Chapter 300 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

A joint event of low-class brothels. It is a survival game using toys produced and marketed by 『The Revolutioner』.

『A battle royale with attacks from the same sex disabled. And you will be out of the fight if you are hit three or four times.』

Those are the only rules. It is self-declared whether or not you have been hit, but the vibration that greatly increases with the fourth stage will not be something that one can hide.

「Dr. Slime-sama, this way, please.」

After the briefing, I, still wearing my golden mask, was led by the concierge to the second floor rooftop. I looked down at the plaza below with the concierge and other honorable guests.
Gathered in the center were more than 50 contestants, both male, and female. The spectators watching from the second-floor balcony were probably those who were not assigned to the special seats.

『Well then, let the game begin!』

Using loudspeaker magic, the Thief Beard old man announced from the rooftop. The participants then scatter to hide.

「As expected the quieter ones have a better chance of surviving huh.」

Standing and holding onto the railing, he talks to the red-faced old man next to him.
This middle-aged man with a red face from drinking is the concierge at the end-of-the-century brothel. He is a very experienced and knowledgeable man, as the survival game is the most popular game in his brothel.

「That’s right. It takes courage to shoot first. The usual strategy is to wait and see in the early stages so that your location will not be discovered.」

I listen to his explanation with great interest as he points out the visible cityscape.


The red-faced old man tilts his head and I move my eyes to the square in front of us. There, a light arrow was being shot straight up.
As the eyes on the rooftop and on the ground converge, a somewhat stern-looking girl in the knight order pilot uniform emerges from the shadows.

(It’s Ponytail!)

She walks out to the center of the square as is, but no one takes aim at her.

(Everyone’s on their guard.)

Even a commoner, the social status of a pilot of the knight order is higher than anyone else in the venue. And what supports their status is their fighting ability.
A 『Battle expert who looks full of openings』 is a dangerous threat to amateurs.
Incidentally, the guild master is of the same rank as the knight commander, but he is excluded because he hides his true identity behind a ski mask.

(What is she up to?)

Ponytail, with one hand on her hip, looks around with a fearless smile. She then raised her short wand high to the sky and fired again.
It was as if to let everyone know that she was right there.

「How flashy. It looks like she is trying to get the participants’ attention, but what kind of strategy is that?」

The red-faced old man is beaming at the unexpected event at the very beginning of the event. I, on the other hand, have a bit of a bad feeling.
After a flick of her trademark ponytail, my former classmate from pilot school lifts her chin and chest out and loudly declares.

「This active pilot of the Kingdom’s knight order will be your opponent. Come on! Don’t hide and come out!」

The red-faced old man’s eyes and mouth opened wide, probably because it was too shocking a turn of events for him.
Looking away from the old man beside me, I turned my eyes to the shadows where Ponytail had come out. There, her best friend, a girl with braided hair and super huge breasts, was holding her head and looking down.

(Could it be that she thinks she’s going to win somehow by 『Fighting them one by one, face-to-face, in a duel style』?)

Behaving like that, knowing how many there are lurking around the corner. It is not impossible.
Ponytail, who admires the way of 『True Pilot』 and prefers to behave in a fair and honest manner. She believes in her own righteousness and assumes that others do too.

(She sounds like an old, righteous samurai.)

The type who would likely say, 『Behold me standing here and listen intently, I am――*』.
「*TL Note: “やあやあ遠からん者は音にも聞け、近くば寄って目にも見よ。我こそは”, a Japanese proverb, there’s even a whole poem(?) for it.」

Ponytail, carrying the wand on her shoulder, confidently awaits the appearance of her opponent. Unfortunately, the battlefield is not as beautiful as she thinks it is.
Looking down from a high vantage point, I could see it. I see a group of men in the shadows, all raising their wands in unison.

「You coward!」

Before she could finish his words, several arrows of light pierced her from the front and flanks. Immediately after, the roar of Ponytail’s beastly roar echoed through the air.

(Rest in peace. Your bravery will not be forgotten.)

Ponytail lies on the cobblestones of the plaza, holding her lower abdomen and bouncing around like a fish stranded on land.
The thumbstick is probably rampaging around in her stomach right now. With the kinetic energy that made even a heavy wooden table move with a low growl.

「Make it stop! Help me! Please! Anyone!」

She repeatedly screams and makes a bridge like a shrimp. Her light blue underwear in her tight skirt is in full view, and you can see even her thighs are wet from here.
However, Busty-chan didn’t budge even when she saw her best friend like that.
It is ruthless, but it is natural. It was obvious that if she appeared, she would be under concentrated fire. There will only be one more bridge in the square.

「Agh! Kuh!」

Finally, Ponytail runs out of strength with her distorted mouth open. The staff from the management rushed to the scene and carried her out on a stretcher.
Her best friend, who was passing by, lying on her side, looked at her with worried eyes.

(It was straight to the maximum stage out of the blue, skipping the other three stages)

Running downhill at full speed without preparation. Or like jumping into a hot bath with a cold body.
The strain on her body is considerable.

(I know it will be difficult, but please support her.)

She would not want to be left alone. After all, the two of them are good friends.
But the next moment, I peeled my eyes from behind my golden mask. Behind her, I saw a small man wearing a black ski mask.

(Since when he’s–!?)

A blow from behind catches her by surprise. Immediately after the target turns around, shaking her cannonball-shaped super huge breasts, another blow is delivered. After dodging the counterattack by kicking the wall and leaping into the air, he spun around and fired another shot.
That three-dimensional maneuver was definitely Goblin Jii-chan like. It was exactly the same as when he finished off the female Titan in Bureikou.

「It’s a shame but looks like I don’t need to fire the fourth shot.」

The goblin leaves such words and disappears into the street like an antelope running through the mountains. He must have decided to retreat as the women in the surrounding began to fight back.
Busty-chan immediately raised her hands and declared defeat. She looked desperate as she had just seen the devastation of Ponytail.
A series of commotions sparked a fierce gunfight.

「Hm? Aren’t there too many people retreating after getting hit twice?」

I tell the red-faced old man as we watch.
We are now on the roof of a house a few houses away from the store. We have moved as the battlefield has shifted.
A wooden bridge has been built to connect the rooftops of the buildings with flat roofs.

「Her figure as a member of the knight order. It had an impact, you know.」

The red-faced old man said regretfully.

『I don’t want to take the fourth shot, so I’ll just give up after the second shot.』

Giving up early is not against the rules, apparently. I understand the feeling very much.

「Well, this is just another issue to be addressed in the future. Considering handicapping and such, there is surely a way to make a difference.」

The red-faced old man put his hand on his chin and thought in his mind. He seems to be thinking about his store.
Young women and older men with big bellies. Playing under the same conditions would not be enjoyable for the men on the customer’s side.
It would be possible to make it more enjoyable by adjusting the rule so that the women’s side is eliminated with two shots while the men’s side is eliminated with five shots.

(Still, to think that he can come up with something like this. Just what kind of person is 『The Revolutioner』 I wonder?)

Maybe there’s a chance that I can meet him. I had hoped so, but unfortunately, there was no one who looked like that on the rooftop. However, he was the main sponsor of the event, so I guess I must have seen him at some point.
There are some places that don’t suit me, like a no-pants store with a glass ceiling. Still, his ideas certainly add some color to the royal capital’s red-light district.

(I think he’s much better suited as the 『Treasure of the red-light district』 than I am.)

I would be happy to hand over this nickname to him, and I sincerely hope he will accept it.
After that, I continued to move around on the roof, guided by the red-faced old man.



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