Chapter 303 Part 1



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After delivering the potions at the merchants guild, I had a light lunch at a food stall in the central square. Then, I head for the red-light district with its many brothels, which open at noon.
It is a completely normal day.

(Let’s go to a middle-class brothel)

The other day I attended a joint event of low-class brothels, so today I decided to change it up and go one class above.
Incidentally, the order in the red-light district is the top three families, the high class, the middle class, the low class, and then down to the go-go bar. 『Middle-class』 may not sound like a big deal, but for the common people, it is almost the upper limit of the scale.

(The social status of brothels in this world is high after all.)

Playing at brothels is considered a luxury activity for ladies and gentlemen, and also a social gathering place.
People who work there are expected to have not only good looks but also substance. And because they are talented people, they are respected and earn a high income.

(As expected magic played a big role huh)

It is easy to provide perfect contraception, and there are no diseases related to flowers and willow trees.
It is natural that those with money and power sought a 『Pleasure that directly reaches the mind and body』.

(Ah, here we are)

While I was thinking about this, I arrived at the store I wanted to visit. I’m a daily brothel visitor, but the stores change as they rise and fall, so there are still a few places that are new to me.
I head to the front row of the lobby and stare at the platform. I decided to pick a high school girl with a bob cut and a bright smile.

(Hmmm, this high internal pressure… As expected of a girl in her puberty.)

I thought when I saw her in her underwear in the playroom.
It’s not like she’s fat, but her body looks like it’s about to be bursting at the seams. I strongly feel that she is in the middle of her growth spurt.
As I stare at her, she pushes me down with a mischievous smile.


I was surprised when she took my waist bath towel and buried her face in my crotch.
I hadn’t showered yet. And it’s already summer. I don’t think my body is dirty, but it’s certain that I’m dripping in sweat.
And despite that, she suddenly attacks with her mouth, which is fresh but feels kind of impatient.

(She’s not bad.)

The eyes look up at me as if saying 『How is it? It feels good, right?』. The oral attack before having a shower must also be to gain a mental advantage by catching me by surprise.
A service that’s given after thinking hard to please her partner and practice to a level where it’s acceptable to be served to the customer. And this was done by a beautiful girl who may or may not be the only one in her class.

(As expected of a middle-class brothel. Not only good in her looks, but also in mind, body, and spirit, otherwise, she would not be able to sit on the platform.)

As mentioned by fellow brothel visitors chatting in the lobby, there seems to be a high wall between the middle and lower classes.
After realizing this firsthand, I started to fight back. We switched positions, sometimes on top, sometimes on bottom, both sweating from playing.
After a moderate workout and a lot of sweating, a bath and shower refreshed me. Even after I left the store and walked out into the summer sunlight, my body and mind remained refreshed.

(I’m hungry so I guess I’ll take a break for now.)

I went into a nearby fancy-looking coffee shop and ordered a cup of coffee and something sweet. In the air-conditioned room, I watch the street full of people coming and going.

(It’s been over a year since I was transported to this world huh.)

Even now, I still feel like I was just a tourist. If possible, I would like to stay like this forever.
After thoroughly feeling the happiness I got so far, I got up from my seat and headed for my main goal of the day, Jayanne, where Light Cruiser-sensei was waiting for me.

(I’ve had a shower and perfectly warmed up.)

She has always been special to me. She is a respected opponent who I could fight with all my might.
Arriving at the white marble building in a prime location along the main street, I passed through the heavy polished oak doors with an exciting anticipation of the battle.

「I have been waiting for you.」

In front of the platform at the back of the lobby. Many customers are looking for a partner. However, the person who greeted me there was not Light Cruiser-sensei, but Cool-san.
Although rarely seen, she is also one of Jayanne’s sidelines. It isn’t strange to see her there, but I can’t think of what she wants.
The woman I put my reservation for stood behind her, looking at me with an apologetic expression.

「Actually, there’s something that I would like to discuss with you.」

Cool-san said, and we moved to a seat in the lobby, as I didn’t want to stand while talking.
She then continued to talk about pilot school. She told me that both of them had recently started attending school. After I finished listening, I folded my arms and opened my mouth.

「You hit a wall when you were piloting a Golem. So you wanted me, your senior in piloting golems, to teach you both, is it?」

The two women who meekly shook their heads vertically were rivals in the women’s flower arrangement club until a few years ago.

『Sitting in a simulation cockpit set up on the floor, a one-meter-tall miniature Knight is made to walk by remote control.』

Things were going well up to that point, but they literally tripped up during the battle phase. When they wielded their swords, they would lose their balance and fall over.
Clearly, they lacked precision in their movements. Since control is a shared sensory experience, they may not have been able to synchronize properly.

(Still, it’s only been a few days and they’ve already gotten that far huh)

Looks like they do have the aptitude after all. My theory that there is a connection between 『Operating Knights』 and the 『Skills on bed』 seems to have been proven once again.
I’m sure these two excellent women will soon overcome it once I tell them to 『Operate it with the feeling when they’re in a play』. This is largely a matter of whether they realize this or not.

(But wait. Isn’t this a once in a thousand chance?)

I stopped right just as I was about to speak and then continued after changing what I was about to say.

「It’s a feeling thing, so it’s difficult to explain in words. If you’d like to, we can include it in our next play, and I’ll be happy to instruct you both there.」

I already booked a reservation on Light Cruiser-sensei. If I could get Cool-san to join us, I would be able to play with Jayanne’s two great leaders at the same time, which is a dream come true.
Cool-san is especially valuable. Because she basically won’t take any customers unless they’re a virgin.

(Now then how would they reply?)

I waited for their answers with glazed eyes, as they looked at each other and conversed with their eyes. The one who answered was Light Cruiser-sensei.

「Even though we’re the ones asking a favor, is it really alright to receive money as well?」

Her shoulders slumped as she looked at me with an upward glance. I managed to hold my ground against its destructive power and nodded strongly as I continued.

「Of course. Since in return, I’ll get a chance to enjoy playing with you both」

Light Instructor blushes and looks down, while Cool-san expression doesn’t change as usual. As I made a guts pose in my heart and pushed them toward the ceiling, I noticed a figure walking toward me from the back of the room.
It was the short-haired onee-sama with a vicious body line like a wasp. She was probably on her way to the sideline seats after her break.


She was a little bit surprised when she saw my face, then looked around at the Light Cruiser-sensei and Cool-san, and then made a quizzical face.
Cool-san then narrowed her eyes and said to her.

「We will be fighting against Dr. Slime after this but… do you want to join us?」



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