Chapter 304 Part 2

(This is bad…)

Eight Basic Strokes is a technique that traces the surface of the body, so the difference in muscular strength is irrelevant.
Although I can use it too, Cool-san has an overwhelming advantage over me because she can close the distance without fear.


We both unleash attacks with our hands and repel each other, but are forced to retreat each time I step in to attack. Even when I tried to escape to the side, arms extended to the left and right prevented me from doing so.
Soon I am backed into the corner of the bed, and with a swift foot strike, I am thrown back onto the sheets.

「Thanks for the meal」

Cool-san squatted on top of me as I fell on my back and made a praying gesture with her hands. Then she eats me with her lower mouth.
She must have been convinced of her victory, and the smile on her face is like that of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara.

(There’s no choice but to use that)

However, I still have a technique left that I have not tried yet, which can only be used in this situation.

(*TL Note: Kanji “永”(Ei).)

Just before Cool-san began to rotate, I shouted and moved my hips into the character 『永』. I write the kanji character using my manly brush.

「Ei! Ei!」

If she begins to spin, the character will be disordered and it will lose its effect. While observing Cool-san’s inner situation with my magic eyes, I desperately trace the streaks of light and shake my hips as if I were writing in a kanji exercise book.

(She hasn’t started spinning yet. She’s still not moving yet. This must be because it’s working.)

Believing that to be the case, I continued to write.
I wonder how many of Ei’s characters I filled up Cool-san’s learning book already.


Cool-san holds her mouth with both hands and stifles her voice. She was definitely about to do the 『Doom Squad』 shout.
She didn’t want to expose her true identity in front of her colleagues. This thought was the only thing that helped her endure.

(But this is her limit huh.)

She was able to hold back her voice, but not her body. Cool-san’s body relaxed and she collapsed onto my chest.
I was certain that I had won the battle because my brush was being squeezed and strongly sucked by her.

(That was dangerous.)

I was cornered by the Eight Basic Strokes but managed to get out of it with the same technique.
The time possible to counterattack is very limited, which is only the moment she swallowed me and before she started spinning. There is only enough time for a bus stopped at an empty stop to open and close its doors in a cursory manner.


It must have been because I had loosened up. I unintentionally shot it all inside.
It must have been a lot of loads, but it was swallowed down without overflowing. The sensation of being sucked as it comes out is also very pleasant.

(What a heavenly feeling)

It seemed to be the same for Cool-san, who lifted her face from beside my ear and took my lips with slightly moist eyes.

(A kiss from Cool-san huh? It’s certainly a priceless experience.)

As expected of a first class. The gap between her usual expressionless face and her face sweetly desiring me is wonderful.

(Haa— that was great.)

I stretch my arms and legs out on the bed, look up at the ceiling and exhale while listening to Cool-san’s breathing, who has broken the connection with me by rolling onto the side.
But I shouldn’t feel satisfied with this. There is still one more person left, Explosive onee-san.


While still laying down on the bed, our eyes meet just as I turn my face to the side. But for some reason, her face is completely blue.

(Is she feeling sick?)

I need her to be in perfect condition or I will be troubled. Since it doesn’t look serious, it should be possible to treat her with D-rank or lower recovery magic.
As long as it’s not C-rank or higher, it won’t emit light and I don’t need to chant any spells, so she won’t realize it.
With that in mind, I raise myself up and try to get closer to Explosive onee-san while extending my arm.


But I can’t stand up. It seems that the damage that was done to my back was greater than I thought. So I have no choice but to go to her by crawling on all fours.
However, it seems that this appearance doesn’t look good.


Explosive onee-san who dresses like a combination between a cheerleader and a race queen, gulped and raised her voice.
She backs away toward the headboard of the bed in a butt-chested position.

(This is a nice view)

The frightened expression on Explosive onee-san’s face and the triangle-shaped black underwear visible through her mini-skirt. It physically arouses my feelings even though I just finished.

(If it’s like this, I don’t need any breaks. Let’s just start the battle against the general right away.)

I continue to crawl forward on all fours while pointing my fangs between my legs at Explosive onee-san who’s also crawling backward at the same speed. Eventually, two pillows in front of the headboard hit her back and she realizes that she has hit a dead end.
She tried to run to the side this time, but her colleague’s shoulders stopped her from doing so.

「It’s the job you took yourself, is it not?」

A first-class worker with a gentle tone, but with a sternness in her tone of voice. She turned to that voice first and found Light Cruiser-sensei sitting beside her.
Then Explosive onee-san moves in the opposite direction, but there, too, is a female figure also sitting upright.
Cool-san, who has just recovered, tells her in a nonchalant manner without making eye contact with her.

「We’ve done everything we can do. Now we leave the rest to you.」

After turning her head to the left and right, Explosive onee-san looks at me with tears in her eyes. The women on both sides put their arms under the general’s knees and opened her legs with force.

「Now then Tauro-sama. It looks like she’s ready to go, so go on and enjoy yourself.」

Light Cruiser-sensei said politely as she slid her hand into Explosive onee-san’s underwear and opened it with her fingers.
Just to be sure, I place my hand on Explosive onee-san’s shoulders and give her three F-rank recovery magic, cure injury, cure status abnormality, and cure disease. I felt a penetrating sensation from all of them, so there seems to be no problem.
She must have been shocked to see the big names were defeated one after another earlier. She does not seem to have recovered yet.

「Well then, here I go.」

Taking the kindness of Light Cruiser-sensei, I placed myself at the entrance. Explosive onee-san is shaking her head from side to side as if begging for mercy, but since we have come all this way, I’ve no choice but to make her give up.

(Alright, looking at the compatibility, it has to be that technique.)

Looking at her white throat, I shout the name of the best technique in my mind.

(Astral Sword!)

Astral Sword is a technique in which the gentleman between my legs is cloaked in aura, making it possible to change its length, thickness, and shape, albeit only by stimulation. Because of the sensory feedback, it feels good even if it is not directly touching the insides.

(Commencing search for the enemy.)

The characteristic of Explosive onee-san is that the location of her weak spot changes at random.
Thanks to my magic eye, I can find the spot, but it is difficult to poke it before it disappears. That’s when I thought of the effective use of the Astral Sword.

(Adjusting length and curve with aura.)

While making corrections toward the point of light that I had grasped with my magic eye, I slammed my hips down. But even after doing this, the target is not hit as aimed, but this is covered by the number of times I try.

「No way!」

Her weak point was crushed, and Explosive onee-san exploded. It was as if a needle had been thrust into a water balloon.
The reason for the disbelief in her words is probably because it is the fastest time she has ever climaxed.

(The cause is probably her fear.)

The lower the morale, the faster it crumbles.
Shortly after, Explosive onee-san clings to me with both hands and feet and incidentally, she also covers my mouth and starts sucking me from above and below with great intensity.

(Ohh it’s here! This hold!)

This reward is what makes people addicted to this human-shaped gambling machine.

(Wow, it’s really hot deep inside. The suction is strong, and it might be bad if I let it out now.)

Perhaps fueled by the situation where she was invaded while her colleagues held her down, her reaction was stronger than usual.
I tried to endure, but failed, and reached the point where I followed suit.

(Ohh wow. She’s sucking the life out of me.)

Not only the portion for this round but also the reserves from the back are sucked out with force. Although the sensation is pleasant, it also makes me feel scared.
I don’t think this will reduce my lifespan, but it surely drained my strength and exhausted me.

「I had planned to attack with everyone together in the end, but it was impossible in the end.」

This is what Light Cruiser-sensei told me after I had rested until just before the end of the time limit. She and Cool-san aside, it’s impossible for Explosive onee-san.
Thus the end of today’s work.

「By the way, do you feel like you can operate the Knight better now?」

As for the consultation which is our main goal today, not only Light Cruiser-sensei, but Cool-san also nodded and bowed their heads.

「Knight operation and skills in bed, right? Certainly, I do feel there was a sense of similarity, come to think of it.」

Light Cruiser-sensei said, followed by Cool-san.

「Identify and guide the customer’s needs. If we see the Knight as the customer, you’ll feel more in tune with it than ever before. 」

It’s mainly a physical language, but I’m glad to see that the information was conveyed successfully. Moreover, the reward for my advice was a special feast, which I am afraid I received too much of.
We ended up involving Explosive onee-sama too, but it was also something she decided and it felt great, so I guess it’s fine.

(Such happiness)

I exhaled heavily as I looked at Explosive onee-san who still had a dazed look in her eyes.


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