Chapter 33




             Translator: “Karaage”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

I had a late dinner of bacon and vegetable stir fry at a street stall in the red light district.
And while eating, I remember my fight against the elf and thought about the cause of my defeat.

(My lack of firepower)

Is the answer I have reached.
I have magic eye in my possession.
Magic eye is a powerful weapon which could let me know my enemy’s condition.
When I use it, I can easily detect the other party’s weakness.
But this time, even when I attacked their weak points, I still lost.
It was because of my lack of firepower.
I put my right hand into my pocket and adjust my position while checking my weapon.

(I have to train it. I have to improve the quality of my strike.)

I have come up with a conclusion, but I still didn’t know of a way to train it.
I can’t think of anyone who can help me train.
This is probably not possible even for Instructor Light Cruiser.
She is an excellent teacher. It was because of her guidance that I acquire magic eye.


I thought while touching my weapon through my pocket.
This is something that she doesn’t possess. Even if she knows how to handle it, she wouldn’t know how to train it.
So I made a decision.

(I have to find a way myself.)

If I can’t get a teacher, I have to forge myself through trial and error repeatedly.
If I don’t know how to train, I have to come out with a plan myself.
It’s like establishing a new club in school that does not have a trainer.
I have to come up with my own training plan.
And so I stood up and headed toward the nearby middle class brothel.

I picked Busty-chan at the middle class brothel.
First, prepare Busty-chan by grooming.
Where preparations are done, I place my hands onto the back of the sofa while standing.
I turned around.
Putting both hand onto her waist.
And I take a deep breath.
I close my eyes lightly and look up slightly.
I give a heartfelt thanks to the stone statue that gave me a cheat, to this wonderful world and to the girl in front of me.
Then I opened my eyes, staring in front and charge.
No tricks, just a normal strike. A strike that was made with all my feelings combined.
A charge that’s careful and gently executed.
Keeping track of the color temperature and light circulation in detail, I aim at the best place. I continued pushing.
Her rich assets quivered.
As expected, the tremor is followed by a reaction.
Using that reaction, I strike once again.
The rich assets were swinging like a pendulum. Her body is pulled back towards me each time by the reaction.
I strike while matching the timing.
The richness swung forward as if trying to escape. But would always return like a pendulum and pulls the whole body towards me.
I was matching the timing perfectly while striking.
PAAN! A loud sound reverberates.
And it repeats.


The sound continues to resonate at a constant rhythm.

I gave thanks and handed a large tip to Busty-chan who was lying on the sofa like a dried futon.

(Pendulum style, not bad)

This was the name of the training style which I have come up with.
It was an idea which came suddenly when I saw Busty-chan in the lobby.

(Is there a way to use that voluptuous breast for my training?)

Such an innocent thought was what created the pendulum style.

(But this is not enough. I have to train more.)

I headed to the lobby.
Of course, it is to choose the next Busty-chan.

Right before the day changed, I headed home.
To perform my dailies work such as making potions and magic casting of myself.

(I feel like I’m now one more step closer to reaching it.)

I happily murmur and went to bed.
I felt comfortable and fell into a deep sleep in no time.

The next morning.
It’s a refreshing morning.
The sound of wind rubbing against the medical tree’s leaves was pleasant.
Waking up, I had fresh bread and hot coffee for breakfast.
I went out to the garden with my steaming coffee and look at the medical tree’s leaves.
By the way, because the medical herb grew into a tree after using an S Rank potion, I named it medical tree
The beautiful emerald-colored translucent leaves looks as if it was made through candy sculpting.
I pluck one piece with my left hand.
When you pinch the petiole, the leaves surrounding it would disappear as if melted into the air.
And the petiole would also disappear after.

(As if it has just vaporized.)

I was a little surprised when I got up in the morning to see that the grass have turned into a tree.
But when I calmly think about it, this was not really that big of a deal. On the other hand, I didn’t have to clean up any fallen leaves.
So I decided not to mind it.

In the morning, I headed to the merchant guild.
To pay my membership fee as a F rank merchant. And deliver a few E rank and F rank potion since I was already here.
It seems to be noisier than usual.

「Did something happened?」

I asked a tough looking old man.

「Actually, recently in one of the brothels, a man using aphrodisiac got caught.」

「 Oh」

「That aphrodisiac is an inferior product, even though it does possess some effect as an aphrodisiac, it’s mostly just poison.」

Maybe it’s about the incident with Jayanne Twite.

「Thermano, who appraised the drug angrily, said 『What are they thinking of using such stuff on people! 』.」


「At Termano’s request, the merchant guild will also cooperate fully, and is now moving out to search for the manufacturer.」

「I see.」

Termano…is it that crook mouth?
He seems to be quite a high ranking pharmacist. So he must have quite a considerable influence with the merchant’s guild.

「Of course, the guards are also moving.」

「Still, for there to actually exist such terrible guy.」

「That’s right. To make a poison just for feeling good, it’s even worse than just making poison on its own. We must thoroughly cut the roots of it.」

This old man seems to be really furious.
I put the remainder of my sale money after deducting the membership fee into my account.
I thank the old man and left the guild.

After leaving the guild, I went north from the square and turn east in front of the royal palace. The Royal Academy of Magic was located there.
A white building with a tight roof slope merged with several cylindrical shape towers. The slope on the roof of the towers was sharp as if it could pierce the sky.
Just looking from outside the gate, you can see it’s a high class academy. It has a quiet and intellectual appearance.
There must be quite an abundance of greenery inside, trees can be seen in various places and you can hear birds twittering.


I’m being overwhelmed by the atmosphere.

(Explosive Onee-san is a student here.)

In addition to her overwhelming appeal as a woman, she has a high academic ability to attend this high class school. This feels more like a cheat.
The reason I am here is just to see the place that explosive ship is attending.
Of course, I’m not going inside, I won’t even be allowed to.
I look at the gatepost.
It’s a beautiful structure made from granite or was it mikage stone.

(It has a drawback of being sensitive to heat, but it’s suitable for stuff like this.)

I remembered when I got into trouble with a customer who asked for a granite fireplace.

(Even if you say『Money isn’t a problem, just make it』, there’ll definitely be trouble later on.)

Thinking back, I rethought my thoughts.
I have learned after coming here. How important it is to look at things from multiple perspectives.

(Maybe there weren’t any plans on starting a fire with it. But just to use it as a design.)

If that is so, I can understand why they did not respond with persuasion.
Even if there was plan on putting it on fire, a dummy fireplace wouldn’t have been used. I would want a real thing which connects to the chimney. He may have been this type of person.

He was an old man who had retired from a good position from a successful company. There is no reason for him not being smart.

(When I think about it, I was persuading with an arrogant attitude using basic knowledge.)

Anyone could know that granite is vulnerable to heat with just a little research. That time I treated myself as someone who possesses expert knowledge that amateurs did not know, and tried to twist the other party.
(A youngster wielding knowledge that everyone knows with an arrogant attitude. I can see why the other party would feel angry.)

I am really a fool. I now could have done better.
In the end, I was dropped from the project. What happened after I did not know.
While I was lost in my little sentiment, I look at the academy emblem on the gatepost.


It’s the same design as the brooch worn by Explosive Onee-san, a white cane in front of green leaves.

(This green leaf look similar to the leaf of the medical tree…they ARE the same.)

I cross my arms and think about what this means.
Medical herb, S rank potion, medical tree, Royal Academy of Magic…

(Um, I don’t know.)

I can’t think of anything.

I imagined the scene of Explosive Onee-san studying, while making my way south to the shopping street to have a meal.

(I feel sorry for her classmate. If there was such sexy dynamite nearby, I won’t be able to focus on my studies.)

Reminding myself of the last moments with Explosive Onee-san last time, I started getting restless.





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