Chapter 331 Part 2

The Knight’s left arm goes behind its back and grabs something and flashes its arm at the approaching miniature Knight.
She must have caught her by surprise. The Knight was struck sideways, causing the opponent to lose her stance and stop in her tracks.
The Knight was able to do this with a whip she had hidden in his hand.

(Don’t think you can avoid it!)

A torrential downpour of whips that doubled in size by being released from each of the two hands. In terms of rainfall per hour, it must have exceeded twenty millimeters.
The power of the whip would have been reduced because it could not carry much weight per swing. However, by erasing the space to move, the whips hit differently than before.

「Now kneel down and scream! You bitch!」

The attacks based on sheer force of numbers gradually erode the endurance of her opponent, leaving them no opportunity to counterattack.

「It’s dirty, right!? In this world, the one who’s so dirty and smells so bad that your nose bleeds is the one who will win!」

Light Instructor-sensei manages to move backward and escape from the whip’s range. Wielding an additional whip in her left hand, the Plain Queen laughs to herself.

「Though, Jayanne’s pure white princess like you would never understand!」

The extra word indicates the color of her opponent’s underwear. Through the Knight’s vision, she could sometimes see the inside of her opponent’s tight skirt.
To return to the story, even though it is just an exam, it was envisioned as a real battlefield. The fact that she had a second whip tucked away was not only a violation of the rules but also a violation of the ladies’ agreement.

(Hiding another weapon like this…. I feel a little bad for my opponent.)

Still, it is probably because of Plain-chan’s good character that there’s a creak in her heart that formed unconsciously for using this kind of cheap trick to counteract her opponent.


The perspective returns once again to Light Cruiser-sensei.
Her thoughts were quite the opposite of that Plain Queen’s, who was simply marveling at her opponents’ underlying strength.

(Just when I think I’m getting close, she manages to push me away. What strength!)

But there is no sign of fear shown on her face. There is only the joy of the battle that lifts her heart.

(Let’s take a gamble. I have nothing to lose whether I win or lose anyway, so let’s take a gamble with everything on the line.)

After nodding to herself, she dropped the shield on her Knight’s left hand without hesitation. She decided to abandon her defense in exchange for lightness.
Then, her eyes turn to the one-handed sword in her right hand.

(The length of its reach is attractive, but it is not comparable to a whip. And the destructive power is hard to throw away but… what should I do?)

After thinking about it a little, she also dropped it to the floor. The reason is that she’s not used to handling a sword.
She held her free hands like a boxer, lightly rounded her back, and made a small leap. She then begins to do a light, rhythmic dance.

(As I thought, this way is the best.)

Two fists trained until they could defeat the Demon of the North. In order to achieve victory in this great battle, she wanted to use the most reliable weapons to her.
And then, Light Cruiser-sensei soared in the air, making an arc with the Plain Queen in the center, shadowing her.
This decision, however, gave her opponent a big misunderstanding.

『For the likes of you, using these bare hands is enough.』

Or so the Plain Queen perceived it. What struck immediately after was a furious storm of whips.

(You still can go faster than before huh? You really are stronger than I imagined.)

Light Cruiser-sensei’s respect towards her opponent, which she doesn’t say out loud, further increases as she avoids the barrage of whips.
As a matter of fact, the amount of magic power the Plain Queen has was about to hit the bottom. Probably because she had been wielding two whips against a powerful opponent.
But her anger had boosted the bottom, even if only temporarily.

(Now then, shall we dance?)

What she showed on her face was a look of ecstasy. Thus, the two, unable to reconcile their thoughts, entered into the final round of their match.


The viewpoint shifted again to Tauro, who is sitting alongside Herbivore Mechanic in the guest of honor’s seat.
He was watching the match without changing his expression while the other audiences around him were in an uproar over Light Cruiser-sensei’s decision to lay down her weapon.

(She’s awakened huh.)

Just as there is something dark in the heart of Plain-chan, there is a shura that lives in Light Cruiser-sensei.
She is called 『Oni Instructor』 by Jayanne’s apprentice girls, and they are terrified of her. But still, it doesn’t appear when she’s teaching.

(It’s only when she’s fighting an opponent equal to or stronger than herself.)

I’m not trying to brag, but I was one of them. Hence, the Shura and I see each other every time I play with her in the store.

(She looks so erotic when it appears like this.)

Although I can’t see her well from this distance, I can imagine her cheeks are flushed red, and a bewitching expression on her face right now. I remember our serious play, and I can’t help but smile vulgarly remembering that appearance.

(Only those who have been on board can understand that pleasure.)

A light cruiser floating on its back in the bed sea. I lean over her, plug in my rudder, and sail out to the open sea.
The first thing that hits me is a series of high waves, so high that the bottom of the ship floats off the bed. If I can withstand it, the next thing that will come is horizontal waves.

(But if I was overturned to the side, she would take the lead from me.)

I was tossed about, but I persisted, turning the helm left and right, trying to keep the hull under control with my skill. The sense of accomplishment I feel when I succeed and survive the storm is really good.
But I can’t let my guard down. Even if the surface of the sea seems calm, it can still set up a wave so huge that it can sink the ship in one hit.

(And it will always appear at the end… the giant wave.)

As expected, I could not handle that thing, even with my excellent ship-handling skills.
The only thing I could do was to keep sending Morse code for rescue by firmly pinching the tips of the two hills in front of me with both fingertips.

(It was close, but I somehow managed to do just that the other day.)

The giant wave had collapsed in the middle, scattering the tide. Otherwise, it would have swallowed me and pulled me down to the warm ocean floor.
Though that would have been very pleasant by itself.

(Endure it, me. I have put a reservation on her.)

The last time I had a chance to see her, she was wriggling uncontrollably like a fish that had just been caught, but a single thrust of the harpoon between my legs had quieted her down.
Remembering that feeling, my son began to point the harpoon upward.

(Calm down there.)

It will be embarrassing if somebody sees me standing there, so I repeatedly took deep breaths and turned my attention back to the match.


And finally, the narrator of the story returns to the Plain Queen.
As if looking for an opening, Light Cruiser-sensei was orbiting around Plain Queen. However, it finally deviated from it and began to fall like a meteorite.

(Moving around like that!)

The Knight’s movements, now that she has thrown away her shield and sword, are far more unpredictable than they were a few moments ago.
But her opponent is the signature Queen of Cassabell. Light Cruiser-sensei was able to get into her bosom, but she got struck sharply and shattered the right arm of her Knight.

(It’s my win!)

What remains is the left side, which is not the dominant arm. Moreover, she’s not using a sword but a fist.
No matter how low her durability is, she will not fall with a single blow from a fist. Before that, the whip on the other side will reach her opponent and incapacitate her.

「Fall and lick the floor!」

The Queen with both sides of her mouth hanging open shouted with bloodshot eyes. Her miniature Knight swings down with its right arm that’s holding a whip in an exaggerated manner.
But before she could see the figure which should have been blown to bits, her vision was forcibly twisted to the side.


The left fist of Light Cruiser-sensei hit her jaw, heart, and solar plexus.
Although these were vital points on a human body, it doesn’t affect a Knight at all. Even so, the damage from the three strikes had drained the strength of the Knight piloted by the Queen.

(…..She’s so fast. It was as if she became lightning itself.)

What replayed in her mind is the last moment of the previous Divine Tournament. It is from when he received Lightning’s 『Lightning Sword』.

(It looks like… I’m not compatible with lightning.)

Bending one side of her face in self-pity, the Plain Queen closes her eyes.

「Match over!」

After the sound of the back of her head crashing to the floor, the instructor, acting as the referee, hurriedly declared. The delay was probably due to the fierce battle he had just witnessed.
What followed was a loud cheer from the audience. The applause was as fierce as their battle.

(First place, Light Cruiser-sensei. Second place, Plain Queen. Third place, Cool-san. And fourth place, Black Tights-chan, huh.)

The regular practical exam at the pilot school ended with these results.
The top four students received the right to participate in the training of the knight order in the fall.


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