Chapter 307 Part 2

Behind the smoke, deep in the trees in the forest. There was an unknown Knight holding a rifle.


It is a different figure from the spiky Knight, which is considered to be the elves’ A-class Knight. In that it does not assert a strong distinctiveness, it is similar to the elven B-class Knights.
However, the texture of this blue and silver Knight is clearly different. It was plain but had a sense of luxury that could not be described with words.

(A sniper who can take down an A-class Knight with a single blow. Is that guy the Ghost Knight?)

After taking down Landbarn, the Imperial Army advanced further to the east, aiming for Awoke. It was led by a marquis of the Empire, but two Light Arrows took down two A-class Knights.
This attack, which struck a fatal blow by piercing the chest of the Knights, was very similar to that of the Ghost Knight that had been reported.


With some doubts, he went to face the shooter.

(Why does this guy keep shooting at the same position? Wouldn’t it reveal his location?)

That’s why despite having prepared to lose his life, he was able to easily find the enemy without too much danger.
Even so, a single blow would have been devastating enough to destroy even an A-class Knight. It is this old man’s evasive ability and gallantry that made it only at this level.

(He has a great ability, but as a fighter, he’s still inexperienced.)

He’s already at a distance where he can slash the enemy with another step. The distance of the old warrior who is a skilled martial artist. It can be said that the fight is already decided.
However, the opponent did not notice it, instead staring at the elegant western-style shield held by the Samurai Knight and spoke through the external sound system.

『……T-That shield… that is our—』

The old warrior, with one eyebrow bent wide, lowered his Knight’s posture and instantly leaped to the enemy’s Knight. The opponent tries to point his rifle at him, but he doesn’t make it in time.

『This shield isn’t yours. It’s His Majesty’s.』

As soon as he is done speaking, the Samurai Knight thrusts the sharp, single-edged sword deeply into the enemy’s chest armor.


He furrowed his brow because he felt a sense of discomfort. The peculiar vibration that happens to a Knight when he kills the pilot. He could not feel it through the sword.
However, he realized that he had no time to think about the situation. The fire that had spread through the forest continued to spread, and the smoke was making it very difficult to see.
The fire on the lower branches of the World Tree had not yet been extinguished. If this continues, the fire will eventually spread to the rest of the forest.

(It will be dangerous to stay here any longer.)

A huge tree with a height of 1,000 meters and foliage of 4,000 meters. There is no telling how much damage the branches that will rain down while it was burning down will cause.
Giving up on retrieving the enemy Knight, the Samurai Knight decided to retreat. If the old warrior had known what kind of being the pilot was, he would not have held back.
He would have handled the matter thoroughly and sent a search to see if there were any others. Even if it was in the forest where the fire was still going around.

(For now, I guess this is the end.)

On this day, the elven village fell.
There were no prisoners of war. The Empire side refused to negotiate at all, and they trampled and burned them regardless of age, sex, or position.
But this naturally provoked strong resistance. Even the victors, the Empire, had lost about 30% of their forces.


At the same time. This is the playroom of a brothel in the red-light district of the Empire Capital.
A hairy old man, who looks like a manual laborer, grabs a woman’s ass on all fours with both hands and slams his hips against hers with all his might.
The monotonous, mechanical back-and-forth motion, the tongue hanging out of the wide-open mouth, and the unfocused eyes. It is difficult to tell because the lighting in the room is low, but it is clearly not normal.


The woman suddenly let out a voice as her body shook. The next time she tried to escape by wiggling her butt, was because she was in pain because the man wouldn’t stop.
But the man didn’t allow it. The woman who collapsed due to being unable to bear it anymore kept being pounded by the man in a push-up position.

(Here, the standard theory should be to give the woman a long kiss and let her rest.)

Then, matching the woman’s second time, the man’s side also let out as well. It’s really a beautiful play.
She thought, as she clutched the sheets and bit her lower lip, but that was a horrible thing to say. Because it was her own magic that put the man in this state.

(This is one thing that I can’t do anything about.)

Some people might mistake her for 『Elder Lich』, and she is so old that simply dimming the light was not enough to disguise her age.

『Survivor of the elven royalty that has been living among humans.』

That was her true identity. She fled the Northern City before the hail of Fire Arrows hit the city and hid herself here in the Empire capital.


Her face contorted even more as a hot rush of heat shot up into her belly. A loud moan came from behind her, and the man who released his contents fell back onto the bed.
Instantly repositioning herself, Elda begins to pedal her legs in the air. She continued to kick the air with her toes pointed toward the ceiling, despite the hairy old man who began to snore.

(Not bad. This could extend my lifespan a little bit.)

She felt the life force of the man she received seep through her entire body, then she put her feet down and exhaled heavily. Next, she ponders the cause of her finishing ahead before the man.

(Did he poke at one of my weak points at some point?)

She searched inside her head, but the answer she came up with was 『No』. Since she has been doing this job for hundreds of years, there’s no way she would make a mistake.

(I can’t believe I screwed up controlling my body. Good grief, I must be getting old.)

After sighing for a second time, she shook her head and raised herself up to go to the fallen old man. She then placed her hand over his face and murmured an incantation, and his snoring turned into peaceful sleeping breaths.
Nodding in satisfaction, she wipes away the sweat and other debris with a wet towel.

(This should do it.)

The old man woke up near the end of the playing time. It was after Elda had perfectly applied her makeup and put on her clothes.

[It’s just a little, but, here you go.]

The hairy old man was apparently more satisfied than he thought he would be beforehand. Despite what he said, he gave Elda a bigger tip with a big smile on his face.
Incidentally, she doesn’t use brainwashing magic in the Empire Capital. She just uses a diluted version of the magic used to prevent insomnia.
The old man was strangely refreshed, probably because his desire for sleep, as well as sex, was satisfied.

[Thank you very much. I’m so glad you liked it.]

Elda receives it with an elegant smile and genuine gratitude. Although she has plenty of savings, the extra income still warms her heart.

(That’s right. Let’s go to the market on the way back and buy a small snake.)

In her mind, she remembered the black snake waiting for her at home. This spirit beast that has a little appetite is a snake eater and must be fed raw from time to time.
Today too, Elda is working hard in a foreign land to survive and to feed her familiar.


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