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Chapter 328 Part 2

After arriving at the suite’s playroom, they order drinks. The two enjoy a casual conversation until the drinks are brought to them.
When play begins and they start to undress, Explosive Onee-san is mildly surprised.

(What a scar. Did a beast attack him or something I wonder.)

Only his back was covered with numerous scratch marks.
But she didn’t ask. After thoroughly washing his body in the shower, she massaged him on the king-size bed.
She laid him on his back and held his face between her plump thighs, pressed her ample breasts against his belly, and ran her hands down the inside of his thighs.

(The size and shape are average I guess.)

There are types of men who are proud of their prized possessions, but the man in front of her doesn’t seem to be that type.
If so, then is it his technique that he’s proud of? Like that Dr. Slime.

(That man is special. There aren’t many people like him.)

She shook her head lightly and regained her composure, then took it in her mouth and wrapped her tongue around it. She wanted to pull it out once and see how she would react.
But when she had entertained him to some extent, she demanded that I let her do whatever she wanted.

『Wanting to be on the giving end rather than the receiving end.』

Enjoying women’s bodies at their leisure. Not a few men like that.
So she lay on her back on the bed and welcomed her customer.

「Kii, Kii, Kii, Kii…」

The only sound in the spacious and luxurious suite was the creaking of the bed.

(How straightforward.)

A series of not-so-fast thrusts from the front. Moreover, the sword strikes only one point in the center of the body.
The precision and beauty of his movements are evidence of a solid foundation.

(That’s why each blow is so heavy.)

An ordinary woman would have already been conquered by this one-point attack.
But no matter how much he concentrates on one point, it will have no effect due to her technique, 『Damage Balancing』.

(What should I do to fight back?)

Explosive Onee-san is on the defensive and thinking about what to do after a change of offense and defense.
The man who lies on top of her and strikes her at the waist is definitely a skillful man. His defense must also be quite good.
However, her turn to attack did not come easily.

「ーKii, Kii, Kii, Kii…」

The structural material of the bed just keeps on squeaking.

(….This is bad. Just what is this? How long will this keep going?)

As Tauro described her as a 『Battleship』, the Explosive Onee-san’s armor was thick and its endurance was quite high.
Therefore, she was proud of the fact that she would not sink so easily in a head-on battle.

(Urk, urk, guh!)

But what about the reality?
The relentlessly repeated forward and backward motion is like a ghost ship pumping water into it with a ladle. The cumulative total of flooding is approaching the total discharge volume, and waves are beginning to wash the deck.


Finally, Explosive Onee-san opens her mouth wide and lets out a sweet cream from the back of her throat.
One of her legs is raised high and her curled fingertips point to the ceiling. Then her back arches as if she were a roasted squid, and her belly trembles a few times.
It was just like a super-dreadnought battleship folding in half and sinking.

「….You’re good, dear customer. Now please let me do it for you next.」

After some hesitation, Explosive Onee-san’s legs’ power returned and manages to catch her breath. Next, she gives the man a deep kiss and suggests a top and bottom swap.
However, the middle-aged man, who had numerous scars on his back, refused her actions. Without uttering a single word, he resumed his rhythmic movements.

「Wait a minute! Normally, this is where you would take a break.」

She asked, but the man did not stop. He remained silent and just kept shaking his hips.
After the second time, the fat middle-aged man finally spoke up in her ear.

「Where is that woman?」

Not knowing what he is talking about, the beauty with a dynamite body contorts her well-shaped eyebrows. Seeing her reaction, the man stops moving and asks again.

「I’m talking about the previous winner of the Divine Match in the Holy City. I know she’s in this store. It won’t do you any good to hide her.」

There is only one person who falls into that category. It would be Cool-san, as Tauro calls her, who is obsessed with virgins and has gone to the pilot school this morning.
According to the following explanation, this male customer came to Jayanne from a foreign country because of her reputation.
However, there was no sign of the Spinning Princess, neither on the platform nor in the sideline seats. Then he tried to book her but was turned down by the concierge.

『She does not accept reservations.』

The argument that took place at the counter is a scene that can still be seen from time to time.
Usually, the customer side backs down at this point, but this man was different.

(If you don’t want to say it, that’s fine. I’ll just ask the body of the one who sits at the top of this store.)

And it seems he has reached such decisions.

「She’s not here right now. And she only takes the customers she likes, so it’s impossible to get her to play with you.」

In response to Explosive Onee-san’s answer, the middle-aged man shakes his hips several times as if to say, 『You’re lying』.

「I’m telling you the truth! I’m not trying to make up things or anything.」

The urgency in her voice is probably due to the fact that the man has unhappily resumed his pumping in and out.
Explosive Onee-san, sensing danger to herself, reaches for the emergency call magic circle. But just before she does, she is grabbed by the wrist.
And what he said in her ear was a single word, 『Speak』.

「I’m not lying!」

But the man doesn’t believe her. The creaking of the bed just continues.

「No! Stop! It hurts! Please, just stop!」

She screamed and scratched at the back of a rather thick middle-aged man.
It is unprofessional to make the customer bleed. However, the fact that the other party is also preventing an emergency call from being made means that he is already not a decent customer.

「Help me…」

As she, Jayanne’s number one, lost her ability to speak, she finally lost consciousness.
Seeing that she had stopped moving, the middle-aged man with a scar on his back finally put his faith in her answer.

(What the hell’s with that? Isn’t it as if she has already retired? Even though I have come all the way to the royal capital.)

He sighs, and below him is Explosive Onee-san, who continues to wriggle with her eyes already turning white.
Although she continues to tighten up his son, there is already no technique. It is only an unconscious body reaction.
But even so, the taste is good, probably because the ingredients themselves are excellent.

(…..As expected from someone who defeated Grim Reaper.)

Apparently, the result of the previous two Divine Tournaments is not a fluke.

(Since I’m already here, let’s do it all the way to the end.)

Enjoy every inch of this excellent body that he does not come across that often, from the inside out. Then, with only a few minutes left, he poured a large amount of hot stuff deep inside her.
She moaned loudly in reflex, but he covered her mouth with his mouth and finally let go of her body.

「You deserve to leave this scar on my back.」

The old man took a shower with a frown of pain on his face said and picked up a not-so-large bag.

「It was a little tactless, but you’ll have to forgive me.」

As he continues to speak, he grabs out a large number of gold coins, several at a time, and piles them in a heap on the table. He would be able to borrow Explosive Onee-san for three full days with this much.
The capacity of the bag betrays its appearance, which also indicates that the bag is a magical item.

(Now then, what should I do now?)

The middle-aged old man left the suite while muttering to himself.


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