Chapter 320 Part 2

「Now then…」

Tilting her head, the slender, dark-haired dominatrix crouched down to the floor and looked into the blonde female horse’s face.
But my eyes were glued to the back of the female horse’s head. A powerful but somewhat unattractive horse was approaching the dark-haired queen, seeking to avenge his master.

(As expected of the number three of the Kingdom knight order. He never misses an opening of the enemy.)

Although my rider is in danger, I have no way to tell her because I am a horse now. All I can do is pretend to smell the blond female horse’s butt to get the attention of the black-haired queen.

「What are you doing!?」

The oriental dominatrix with beautiful legs pressed down from behind by the large, macho horse and fell to the floor.
The horse, however, could not possibly understand human language. The Corneal horse presses its piston against the bottom edge of her upper legs and shifts them to the side, then wriggles its hips as if searching for an entrance.
After a short pause, he found it and started to enter.

「You bastard! Even though you’re just a horse, how dare you!」

She turned her head to the back and yelled angrily, but the difference in muscle strength and weight was obvious. The horse kept going as she was unable to shake the horse off.

「You! You better remember this!」

Seeing the oriental dominatrix’s face contorted in frustration made my piston react, even though I had just finished.

(Corneal-san can’t use the astral sword, but he can’t be underestimated.)

I think to myself as I watch my best friend thrusting so vigorously that her body floats in the air.
He is now a horse, but when he was a man, he was known as the 『Skewering Whirlwind』. His steel pillars can easily support the weight of a person, and even when he spins the woman’s body on his axis, he doesn’t flinch.


But I must have underestimated the power of the three biggest brothels’ women.
To my surprise, the black-haired queen began to fight back, even though she was being attacked one-sidedly.

「Neigh!? Neighh—!」

The queen began to draw a big 『の』 letter with her butt. It entangles Corneal’s seeding rod and sends a melting stimulation into it.
This is probably the reason why the pervy macho horse made a bewildered sound.

「How does this feel, huh!?」

Her Majesty keeps moving her hips. The control has been already taken over by the Queen’s crotch.

「The disrespect you have done to me. I will make you pay in full. Prepare yourself!」

Finally, the number three of the knight order was reversed and made to spit out his contents.

「Take this!」

She thrust her well-shaped butt. Corneal was pushed and fell to the floor on his back.
The queen stood up instantly, grabbed a toolbox from the table, stepped on her heels between Corneal’s legs, and swung a long whip for training livestock.
The whip rained down in torrents, and red wax dripped from her left hand. The candle was a low-temperature one that won’t burn your skin, probably because this was a soft course.

(Corneal-san seems delighted.)

I can’t help him without the consent of the person himself. This is because a counterattack from the queen is one of the best parts of 『Sin and Punishment』.
While watching, I used my teeth on top of the gag and managed to remove the shoes from my hands.


When my hands are free, and I remove the gag, the sound of rhythmic pounding on the floor reaches my ears.

『Tototo! Tontonton! Tototo!』

The sound that’s just repeated was the signal we set beforehand. It is only given out when one of us really wants the other to intervene and help.

(Roger that.)

The queen was so absorbed in her revenge that she’s forgotten my existence. It might have been a little too much for him.
That also means that Corneal’s attack has been so effective that she lost her temper to that extent.
Standing up on two legs, I quietly approach the slender, dark-haired beauty from behind.

「…Hng!! You bastard!」

I turned into an assassin and stabbed her deeply in the back with my horse-like penis. The queen turned around and looked at me with eyes like Caesar glaring at Brutus.

「It is for the best of the country, Your Majesty.」

I replied with a serious atmosphere, but I wasn’t thinking anything of it. I just said it in the heat of the moment.
After that, it was a reenactment of what I did earlier. I extend my astral sword, making it as big and long as a horse’s, and violate my lord’s body as I please.
If it were any other store, I would have been banned from entering for doing something that would have knocked the queen unconscious.
But that is the beauty of 『Sin and Punishment』. Both the customers and the store tolerate a little overkill to some extent.

「Haha, you really saved me there. As expected of the big three brothels. I didn’t think I would get the tables turned on me from there.」

In the meantime, Corneal, who has released himself from the restraints, comes in while scratching his head.

「I was surprised myself. After all, the best brothels are different, aren’t they?」

I replied with a smile and turned to the blindfolded blond female horse, who was still collapsed on the floor.

「By the way, Corneal-san. Should we go for another round? We both need to experience the same thing in order to share our thoughts later.」

When I asked him, Corneal-san nodded vigorously with a big smile on his face.
So I crouched down by the former queen’s bedside, patted her back gently, and called out to her.

「Have you noticed it? Help has arrived.」

The former queen, still blindfolded, looks up with a dumbfounded expression.
She shook her gagged head strongly from side to side, probably because of the steel pole coming in from behind.

「It’s your Prince Charming*, you know? Aren’t you happy?」

There was no mistake in what I said. Because I never said『The Prince Charming』 is a human.

「Neigh—! Neigh—!」

The muscular horse prince slams his hips with a horse sound even though he has already removed the gag.

(Mating. It is a beautiful and important activity that connects life to the next generation.)

I who had mated twice and grown wiser, squinted my eyes and watched as the essence of life is being passed on.
Not long after, the blonde female horse was roaring maniacally and plopped down to the floor, once again losing consciousness.

「Experiencing a special menu like this sure is nice, isn’t it? Although it was a little less stimulating than the others, it was still a good experience.」

I say as I eat the grilled small fish from the head up.
We’re at a food stall on the main street of the red-light district. We had left Cassabell and were having dinner nearby while having chit-chat.

「By the way, Tauro-san. Have you heard anything about the pilot school?」

When the topic of the queen is over, Corneal throws a different topic.

「No, nothing in particular.」

Hearing my answer, the macho young man pushed the plate of steak he had finished eating to the side and changed his tone.

「The women that Tauro-san has introduced to us. Except for one person, all of them are extremely talented. The principal was extremely amazed.」

Corneal had come to me for help some while ago. The knight order had finished building the Knights, but now he needed pilots to ride them.
I felt sorry for him, and after some thought, I told him a few names that came to my mind.
Specifically, they were Light Cruiser-sensei, Cool-san, Plain Queen, and the red-haired freckled girl from the low-class brothel.

『The skill to pilot a Knight and skill on the bed.』

I see a deep relationship between the two and have enough confidence to say it’s true.

「I am truly thankful.」

The Number Three of the knight order of the kingdom, bowing so deeply that he touches the table. He probably moved the plates earlier so that his bangs would not touch the fat of the meat.

(Still, I’m curious who’s this 『exception』 he was talking about.)

I was very curious about this, so I decided to ask Corneal, who had returned to his seated position.

「It’s the Queen. I can’t imagine from what I see in the brothel, but she doesn’t seem to be suited for fighting.」

My best friend shrugs his shoulders and puts his palms up, but I’m not surprised.
Unlike Corneal, who only knew her after she became the Queen, I know the gentle and reserved girl she used to be.

「Well, each person is suited for different things, so it can’t be helped.」

To me who replied as such, Corneal’s shoulders slumped even more as he said, 『It’s such a shame because she has a remarkable skill to manipulate magic』.

「Come to think of it, it’s almost time for the annual practical exam, isn’t it?」

Summer is over and autumn is approaching.
If you make it to the top four in the regular practical examinations, you can participate in the knight order training, and if you pass, you can become a member of the knight order.

「It’s just… I don’t know how many people I recommended even want to join the training if they make it to the top four.」

Becoming a pilot of the knight order is the dream of men and women in general. However, not everyone in this world holds the same values.

(Light Cruiser-sensei in particular. That person seems to have a hobby of improving herself.)

Cool-san was aiming for virgins in wickedness to the defeated, but in reality, the knight order didn’t go out to battles that often.
Since they are sent out under the name of the country, it is often only after the final phase of the war.
Rather than the national Knights, it’s probably the Mercenary Knights who often get more chances to fight for or against countries.

(Corneal-san would surely be disappointed if no one wanted to enter the knight order.)

But there’s nothing we can do about that. We can’t dictate how a person should live, and I’ve already told Corneal-san about this possibility.
At that time, I will ask him to give up.

(Oh right. Maybe I should ask the guild master so I would be allowed to observe the exam.)

The merchant guild knight’s commander. Although it is a knight order with only one member, I should be invited because of my status.
Imagining the girls in their uniforms, my heart was filled with happiness.


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