Chapter 31




             Translator: “Karaage”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

My name is Vince.
A magician and E rank adventurer.
E Rank is counted as a middle class among adventurers.
And among them, I am blessed with a good party and income.
And there’s a girl that I am spending my income on recently.
She’s a lovely twin-tailed girl working in the Royal Capital brothel Jayanne.
Although she is slender, her breasts are large, she has a serious look but a tiny sense of shyness can be felt. There is an atmosphere of a student council president.
I was taught her name, but I will be calling her 「Twintails」here.

Why am I spending my income on Twintails?
It is because I was taught the beauty of a woman and was given the confidence of a man from her.
I was not a virgin.
As an adventurer, I often went to a brothel after receiving my reward when completing the job.
However, for me, I didn’t feel much fun when going to a brothel.
And the reason was me personally.

Mine was neither long nor thick.
And it seems to be delicate.
So, even when I was to go to the brothel with my party, most of the time I spent in the room was chatting with the girl before going back.
Hearing my party members talking about how they knocked down or how great they felt, was a topic that was out of reach for me.
For me who felt no attraction for brothels, meeting her was all but a coincidence.
On that day, the job that was completed was a high rewarding job and that warmed my wallet.
Since it was a rare occasion, everyone wanted to go to a higher class brothel and choose Jayanne.
I sent a sidelong glance to my party members who were worked up in the lobby, I looked towards the platform.
Honestly, anyone was fine.
Since it’s going to end soon, I and my partner would just spend most of our time chatting.
I’m just here to accompany my friends, but I should stop going to brothels. It’s just a waste of money, and I could just take care of my own sexual urges.
I picked Twintails for the reason that she looked similar to the student council president that I was interested in when I was a student.

In the room, from the start, Twintails was different from all the other girls.
There was suddenly a reaction when I gently touched her upper arm from the sleeveless dress.
I was surprised. I stroke the underside of her arm and went straight onto her chest.
She continues to show reaction.
Until now, this has never happened.
I was excited and continue touching.
Ignoring Twintails fragile resistance and continued touching.
I was surprised by my actions.
I have never been so aggressive on a woman. I would have stopped even when there was just a little resistance.
But now I kept touching forcibly, even though Twintails was weakly resisting.
Trying to escape from my hands, Twintails got on all fours.
I moved to her back, and hugged her from behind.
Shaking her ass trying to shake me away, I latched onto her and continued fondling.
Soon, Twintails collapses in a mess.
With her eyebrows drop and moist puppy dog eyes, a small word which was both audible and inaudible was uttered.
…I was invited.
I became abruptly stimulated.
I have never been this stimulated from a woman until now.
But at the same time, a great anxiety raised to my head.
It was about my weapon.
I exposed my weapon in front of her eyes.
She who saw my weapon was neither disappointed or contempt, but was pouring a hot gaze full of anticipation onto my weapon.

(It’s alright)

I thought so without knowing why I did.
And as an adventurer, I dive solo into the dungeon named 「Twintails’ Cave」.

It was amazing!
I never knew that a woman felt so amazing.
It was normal that my party members go crazy about this wonderful presence. No rather it’s crazy not to know about this. Like me from before.
This cave was a limestone cave.
The cave is narrow and has a high humidity. There were stalactites everywhere, and water was constantly falling.
And a slime was wandering around.
I wield my wand to defeat the slime.
For me who was soloing, slime was a tough enemy.
It entangled me many times, gently tightening trying to melt me down.
Each time I somehow manage to shake it off and defeat it with my wand.
But every time you defeat the slime, a large amount of slime would overflow from the back of the cave.
And when you kill one of it, another lot of slime would come from the back.
Because of the large amount of slime overflowing endlessly, from the floor to ceiling, my surrounding was thickly covered in slime.
And the countless number of slimes suddenly fused to form a giant slime.
The size was enough to fill the whole cave.

(So this is the dungeon boss.)

I realized not knowing why I knew.
I resolute myself, and challenged the boss.
It was a strong enemy.
The giant slime was oppressing me.
I’m losing to the mass and elasticity.
Pinching, squeezing, wrapping and melting me.
Honestly, I was already close to melting. But just a little longer. For some reason, I felt that way.
At this point, I have already lost myself.
I wield my wand crazily, casting meaningless spells.

The time has come.
Just before my limit, with all my power, I pushed my wand into the slime.
Releasing all the power I had through the wand into the slime.
The giant slime that receives it expanded and shook intermittently.
The trembling interval gradually narrowed, and finally became a continuous large vibration, shaking the whole cave.
The giant slime lost its shape as it could not withstand the continuous large vibration, turning into a large amount of mucus.
The slime which covered the entire cave turned into mucus.
The mucus, like a soft muddy stream swallowed and washed me away.
I was convinced at that time.
I have defeated the dungeon boss. I have cleared the dungeon with my strength alone.
Up till now, I have never felt such a sense of accomplishment.
I have never been so confident.
And I have never felt so good.

And I have become totally absorbed.
Because of that dungeon, that adventure.
For the sake of looking for Twintails, I put more effort into my jobs.
And every time I complete my job, I went to Jayanne as a reward for myself.

「It seems the number of customers has increased again.」

The concierge says to Twintails with a smile.
Twintails shows a slightly complicated expression.

「Since 『Paradise』, your sensitivity has continued to increase, so you’re not able to serve the customers you have been serving in the past.」

「Stop! Don’t say that word! 」

Twintails closes her ears and shakes her head left and right.

After receiving treatment from Tauro and seeing 「Paradise」, Twintails sensitivity has not reduced, and would be immediately knocked down.
Many customers were pleased with it, but if this continues, Twintails’ body won’t be able to hold out.
Therefore, the concierge and instructor cooperate and identify customers that can be handled by Twintails, and guide them to choose her.
The customer base was much larger than what the concierge expected.
Twintails, whose presence was known to those customers, became one of the most sought after in the store.

「For me to not realize that this was so much in demand.」

The concierge reflected deeply and continues regretfully.

「It means until now, they haven’t truly enjoyed it.」

After receiving Twintails’ service, they shined with a sense of fulfillment and happiness.
Some of them had come to the store before.
However, the concierge had never seen them leave with such a satisfied expression.

(Bringing happiness to the world with the help of women, I thought I was working towards that goal. Now I know how inexperienced I really am.)

From the matter this time, the concierge determined to further improve himself from now on.
By the way, the reason Twintails was covering her ears and shaking her head was because she heard the word 「Paradise」, just by recalling that time, it was as if she was having a relapse of it again.





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