Chapter 320 Part 1

The final round of the golem horse race that was held on the streets of the royal capital. It was literally a heated contest with sparks flying everywhere.
In the end, the winner was the horse of a noble family with red as its family color. He barely managed to beat the second-place rider and won the 『King’s Cup』 for the second year in a row.

「Fuu… that was a lot of fun.」

I, who was watching from the balcony on the second floor of the Cassabell, said to Corneal next to me. The muscular young man nodded deeply, then changed his expression and opened his mouth.

「Next is our turn. We will be enemies, but please take care of me.」

What he meant by being enemies is for the play we will have after this.

『The first golem horse race on public streets in the royal capital.』

To commemorate this event, many brothels prepared a special menu called 『Cavalry Battle』.
According to the information gathered, male customers were made to lie on their backs on the bed, and the women mounted on their horses and moved their hips violently.
At least two pairs of men and horses compete to see who can ride the fastest.

(But this is Cassabell. It’s different from other stores.)

It is the oldest of the three biggest brothels in the royal capital and is famous for its 『Sin and Punishment』.
It is unthinkable for a mere servant to be on the bed when the queen is riding them. The guests are only permitted on the floor, on all fours with their knees.

(And this play is only available for a limited time.)

As the founders of the 『Adult Gourmet Club』 and self-proclaimed red-light district experts, we had no choice but to seize the opportunity.

「Please take care of me too. I’m really looking forward to it.」

I returned the smile and stepped from the balcony on the second floor into the store, shoulder to shoulder with Corneal.

「Please allow me to change your clothes.」

Two apprentice girls were waiting for us in the playroom where the beds had been removed. In no time at all, we were stripped naked and put leather knee pads on both knees and leather boots on both hands.
The boots were fastened with belts, not shoelaces, so it would be difficult to take them off by ourselves.

(This sense of inability to do anything, really feels like a horse, it’s nice.)

I was deeply moved and bumped the soles of my boots together with a clank. The girl said, 『Excuse me』 before placing a gag with reins over my mouth.

(Hohou… This is…)

I could raise my voice, but no words came out.
They’re probably still in their early teens, but they’ve got some good skills. As expected of the top three members of the family.
Looking next to me, I saw that Corneal was in the same condition.

「Do you feel any discomfort?」

The apprentice girl asks me, but I don’t feel any pain or discomfort. So I shake my head from side to side.
Then they move to the door and bow together.

「They will be here shortly. Please wait a moment.」

With these words, they disappeared into the hallway.
After waiting impatiently, the two queens finally entered the room.


Both are wearing revealing, tight-fitting outfits with black as the base color.
However, their body types are very different. One has wavy blond hair, a glamorous body, and a flamboyant look with heavy makeup.
The other is a small-chested woman with long, straight black hair, a mysterious feeling.


The Number Three of the Kingdom knight order immediately ran on all fours to the blonde queen.

「What are you doing!? You have a complaint with me!?」

With a stern expression on her face, the black-haired, small-chested queen snapped the short riding whip in her hand. To my delight, she seems to have suddenly fallen into a bad mood.
I immediately rush over to her, but I’m disciplined with a beating of the whip.

(It’s painful, but not too severe. It doesn’t linger and in fact, feels somewhat pleasant.)

If I were to use an analogy, it would be the feeling of having eaten something spicy. It’s tough for a moment, but afterwards you somehow feel the savory taste, and you want to eat it again.
I glanced at my best friend, who was looking at me enviously.

「Make up for your mistake with an achievement. Get to work!」

Shortly thereafter, the slender oriental beauty rides on my back. She pulls back on the reins and grunts at me, then taps the horse’s thigh hard with the side of her pinwheel.
The target is the blonde queen with thick makeup, riding a large, muscular horse.


A riding whip that occasionally strikes my butt to make me go faster. For me, who was done warming up, it felt nothing but pleasant.
As I sidled up to Corneal near the center of the room, the queens on horseback reached out one hand and began fighting to take the silver crown tiaras on each other’s heads.

(I’m not used to this. It feels a bit painful.)

The black-haired queen with beautiful legs wearing a high leg, pulled the reins to direct me in an attempt to get an advantageous spot. Apparently, I have no aptitude for asphyxiation kind of thing.

「There! It’s my win!」

Her Majesty the queen on my back holds high the enemy’s crown tiara, her face shining with triumph.
I followed the reins and slammed into the Corneal horse. The other horse fell to the floor without resistance, and the voluptuous blonde queen was thrown off her mount.

「Is there anyone outside? Hurry up with the preparations!」

The oriental small-chested queen got off of me and clapped her hands, and in response, the apprentice girls re-entered the room.
She approached the beautiful woman with large breasts and butt, who was slumped over on the floor in frustration, and in no time at all she had her dressed like us.
That is, shoes on her hands, knee pads on her knees, and a gag with a rein on her mouth. Finally, she blindfolded her with a black cloth.

「You’ve worked hard. I’ll give you this female horse as a reward. Enjoy her as much as you like.」

Releasing my reins, the dark-haired queen pulls hard on the blonde horse’s reins, trample her head and makes her lick the floor.
From here it’s reward time for me. No more pain, no more suffering.

(As 『Sin and Punishment』 play, it’s honestly not that satisfying. But, oh well.)

The play content is unusually on the softer side because it is aimed at a customer base that is experiencing 『Sin and Punishment』 for the first time.

『It’s not normal to enjoy being whipped.』

『Sin and Punishment』 has only recently appeared in the entertainment world. Therefore, there are many people who have never experienced it, and only such people speak ill of it.
Cassabell, who has absolute confidence in this play, advertised it at every chance they got by saying, 『Please give it a try first』.
The limited-time menu 『Cavalry Battle』 utilizing the golem horse race is probably one of those campaigns.

(The defeated nobles are given to the horses.)

A punishment that takes away a person’s dignity. Very good indeed.
Then we should be true to the setting here.


I raised my hands, which were still wrapped in shoes, in the air and snarled. I concentrate my magical power between my legs and activate my astral sword.
This is my weapon, along with the magic eye. By attaching my astral body to the horse’s crotch, I can change its length and shape in a pseudo manner.
Since I share the senses with the astral sword through magical manipulation, it can be said that it is me, although it is transparent.

(It’s exactly like a horse. Taste for yourself!)

Only an elf or the Grim Reaper who have this long weapon at hand.
I bent over the blonde female horse from behind and began to copulate with her. She immediately notices the unusual length and wriggles violently.
Her eyes went wide with astonishment. But her mouth is sealed shut and her head is pinned to the floor, so she can’t say anything.

「Oh-ho-ho. Look what a shameless state you’re in right now. I see that you are not a queen, but just a lowly animal, huh.」

And the former queen’s colleague, who should have noticed the abnormality, said in satisfaction. It’s probably an act, but it looks so genuine to the point it felt real.
Maybe they just don’t get along in reality.

(Hmmm. I like this situation of not being able to use both hands. I really feel like a horse.)

The blond female horse let out a high-pitched roar as my thing turned into the Tyrant in her stomach.
While comfortably listening to her voice that sounds like music to my ears, I push the gas pedal to full throttle, aiming for the light that sparkles in the deepest part of her with my magic eye. Pan! Pan! Pan! I lift the gear shifter with my hips.

(This is bad. I think it’s about time she notices.)

The former queen is probably on the verge of engine blowout because of the abnormal vibration that has been going on since a few minutes ago.
As expected, her colleague, the black-haired queen, is looking at me with a dubious expression, as if she thought it was strange.

(I can’t afford a black flag disqualification.)

To run across the finish line before it happens, I push the overtake button deep inside of the blonde former queen with the tip of my horse-like penis.
This is the deepest part of the former queen’s inside. From the feel of it, it’s probably an area that has yet to be invaded by anyone.


The rotation speed is the highest today. While sliding her hips to the left and right, I release the astral sword in a V-shaped trajectory.
A 65-degree bank angle is her most preferred setting, which I found with my Magic Eye.

(Alright! Finish!)

I slap her for the last time roughly and cling to her, as my abdominal muscles pulsate, sending thick, hot fuel into her.
The female horse accepts as her wavy blonde hair swings messily around like a checkered flag.


Then it’s slowing down all at once. The female horse, unable to support her big butt, collapses to the floor on both knees, and my piston is pulled out in the process.
From there, a large amount of hot oil spurted out of the cylinder, intermittently.


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