Chapter 330

Jayanne, one of the most prestigious brothels located in a prime location in the royal capital’s red-light district.
In the lobby, a middle-aged concierge was bowing deeply to a slightly overweight middle-aged man.
He was seeing off a customer who was leaving after a play.

(What happened to her?)

After returning to his upright posture, the concierge tilts his head. Because normally, the woman who accompanies the customer would also bow beside him.

(Did she enjoy it so much that she got knocked down?)

If that’s the case, then there’s no helping it. But that should be unlikely this time.
Because the person who became his partner was at the top of this store’s sideline group. It was 『Explosive Onee-san』 as Tauro calls her.

(I’m curious….)

He looks at the apprentice concierge and motions with his chin for him to go check on her. The master concierge, who is in charge of the store, strokes his chin with one hand and thinks.

(Certainly, he gives the atmosphere of a strong man. But it’s her we’re talking about here, so she shouldn’t have fallen behind.)

Only Dr. Slime has been able to break through that strong defense of hers and sunk her to the ground until now. And Dr. Slime is even known as 『royal capital red-light districts treasure』.

(No one can easily match him.)

That is what he thought. But the apprentice boy’s report was a severe indictment of his lack of awareness.

『I was continuously attacked by the man with countless scars on his back.』

A beautiful young woman with an uneven body lies naked on the bed. She opened her dim eyes to the boy’s frantic call, but when she told him only that while gasping for breath, she fell unconscious again.

(That can’t be!)

A man who has a scar on his back and the ability to easily defeat Explosive Onee-san. If that was the case, then there’s only one man he can think of.

『The World’s Champion』 or also known as 『The Man with Thousand Scars on his back』

He is a living legend not only in the royal capital’s red-light district but also in the world at large. However, to be precise, he is not currently ranked No. 1 in the world.
He has earned so many points that he’s still called that even though he has not competed in any tournaments in recent years.

(Why is such a man doing this kind of horrible thing?)

He came to the store on a whim and insistently demanded to play with the winner of the previous Divine Tournament in the Holy City.
It was not the behavior of a man who is known throughout the world.

「Then can you give me the number one woman in this store instead?」

The concierge recommended Explosive Onee-san to him at that time because of his growing self-esteem.
He thought that as long as the woman has the title of 『the best』, he won’t upset him.

(Once he has a taste of her service, I’m sure he will be satisfied. He will definitely have a big smile on his face when he comes down the stairs.)

However, all of those expectations were washed away by the identity of an unexpected customer.

(The current World Champion is equivalent to a drawn-out blade. I must share this information with others as soon as possible.)

As he gathers the staff behind the counter in the lobby, he gives them instructions with a grim look on his face.

「I would like to hold an urgent meeting. I want all the major brothel owners to come here.」

With serious eyes and chins drawn, the young men and boys scattered through the back door and into the red-light district.
And after a time equivalent to one play, nearly a dozen men gathered in the reception room at the back of the first floor of Jay Anne’s.

『The World Champion is visiting stores and treats the women there roughly.』

The attendees all scrunch up their faces at the report of the elderly gentleman who serves as Jayanne’s master concierge.
After exchanging glances with each other, the old man from a high-class brothel opens his mouth.

「Have the guards been called?」

The elderly gentleman from Jayanne shook his head from side to side, with a sullen expression on his face.
When a person prevents a give-up, it would be regarded as an offense and they can be turned in to the guard station. But the victim, Explosive Onee-san, does not want that.

「I’ll pay him back double! With my own skill and body.」

After an unexpectedly quick revival, she clenched her fists and declared.

「The reason I lost this time was because of my intention to give him my service. If I had known from the beginning that we were going to crush each other, I would not have given up the initiative.」

A powerful goddess who asserts herself with a snort and a frustrated look on her face. She has completely recovered and seems as if she’s prepared to have a rematch right now.
Incidentally, the concierge sees this as another one of the World Champion’s skills.

『Even though it launches the opponent high into the sky, it doesn’t prolong the aftertaste.』

His main job is that of a very top-notch tuner. His existence is like a coach for the women who work in the brothel.
It was unknown if he was aware of it, but he was quite skilled at it.

「Didn’t you realize that it was the World Champion when he came to the store?」

The next person to ask was another elderly gentleman. He was the concierge of Cionne, which was also one of the three families, famous for 『Magical Girl and Oyakodon』.

「However much of a living legend he may be, it was nearly a decade ago that he was still active in the tournaments. It’s not surprising that younger workers failed to recognize him.」

Although he said it with a soft voice, the glint reflected in Jayanne’s concierge’s eyes was harsh.

「And to do a follow-up on that is our job as a concierge. This is an embarrassing blunder.」

The concierge from Jayanne’s had a sullen look on his face as he continued. While sweeping the sweat from his forehead with his handkerchief, he opens his mouth.

「I have no excuse for that. But please let me just say this one thing. The atmosphere of the World Champion was very different from before.」

In front of the attendees, who make dubious expressions, he continues.

「I remember the World Champion as a dazzling man who was full of confidence that reflected his position as the world’s number one.」

Everyone in the room nodded in agreement.
Many women have made it big under his tutelage, and job offers come in from brothels all over the continent of Ost.
The royal capital was no exception, and there was no one here who did not know his face.

「But back at the brothel, there was no sign of that sparkle that he once had. The impression I got from him at that time was 『Impatient』.」

A man from a rural area who, although atrophied for the first time in the city, exerts himself with a false sense of security.
It was because of this appearance that the gentleman from Jayanne didn’t recognize and misjudged him.

「If someone as good as you said so, I’ll believe you. But still, this is troublesome.」

The room was filled with the Cione gentleman who sighed loudly and an uneasy commotion.
In the midst of all this, the concierge of Cassabell, which is famous for their 『Sin and Punishment』 raised one hand and give a suggestion.

「For the time being, we should forbid him from entering all of our stores. If we find him, we will catch him on the spot and ask him to accompany us so we can have him explain himself.」

Since no one objected, the policy was decided.
Thus, in the red-light district of the royal capital, warning letters were distributed to all the brothels, from the lower class to the three top.


At that time, the World Champion was walking, somewhat hunched over, down the main street of the red-light district that stretches west from the central square.
As Jayanne’s master concierge said, no one would recognize him now.

(…..It’s not like she was weak. But it’s still not enough)

Staring at the cobblestones, he mutters to himself.
Recently, this rather big middle-aged man had been fighting the fear of not being himself anymore.

(I need a strong opponent. Someone strong enough to crush the me now, someone strong enough to burn me and make me start over from the ashes.)

He came to the royal capital to play with Cool-san because he had heard how strong she was, having 『rushed to the top of the podium with overwhelming momentum』 in the previous Divine Tournament in the Holy City.
However, he was unable to meet her, and the opponent he was assigned instead was not a good enough opponent for him.


.The middle-aged man raises his gaze at the white bare legs that come into view. There he saw the back of a boy in short pants walking in front of him.
The backs of his knees reflected the afternoon sun, and he was walking lightly like a young deer, turning his hip bones from side to side.

(Hooh, isn’t that a nice, plump butt.)

He spat and cleared his throat.

(What is wrong with me….)

Having lived in the red-light district, he knows that there are various tastes among men and women.
However, he’s definitely on the women-only side, and he’s not interested in the same sex. He believed that without a doubt.


But lately, all he can see and follow with his eyes is a man’s crotch or ass.
Even when he plays with women in the brothel, he can’t get to the point where he can spit his load unless the partner is very good at it like she was earlier.

(Just what is this? Is this the end?)

He staggered into the alleyway and slid down against the wall. The man who was once unmistakably 『The Strongest and the best』 is no longer there.
The World Champion is becoming more distressed and despairing, not knowing the cause. He has no way of knowing it, but the trigger was the limit of his growth.

『He was gifted and he also worked hard on top of that, and that’s why he never stopped growing. But after reaching the ceiling, his growth begins to drift sideways.』

In other words, having mastered women, he has moved on to the next stage, 『Men』.
But he doesn’t know that.


He was sitting on the cobblestone pavement with his back against a wall and a poster was posted in front of him.
A muscular, mature man wearing black boomerang pants was posing as if to show off his back muscles.
Roses of various sizes decorated the edges of the poster.

(The Rose Cup, huh? It’s held in the Empire, if I remember correctly.)

It was an announcement of a world tournament for men’s flower arrangement held once every two years.
Although he knew about it, he had no further knowledge of it because he had never been interested in it.
But now he stood up, thrust his hands to the sides of the poster, and began to read its contents in detail.


The stage now returns to the main auditorium of the pilot school.
A large crowd was watching the third-place game before the final.

「Wouldn’t it be better if you abstain from fighting for now?」

Before sitting down in the simulation cockpit, the cool beauty headed over to her opponent and called out to her.
This advice is not out of arrogance. It was because the petite girl with dark hair in a bob cut was staggering along, clinging to her cane.

「I admit that the conditions are not good. But this is also something that might happen in a real battle, so please let me fight!」

Black Tights-chan looked up at her from one head below with a strong glint in her eyes.
They have only known each other for a short time, only at the pilot school. However, Cool-san now understood her character in her own way.
Not only is she serious, but she is also extremely stubborn.

「I understand. But sometimes it’s important to step back. Don’t forget that.」

She replied with a sigh and turned on her heel to the simulation cockpit. Behind her, the slender girl in black tights bowed her head.

「Here I come!」

And so began the battle between miniature Knights.
Although there was tension in her voice, Black Tights-chan’s Knight was clearly not moving well. She is probably not sending enough fuel due to her lack of magic power.
She moves forward and swings her sword down in an exaggerated manner, but it was easily repelled by Cool-san’s sword.

(What’s this?)

No one in the hall, perhaps not even the instructor who acted as referee, noticed.
However, Cool-san’s keen eye for observation did not miss the unusual movement of Black Tights-chan.

(This reaction… it’s not possible for a Knight to do that.)

When the slash was struck back with the sword, the enemy Knight retracted its arm, albeit slightly.
The cause was probably the impact transmitted to the arm from the blade of the sword. This is a normal reaction from a human body, but for a Knight, it is strange.

『The pilot moves the Knight as if it were their own body, but does not share his sense of pain.』

This was the reason.
The Knight does not have a flexor reflex, because the pain does not reach the pilot.

(Let’s try out something.)

She dashed rapidly while blocking her opponent’s view with his shield, and kicked her in the shin. As before, the enemy Knight made a reflexive move.
As expected, this time the instructor seemed to have noticed.

(So her senses are completely synced with the Knight. She’s right now, literally, 『becomes one』 with her Knight.)

Cool-san muttered to herself in an envious tone of voice.
A realm she had heard about from her instructor but had never experienced. She does not know, but it is 『the same as Tauro’s normal』.
Black Tights-chan has returned and continues the match, probably because she has not yet returned from the heavenly world. She may be in a state of heightened sensitivity due to the strong lingering sensation.

(Now, how should I do this?)

In terms of maneuvering accuracy, it is great. But there is a drawback. It is because the pilot completely shared senses with the Knight.
This is the reason why Tauro gave up close combat and chose to focus on sniping from a distance.

(Even though it’s just a match, I can’t cut down an opponent who shares a sense of pain with the Knight as expected.)

Cool-san hesitates. However, it was only for a moment, and she came to a decision right away.

(Let’s go with this then.)

Cool-san violently struck her sword against Black Tights-chan’s sword. She kicked the weapon that fell to the ground due to the pain, out of the ring with her toes.
Next, she threw down her sword, pushed her opponent to the floor, and lifted one of her legs to her shoulder.

「Now, go ahead and squeal.」

A finger crawls between the Knight’s legs. The bob-haired Black Tights-chan let out a sweet scream, even though she only traces the base of the inorganic leg.

「I didn’t tell you, but I was strong at flower arrangement, you know? I wonder what about you?」

Her voice was inaudible because of the actual distance of their cockpit. But even if the distance had been closer, it would still have been inaudible.
She was so skillful that she just couldn’t stop letting out her voice. Cool-san was a famous player who dominated the world of women’s flower arrangements in the royal capital together with Light Cruiser-sensei.

「Uaaaaa! Uaaaaaaaaaaa!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!」

She was about to come, but Cool-san didn’t allow it. The sweet but nerve-wracking voices, a mixture of frustration and sadness, echoed through the auditorium.

「Not yet. I won’t let you lose so easily. I’m going to teach you a lesson so that you won’t just be a boorish fighter who charges forward.」

Her actual age, her status in the red-light district, and most importantly, her ability as a pilot. Cool-san, who outperformed Black Tights-chan in every way, decided to educate the athletic girl.
She is basically a person who doesn’t care about other people, and it was probably Tauro’s presence that made her do so.

(She’s the chief’s boss, isn’t she? He would be grieved if she were to fall in battle so soon.)

She squints her eyes and smiles like a bodhisattva, she pats, rubs, and sometimes pushes hard on the good parts of Black Tights-chan’s body while performing various articulation techniques.
She planned to do this orgasm denial to her until the very second before the match time limit. It continued until Cool drew a small 『永』 character on the crotch of Black Tights-chan’s miniature Knight.

「I’m dying! I’m going to die! Please just kill me already!」

A scream of plea that Cool-san made her opponent raise in her school years. And the similar 『Iii—!!』 of 『Doom Squad』. Truly living up to her title as the Monster.
Those series of screams hit the groins of the nobles sitting in the audience seats. Making some of them swallow their saliva.
And it played a role in attracting customers to the red-light district that night.


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