Chapter 311 Part 2

Here, the perspective shifts from the Revolutioner to Tauro.
I quickly left the store and walked shoulder-to-shoulder with my best friend, Corneal.

「I’m sorry that even though it’s the first 『Adult Gourmet Club’s』 activity in a long while, we went to a rather mediocre store」

We had not been able to see each other since the conflict between the Empire and the Elves became more serious.
He hadn’t had a day off in a while, and I had chosen the store with great enthusiasm, but the results were not good.

「Getting a miss is part of the fun too in my opinion. Plus, I got to talk to the owner of a brothel, which was a great experience.」

I agree with him on that. If that skinny, tired-looking old man’s store becomes reality, I would have to go there at any cost.

(From the time it first opens, until it becomes known. That’s the problem.)

Advertising costs money, but if you half-ass it, no matter how good your product is, it will not catch people’s attention. This is a barrier that a private business owner without capital power will run into.
What I proposed is one of the ideal forms of advertising, and I would like to support it as much as I can.

(I was also famous as Dr. Slime in the red-light district. If I were to visit the brothels and whisper it to the gentlemen in the lobby, it should have some effect.)

I always feel troubled because people are overselling my name, so I should at least take advantage of this situation.
While I was thinking about it, we arrived at the next store. This is a middle-class brothel that is reviewed in a magazine as a 『Store of Champions』.
The champion is, of course, a woman, and it is said that there is a princess whose specialty is 『Accepting any challenge from anyone』. And of course, I had already made a reservation for the day.

「Not bad, you bastard. You’re worthy of being my opponent.」

As we stepped into the playroom, a voice echoed through the room. There I see a young woman in a black bikini standing on a king-size bed with her arms folded.
She is the champion and the one who will become Corneal’s opponent. The reason why she’s the only one in the room is because it’s a 『Two against one, lose and you’re out』 play.

(This type of girl is good too)

She has long hair and a fearless, well-defined face. Her relatively big body has a hint of muscles surfacing, which can be described as the beauty of a warrior.
Her opponent, Corneal, quickly strips off his clothes and poses to show off his prized muscles to his opponent.

「Good luck, Corneal-san!」

And me, the extra, sitting on the edge of the bed, cheering for him.

「I will definitely win and expose her vital parts in front of you Tauro-san!」

“And besides”, he said, as he turned around while smiling, exposing his sparkling white teeth.

「I will show you my new technique. Please use it as a reference.」

It seems he remembered that I once said, 『I want a finishing move.』. I’m just grateful that he said that if I like it, I can make it mine.

「Now then, shall we go, O champion? Have you gotten wet enough?」

Corneal told the fearless-looking long-haired beauty and charged forward with his shoulders forward. The champion responded with a shoulder tackle as well, and the sound of their muscles clashing echoes through the room.
The two take a few steps back, look at each other, and with a smile on the corner of their mouths, they leaped at each other again.

(She’s good. She has a smaller frame than Corneal, but she can fight evenly with him.)

I would look for ears and a tail, thinking that she might actually be a werewolf. But I can’t find any, so she must be a regular human.

(He beat her down huh.)

But still, the difference in mass is obvious. The champion, lying on her back on the bed, and the pervy macho leaped at her in an attempt to penetrate her body.
The beautiful woman, on the other hand, flipped her long, straight hair and held her own limbs in a prone position. This is General Dangoro’s signature defensive posture.

(But that alone won’t stop Corneal’s spear.)

As I predicted, the muscular young man ripped off her black bikini, grabbed her hips from both sides and pushed his hips against her butt.
But when Corneal’s face distorted as he let out a frustrated groan, I noticed something was wrong.

(It can’t be… is it too hard he can’t penetrate it?)

He seems to be unable to advance due to her strong butt muscles. Like a gorilla expressing frustration at food that it can’t get, Corneal repeatedly rocked the champion.
However, judging from her relaxed attitude, she’s probably going to pull away and make a fresh start. That’s what I thought.

(He lifted her!?)

He sat down on the bed, grabbed the champion from behind, and lifted her into the air. Then he placed her butt on top of his spear, which was pointing straight up, and took a deep breath.
In front of me who was looking at him with wide eyes, Corneal shouted with a red face and blood vessels welling up in every muscle in his body.

「Skewering Whirlwind!」

With his fingertip, which is his crotch, he spins the basketball that is a woman. What physical strength! And just how hard is his spear?
The weight of a large adult woman is placed on one point, and adding to that is the force of the spinning basketball.

(The champion’s body gradually sunk down. The spinning motion is allowing the spear to drill its way into her body.)

When he was about halfway through, there was a scream and the champion stretched out her arms and legs. She must be trying to stop herself from spinning.
Corneal, taking advantage of the opportunity, held her from behind and stood up. He then leaped up into the air, uttering the name of his technique.

「Flying Air Chair!」

As soon as he landed, the spear settled down to the root all at once. Then, the skewered, fearless beautiful woman with straight long hair let out a despairing roar.

「It’s not over!」

Looks like the attacker doesn’t have the intention to stop after one leap. He repeatedly leaps and lands on his feet again.
The bed mat shakes as his body moves up and down.

(I think that’s a great technique, but I will never be able to imitate it.)

Is he asking me to make this my special move? My best friend, perhaps sensing my gaze, turned his head toward me and nodded his head firmly.
That’s definitely what he intended.

「One more time!」

While breathing roughly, Corneal, still stabbing himself inside the champion, falls forward and forces her to crawl on all fours. He then bends over wide like a prawn and lifts his own two legs in the air.

「Aerial Swimming!」

The way he bends over repeatedly on the champion’s back certainly makes him look like he is swimming underwater.

(Eh? This one too? I think this one is more doable that the previous one.)

The champion finally collapsed in front of me who was still stunned, her body shuddered heavily as she was impaled from the top.

「We have a winner!」

She just bites her lip at my judgment. She does not object. Her appearance is that of a champion even in defeat.

「Come on, open up.」

Holding her from behind, Corneal changes her position so that she is sitting on her butt on the bed. He entangles his thick legs with hers and forces her to spread her legs wide open.
It is a rough treatment, but it is part of the play. It is a kind of wickedness to the defeated.

「I’m sorry to keep you waiting. Then, please come in, Tauro-san.」

The big, long-haired, fearless beauty faced to the side with her eyes closed. I look at the connected part and know that I was not wrong.

(Ah, as I thought. Looking at the angle, I knew it was definitely like this.)

The sequence of techniques began with the Skewering Whirlwind and continued with the Flying Air Chair and Aerial Swimming. And it was consistently the champion’s back gate that Corneal kept assaulting.
It is her main gate that is open to me when he said 『Come in』.

(It’s probably his consideration towards me. I’ll gratefully accept it.)

After putting my hands on the former champion’s crotch and bowing to her once, I boarded her up along with Corneal and completed the human character for 『Torture*』.
「*TL Note: Kanji,『嬲』. If you look closely, it’s kanji “女” woman, sandwiched between kanji “男” (man).」

「It is quite hard isn’t it? Oh, but it’s soft inside.」

I commented as I tried to split her entrance and go inside.
If I were to make a metaphor for her, it would be like peeling a thick-skinned citrus fruit. As long as I can get my thumb through, the rest will go easily.
And just like it, the fruit is soft and juicy.

「Tauro-san! Let’s do a rally!」

When I was wondering what he meant by that, apparently it was a repetition of 『Pulling away when the other side thrusts, and thrusts when the other side pulls away』.
It sounded interesting, so we decided to get started right away. The first one to move was Corneal.

「Here I— Go!」


Instead of a ball being hit with a racket, the young woman’s crazy voice echoes with each thrust. After a few repetitions, Corneal’s timing was off.

「I’m sorry, Tauro-san.」

He said apologetically with a regretful expression, but it was definitely on purpose. Because it took the form of a simultaneous thrust from the front and back for the former champion’s body to tremble as she let out a sweet scream with her tongue sticking out of her mouth.

「It can’t be helped. Let’s do it one more time then.」

And this time, it was my turn to miss the timing. I apologize deliberately, and Corneal laughs in amusement.

「No no, it’s okay, now we’re even. This is quite difficult, isn’t it?」

And we continued this rally for the full hour, making mistakes every now and then. The big, fearless beauty tasted good, and both Corneal and I were very satisfied.


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