Chapter 324 Part 2

「Well, well, it seems this one too ended instantly.」

His opponent, the Smirking Boy, fell after getting his Knight’s elbows and knees destroyed, unable to take a step from his starting position.

「Did he really qualify? Since there seems to be too much of a gap in strength.」

Kaiser Mustache changed to his knight commander tone and asked a question.
His sharp gazes were directed at the girl in the red butterfly mask leaving the simulation cockpit after the referee announced her victory, and at the boy who was slamming his fists into the cockpit in front of him.

「Please wait a second. ……Ah, this is the one. He is qualified, but he often loses in the first match of the main competition.」

The old man flips through the past records in his hand and replies with an answer.
The knight commander, who was making a grim expression on his face, folded his arms, thought for a moment, and then opened his mouth.

「So, in other words, he has hit the ceiling in terms of ability. And we can’t expect any growth in the future. Is that what you are saying?」

The old man nodded, though with a difficult expression on his face.

「I would have to say so, yes.」

The knight commander urged him to mark a large cross beside the Smirking Boy’s name.
It was the moment he was dismissed from the school.

(Still, a whip, huh? The way she twisted the body when she released the whip was truly magnificent.)

With the conclusion reached, the Gourmet of Gold shows his face, albeit only a little.

(She must have kneaded something very firm in her belly.)

He could imagine the sight of noodle dough stamped with her feet and bread dough stretched out with a stick in his mind.
Incidentally, the knight commander had been treated by the Plain-chan to a feast one time in one of Cassabell’s suites. But he did not realize that the whip user was her.
It was probably because she was wearing a butterfly mask that hid her face.

(Whoops, that was bad of me. I have to focus on observing the match.)

He had to make a decision about the new pilot he was going to recruit as a member of the knight order.
The knight commander, a middle-aged man with a Kaiser mustache, suppressed the feeling that felt like it would fly away if he let it go out of his hand.


Now, the perspective shifts to Tauro’s junior, an athletic girl with black hair and black tights.
She had won the first round without a hitch and was now on her way to the cockpit for the second round.

(She’s rough around the edges, but she’s without a doubt, strong.)

She sat in the chair and stared at her opponent, a freckled girl with braided red hair.
Her fighting style is that of an amateur, but she is not to be underestimated. Her ability to control magic is so high that she can operate a golem as if it were her own body.

(But what is truly alarming is the intelligence that allows her to see herself objectively.)

The less experienced red-haired braid lost her composure in a fight. As a result, she was unable to measure her timing, her swings, and her offensive magic won’t hit the target.
However, she looked at this calmly and developed a fighting style that compensated for her shortcomings.

『She’ll hold her shield up and charge at you with her club.』

When they had a practice match a few days ago, she was amazed at how strong she is.
A round shield that she didn’t really think about the shape, and a club that she just needs to swing at her opponent. This combination produced a Berserker.
She has made full use of her basic abilities.

(In a sense, she doesn’t have any openings. But don’t worry, I will win. Just watch me, instructor-dono.)

For a moment, Black Tights-chan turns her eyes to the honored guests’ seats and catches a 30-year-old man in her vision.
It is a person who frequently visits her at her part-time job, 『Uniform Specialty Store』, and books her even though she is not that popular among the customers.
Moreover, he’s always giving her practice and even throwing in some tips in their plays.

(It is thanks to you, instructor-dono, that I’m standing here today.)

He doesn’t know how much he has helped her in her studies and his life. The point is, she doesn’t feel like she will be ever to repay this debt.

「Both sides, are you ready? Get to your starting positions.」

The voice of the instructor acting as the referee brings her back to her senses and makes her miniature Knight walk.


The referee crossed his hands in front of him as he said it.

(Here she comes!)

And before the voice fades away, the round shield rapidly expands into her vision that is in sync with the Knight. The momentum was like that of a bullet train with a big nose that is about to pass through a station where it doesn’t stop.
Black Tights-chan escapes from the tracks to the bottom of the platform and uses her shield to repel the club that is coming at her late.
However, like a long freight train, the club kept passing in front of her again and again.

(As I thought her magical power is higher than mine.)

It’s frustrating, but it’s an undeniable fact. It is impossible for her to keep consuming magic power at the same pace.
“In that case…” Black Tights-chan resolved herself as her cropped bangs shook.

(First, let’s temporarily raise the amount of our magic power and then consume it all at once, just like our opponents. Then, before we run out of magic power, finish the match with our swordsmanship.)

She took a deep breath with her eyes half-closed. While dodging and parrying the club that is raining down on her, she concentrates on her consciousness and moves forward.
Her destination is a fictional world in her mind. It was created by her instructor, Tauro, and by his visits over and over again until it has become a fixed shape.
It can be said that this world is her special move.

(I can see it. The scenery.)

The night sky with stars twinkling and the dense forest underneath it. There, Knights of the knight order are kneeling on one knee, and small personal tents are pitched beside them.
In this world, Black Tights-chan is on an expedition to a neighboring country as a member of the knight order.
And the scene always begins in the tent during the encampment.

(Eh? What? Who’s there!?)

The small-chested junior wakes up to a strange feeling, her heartbeat pounding with surprise and fear.
This is because she noticed a middle-aged-looking man covering her.


She tried to scream, but only muffled sounds came out. Her underwear had already been removed from her bottom and pushed deep into her mouth.
She struggled desperately, but she was just a powerless girl with slender arms and legs. She couldn’t fend off the middle-aged man who was holding her down with his weight.


Without being able to see his face in the dark, the middle-aged man begins to penetrate her without uttering a word.
With his weight as his ally, the saliva-covered club thrusts deep into her.

「Hng! Hng!」

The black-haired, small-breasted junior was screaming without words at the violent and egotistical back-and-forth shaking.
But no help came from anywhere, and the middle-aged man took his time and continued to enjoy her slender body.

(No! Stop!)

She had a premonition of the man’s increasingly rapid movements and pushed hard against his chest with her small hand.
However, it was in vain, and he poured the hot liquid into the depths of her stomach.


The thin jaw of the athletic kouhai-chan pointed upward against her will. The middle-aged man licked up her throat and shook his body again, squeezing out the rest with a loud moan.

(…Is it over?)

Kouhai-chan exhales through her nose while her unfocused eyes wander around in the darkness. Her body remains limp on the mattress.
Satisfied, the middle-aged man removes himself from her. The messy-haired kouhai-chan is relieved, but that is not the end.

(There’s another person!?)

To her horror, another man came to cover her as if to replace the man from before. The body odor was completely different, no doubt about it.
The next man, exhaling a breath that smelled of food on him, slipped inside kouhai-chan and clubbed her from the inside.

(Uu~~~ Uuu~~~)

Her body shakes and squirms as she is being thrust and rubbed in different spots by different shapes.
Her chin just lifted up as she climaxed immediately, but the other person didn’t care. He doesn’t care about her suffering and keeps selfishly moving for his own pleasure.

(Please… Please be over soon.)

Soon her wish was granted, and the man poured out plenty of his lust inside her. Kouhai-chan bit her lip and endured, but further shifts brought her to despair.

(This body odor, it’s the man from earlier.)

After a well-deserved rest and recovery, her opponent began to do a one-sided play with her again.
The other side had plenty of energy left, but for her, it’s been three times in a row without rest. She hit his back with her small fist, but he didn’t even budge.

(Wait, no! Not there! That place is–!)

Moreover, it seemed that the other party had found her weak point in the previous fight. He had accurately and deeply penetrated her weak points.


There, Black Tights-chan instantly returned to reality with a scream, and her eyes opened wide.

(My whole body feels hot.)

Magic overflows from the depths of her soul and fills the simulation cockpit.
She doesn’t know the logic behind it, but one day I realized it. She didn’t even tell her instructor, Tauro about it.

(Let’s finish this instantly.)

With the additional fuel, her Knight goes full throttle. She scorches the internal auxiliary magic circle until it shone bright red and enters full combat mode.

(This is what a technique is.)

When their strength and speed become equal, Black Tights-chan is far superior in both fighting skill and experience. Moreover, the thing with swords is that the more skillful the technique is, the more powerful and effective it will be as a weapon.
After that, the situation changed drastically. The club Knight was cut down and forced to lie on the floor.

「We have a winner!」

After the referee declared the winner, the black-haired, Kouhai-chan stood up from the simulation cockpit and bowed to the people around her.
She brushes her sweaty bangs off her forehead with her hand and bows deeply to a corner of the honored guests’ seats.

(I won! Instructor-dono!)

Sitting there was a dull man in his thirties who nodded with a smile, and next to him was a slender young man who was pale and worried about someone else.


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