Chapter 332 part 1

A golem carriage was proceeding along the road stretching west from the royal capital.
They would arrive at the inn town before evening. They will drop off passengers to spend the night at the inn, and at dawn, they will board the carriage again and depart for Awoke.

『Landbarn, an Empire territory ruled by the Margrave.』

That is the carriage’s last stop. Because of the armistice agreement between the Kingdom and the Empire, regular cross-border transportation had been restored.

(I’m bored…)

He is a 30-year-old man with a clean-shaven face, sitting by the window with his cheekbones propped up, gazing at the scenery with a disinterested look on his face.
He is the coach of the boys’ flower arrangement club at a school in the royal capital. His destination is Rose Castle, a castle northwest of the capital.

『Rose Cup, the world championship for men’s flower arrangement.』

He took a long vacation to watch the biennial men’s festival.
Once in Landbarn, he would switch carriage to the Imperial Capital, and there, he would find a ride to the Rose Castle.
The coach sighed, probably because he thought of the long trip ahead.

『It’s the first time in my life that I went on a trip crossing the border.』

But for many, this is reality. The only human sphere of influence is around the cities and the roads that connect them.
Although there are border lines on the map, if you go outside of the cities, you will find yourself in a dangerous area overrun by monsters and beasts.

(It wasn’t that bad at the beginning, but as expected I grew bored of this scenery by now.)

So this is probably too much of an extravagant opinion. Even for a route that only goes back and forth once every two years.
By the way, the coach is poorer than the average person. He is a coach and temporary teacher for the men’s flower arrangement club, but his salary is low because of the club’s poor performance.

『Spending all the time and money to watch the Rose Cup.』

It is only possible because he’s careful and selective with his savings and spending.
In the meantime, the golem carriage arrives safely at a small inn town. Mingling with the flow of people heading to the inn, the coach shrugs and exhales.

(There’s nothing to do at the inn either, just as there’s nothing to do in the middle of our journey here in the carriage.)

Inn maids for male customers and errand boys for female customers. You can call them to your room if you pay extra for the inn.
But that is a luxury allowed only to those who are heading to Awoke for a night or two. The coach’s journey had just begun.

(My budget is very limited. I must save for the travel expenses.)

Besides, in an inn town of this size, there is no errand boy who would willing to play with another man.
After convincing himself, the coach checked into the inn. After putting his luggage in his room, he headed for the dining room to have a meal.

(Let’s go to the bath. It shouldn’t be too crowded by now.)

The 30-year-old coach finishes his meal quickly while ignoring the people behind him who are enjoying themselves with bottles of sake in their hands. In the evening, he went to the public bathhouse, brushing his rough cheeks.
As expected, there were only a few people there.

(Why is this guy sitting beside me? There’s plenty of space here.)

He raised his eyebrows in discomfort because a man sat right next to him while he was shaving. It was a slightly thick, middle-aged man with a scar on his back that could be seen from the side.


He doesn’t know if it is people or a magical beast, but the man must have some experience in combat. Thinking this, the coach stops complaining and starts washing his body.
But soon, he realizes something.

(This bastard, he’s looking at my crotch.)

It was just for a glance, but there is no doubt about it.
The man himself may think he is being careful not to be noticed. However, the person being watched can see it quite clearly.

(Could it be that he’s the same type of guy as I am?)

The Rose Cup is just a few days away. It is possible that the old man beside him is heading for the same place.
It would make sense, but he couldn’t be sure at this point.

(He somehow looks familiar though.)

When he looked back at the other man’s face with a sideways glance, the thick middle-aged man hurriedly looked away. And then he moved his eyes down to try to look at the man’s crotch, but he closed his knees as if to hide it this time.
If they are indeed the same type of guy, he must be a beginner, he thought. He’s probably never done it with fellow men before.

(Is it really fine? I’m the kind of guy who will eat a virgin simply because he’s interested in it.)

The coach thinks with an aggressive smile on the edge of his mouth.

(Let’s try it I guess.)

If he guesses off, it will surely be awkward. But that’s only until Landbarn. If, on the other hand, it was a hit, it would be a comfort for the long journey.
He nodded his head and then made a bold move. He got up from the chair and daringly washed his crotch at the height of the middle-aged man’s face.

(There’s doubt about it. I can feel your hot gaze on me, so hot that it could burn.)

Every time it swung up, the middle-aged man’s eyes turned toward him.

(This is not the time to soak in the bathtub you know?)

Convinced, the coach chuckled, and after removing the foam with the shower, he went ahead and got out while shaking his ass invitingly.
Then, after changing, he stood in the hallway outside the changing rooms with one hand against the wall, waiting for the middle-aged man.

「Oi, you. You’ve been looking at me, haven’t you?」

As if chasing, or rather, being lured by him, the slightly burly, middle-aged man appeared.
When the coach looks at him from the front and tells him in a firm tone of voice, he looks very flustered and his gaze wanders.

(…He doesn’t even realize he’s awakened and gets confused.)

The coach, judging from experience, smiles even more. Without waiting for the old man’s reply, he put his arm around him and clasped his shoulders.
The burly, middle-aged man was surprised but did not resist.

「Let’s go to my room and play a bit, shall we?」

The coach, convinced by his successful hunt, pushes his way to his room to take it home.
There is no doubt that he will enjoy it tonight. And if his destination is indeed the Rose Castle, same as him, the feast and singing will continue tomorrow and beyond.

(This trip is going to be a lot less boring after all.)

The 30-year-old man with a clean-shaven face licked his lips and swallowed his saliva.


At about the same time, this is the high-class brothel in the red-light district of the royal capital.
In the lobby, a middle-aged man with barely any hair left on the back of his neck was being overwhelmed by the beautiful princesses sitting on the platform.

(As expected of a high-class brothel. This is really amazing.)

This old man’s name is Andale. He is a shopkeeper who runs a 『Pharmacist Store』 in the royal capital shopping district.
He frequents go-go bars and low-class brothels and only comes to middle-class brothels on special occasions. So then why is he here? The reason is his son-in-law’s thoughtful act.

『Thank you for everything, father-in-law. Please take it easy today and get some vacation.』

She said as she handed him a small bag adorned with ribbons.
Inside were a few gold coins and a business card for a recommended brothel. For a moment, Andale had to endure his nose from twitching in excitement.

(I thought I was hated but turns out it was just my imagination. I’m ashamed of myself who thought so.)

His son-in-law’s previous job was as a member of the platform man in a brothel for women. From there, he is now the heir to a pharmacist-specialized store, so his knowledge is not at all sufficient.
Therefore, Andale had to be very careful in preparing him for his job.

(He must’ve been through hard times.)

But the kind-hearted son-in-law, who looked like a bear, was grateful rather than resentful.

(He’s really too good of a man for both me and my daughter.)

While recalling this, the bald middle-aged man searches for a beautiful woman with large breasts, the exact opposite of his wife from the corner of his eyes. He sees a pair of eyes staring at him from the counter.
It was a classy old man who was the concierge of this high-class brothel.

(….I can’t decide.)

But Andale, who can’t stop his eyes from wandering, doesn’t have time to notice the stares.
He is the very image of a student hesitating in front of expensive materials at a pharmacist store, pacing back and forth in front of the platform.


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