-captain rolls over and extends the scroll directly under the female commander, even though he has not given any instructions.

「Stoopp! Don’t look!」

The long golden body descended straight down, head first, toward the greaseproof paper on the floor. It was slow at first, but once the head was out, it came down faster.
While looking at it, the vice-captain pulled the oil paper with great care. If the dragon were curled up, it would destroy its beautiful form.

「It’s longer than expected! Be careful!」

In response to the captain’s words, the vice-captain, with sweat on his forehead, continued to pull the oil paper over its body. Thanks to his efforts, the Gold Dragon took its full form on the oil paper without damaging its long body.


The sickening stench and the steam surrounding it. The vice-captain, the golden friend, opened his nostrils wide, filling his lung with the scent and his eyes widened in admiration.
The Gourmet of Gold, the commander with Kaiser Mustache, also nodded deeply and opened his mouth.

「Something this long… It’s also the first time I’ve seen something like this」

The head is large and gradually becomes thinner toward the tail. Its appearance could be said as 『Dragon’s head with a snake tail』. The scaly pattern on the surface is a result of the accumulation of each meal.
「*TL Note: Written as “竜頭蛇尾”, apparently a proverb used to describe something that starts off impressively, but then disappoints.」

「Just how much time and effort is needed to create something like this?」

He asked the commander of Lily Knights, but she didn’t answer. Seeing this, the vice-captain makes a suggestion.

「Let’s ask the dragon’s scales. Unlike people, this one does not lie.」

He immediately agreed with his idea, and the two men kneeled down on the floor and counted the layers diligently. After counting back and forth twice, the captain sat up, tapped his own forehead, and opened his mouth in astonishment.

「Close to two hundred. So that’s three meals a day for sixty days, I think?」

It is almost the same as the gestation period of a dog or a cat. He wondered how could it be possible for it to live with such a long period of time in her slender body.

「It’s an undeniable fact, but honestly, I still can’t believe it」

The vice-captain sighed loudly and shook his head.
When they both turned their faces to the sexy commander, her eyes and mouth were open to the limit, and her face was pale. The two of them were able to read her mind.


Thinking of the time and patience that went into making this, the Gourmet of Gold’s heart was greatly shaken.

「The limits of a human are far deeper than I had thought」

Gold Friend blushed a little as he realized the foolishness of using himself as a standard to measure others.
They were speechless, and a moment of silence fell because they were overwhelmed by the tremendous history and background of the gem that appeared before them.
Here, the Gourmet of Gold returned from the sea of emotions, took a deep breath, and patted his friend on the shoulder.

「It would be a shame to let it get cold. Let’s eat it while it’s still warm.」

Seeing the two of them preparing knives and forks, the sexy commander guessed their intentions and let out a shriek. Gold Friend, who had anticipated this, immediately gagged her to keep her quiet.
In the meantime, Gourmet of Gold was cutting off the dragon’s head.

「This first lump is called the 『Dragon Head』. It is the largest and hardest part of the plug.」

As a gourmet, Kaiser Mustache is still superior to him. This is why he generously shares his knowledge with his best friend.

「It has been aged over time, and no matter how long the dragon is, only a few can be taken. It can be said that it is the most valuable part.」

Next, cut the dragon’s neck into a circle like a banana. Prick it with a fork and raise it to face height.

「It’s a part referred to as the Hard part. Go ahead and try it.」

His confidant also stabbed his fork into the black banana slice and brought it into his mouth. His mouth gurgled as he savored it, and he exhaled quietly through his nose.

「The texture is really chunky as if it is hard and sticks to the inside of your mouth. The bitterness is quite strong, and the smoky flavors that come through my nostrils are enough to make my eyes water. ….I have no better words to explain it.」

The Gourmet of Gold narrows his eyes at the sight of his friend in tears. He, too, takes a slice of the black banana in front of him and feeds it deep into his mouth.
Then, slowly, he moved his mouth to turn it.

「She uses the right temperature and humidity to slowly remove the water, and her aging room is really excellent. It concentrates the umami and creates a deep flavor.」

This time, he ran the knife down the middle and stuck the fork in again.

「Medium. It is not as rich as Hard, but it has a deep richness and aroma. The milky taste that melts and spreads in your mouth is probably due to the higher percentage of water than Hard.」

After carefully and repeatedly chewing on it, the disciple expressed his impressions in his own words. His impression seemed to get a perfect score from the master.

「If you’re already able to tell the difference, it seems I have nothing more to teach you.」

He speaks in a good mood and makes fun of his modest friend.

「Now let’s go to the soft one. The aroma intensifies and it becomes creamier. This is as far as we can go with a fork. From here, we’re going to need to use a spoon.」

The preparation is perfect. After tasting the Soft, the two of them immediately take his spoon to the brightly colored snake’s tail.
He scoops it up, making sure not to spill any, and when he puts it in his mouth, he groans loudly in a different tone.

「This is the part that hasn’t been matured, called Fresh, or Rare. It has a sweet and intense aroma similar to that of overripe fruit and a texture that melts like snow on the tongue because it contains a lot of foam. But for me, it’s not so good.」

His friend really likes the smoky flavor the most. That’s why he prefers the ones with a longer aging period.

「Don’t say that. This is where its journey began before turning into a dragon after sixty days. Don’t you think it’s amazing if you think about it that way.」

The two of them move their spoons again, soaking up their saliva and tasting the gold as it melts in their mouths.
While the sexy woman in the corner of the room trembles in fear, they enjoy each bite of conversation, shaking and laughing at the excitement they have shared.
The gourmets left the dragon’s head for later, but the rest of the meal was a feast for their mouths and stomachs.


The next day, however, a tragedy occurred. This camp was attacked by the Lily Knights.
The enemy was a group of blue Knights with lily emblems on their shoulders: two B-class Knights and two C-class Knights. But only the captain and vice-captain were present because the other Knight was escorting a supply convoy.
The reason why they didn’t notice the surprise attack may be because they were still too excited about yesterday’s event.


Aiming at the Knight that seemed to be the captain of Blue Lily, the vice-captain B-class Knight cleaved horizontally with his sword.
When he saw that the chest armor was blown off, he must have thought he had finished her off. His movement stopped there.

『Too shallow! Don’t let your guard down!』

Kaiser Mustache shouted through the external sound system, but it was slightly too late. With her face stained with blood, the captain of the Blue Lily swung her sword at the exposed cockpit.
The tip of the sword swung down from the top at the chest of the vice-captain’s Knight and crushed the cockpit along with its chest armor.

『Hang in there!』

The captain holds the collapsing vice-captain’s Knight. The Blue Lily squadron retreats, while keeping their figure in sight.
In this battle, the vice-captain and several soldiers lost their lives, and the captured commander of Lily Knights and C-class pilot were taken from them.
Here, his thoughts return to the present, to the private office of the Knight Commander in the middle of the night.

「Even though we had promised to have this as a main dish while drinking this when we go back to our country. Now that you weren’t here, how could I even take a bite.」

Next to the whiskey bottle is a small, unadorned glass bottle. Inside is a coal-like bun, the dragon head left behind by the commander of the Lily Knights.
It’s such a precious item for him. When he opened it, the smoky aroma that his friend liked would still be pouring out of the mouth of the bottle.

「There is something unpleasant about being alone. I never thought I’d be so lonely without someone to share my passion with.」

Gourmet of Gold spoke to the glass vial with a gentle but sad expression.
The pain of losing the only friend in his life is so great that it has not healed even after five years.

(No, that’s not true. Someday, you will surely find someone who understands you, captain. So, never give up on spreading the wonderfulness of gold!)

The corner of Gourmet of Gold’s mouth formed into a smile after hearing such hallucinations playing in his head.
Even after losing his life, his friend still encourages him. Then, I must live up to his expectations, he thought.

「Right. I guess I’ll save this for that day.」

If no such person appeared, let’s put it in his grave and enjoy it with him in the afterlife.
He emptied his glass and exhaled a breath filled with alcohol. Then he put his treasures away carefully at the bottom of the sideboard and went to bed.



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