Chapter 332 part 2

『Should I buy this, or should I not.』

It even looked like a strange dance, as the student moved back and forth between the shelves and the counter with the items in his hands, struggling like Hamlet.

(I look like a suspicious person.)

The fat old man frowns at his current self in retrospect. However, he just can’t take the plunge.

「Customer-sama. May I have a bit of your time, please?」

So when he was approached by the old gentleman accompanied by a young man who looked like a bodyguard, he thought, 『Ah, I knew it』.
That is probably why he obeyed him with a contemplative look on his face.

「Please wait a minute.」

The old man disappeared, leaving the bodyguard with him after they led him to a room at the back. After a few moments, he returned with two people.
It was a mature gentleman and a young woman. Andale’s eyes widened at the sight of the woman, and after a beat, he screamed in his mind.

(Isn’t she the Heroine who defeated the Grim Reaper!?)

She has firm, ample breasts and a slender waist. And a big but firm buttock line. He only saw her in a special issue of Divine Tournament magazine, but there is no doubt about it.
He has seen her many times in his room with a magazine in hand after his family has gone to bed.

(She’s so sexy up close!)

The fat, bald, middle-aged man’s eyes are glued to the curves of her body. The gentleman and lady looked at him and gave a small shake of their heads to the side toward the old man.
The old man shrugged his shoulders, put his hand on the back of his head, and apologetically lowered his head toward Andale.

「My deepest apologies.」

He told him that a person of similar stature to himself had committed a misdeed in Jayanne. They say they are almost identical except for the hair.

(You can cut your hair, but not grow it after all.)

They must have thought the preparator disguised himself by shaving his head.
It was a huge mistake, but he couldn’t get angry with them. He was very aware that he had behaved strangely.

「It is understandable. I would’ve doubted it myself if I were you.」

The old man smiled with relief when he replied as such. When he continued, 『For an apology, you can play free of charge』, Explosive Onee-san interrupted him.

「It was my carelessness that caused this in the first place. So please let me take responsibility too.」

That means that the top of Jayanne’s list offers to play with Andale for free.
Looking next to her in disbelief, the mature gentleman nodded his approval.

「Or am I not good enough?」

She closes the distance to the point of almost touching him and gently breathes into his ear canal while lifting her finger up from his throat to his chin.
Andale’s body begins to shake as he feels her body heat, her breath, and her scent. The sex appeal is so great that it took him his all just to say, 『No, that’s not true』.

「Then, please treat me well.」

“I’ll take one of the rooms, okay?” She continued at the concierge as she intertwined her arms with Andale and headed for the playroom.


And then it begins their alone time together.
Her ample breast and butt trembled as the middle-aged man in front of her looked similar to the World Champion.

(I won’t give up the initiative.)

Even though she knew it was a different person, she could not suppress her burning fighting spirit.
After the initial touching, she pushed him down on his back on the bed, climbed on top of him, and welcomed him inside her.

(How is it?)

Her eyes never leave the old man’s while she continuously attacks him like a pile driver. She is looking for a weak point in the ground from his reaction.
However, there is no coldness in her expression; on the contrary, her cheeks are peach-colored, and her eyes are upturned. The reason for this is that she is catching the top of the rising pile at her own sweet spot.

『The customer won’t be happy if the woman’s side doesn’t seem to feel good.』

Explosive Onee-san believes so and practices it. Of course, this depends on the person she is dealing with, and she would never do this to Dr. Slime.

「You’re about to finish? No, I won’t let you finish yet.」

The voluptuous beauty puts pressure on the entire stake with her well-trained body. She won’t allow it to overflow and use her whole body to stroke it up and down.

「Come on! How about this!」

The intense rush of the ride was launched by the Explosive Onee-san.
Andale’s pleasure curve, which she has grasped through her analysis. When it was brought to its peak, the stake was released.

『Wouldn’t this shorten the lifespan?』

The old man spat out a large amount of life essence with such force that he himself was terrified.


Explosive Onee-san immediately sinks her hips deep into his stomach and drinks every drop down into her belly jar. She has definitely climaxed, though not to the point of losing herself.
The subtle twitching of her abdominal muscles that indicated that she had climaxed gave the bald, slightly overweight man a great sense of accomplishment.

「We’re only halfway through the time limit. Let’s have some more fun, okay?」

After a brief pause, Explosive Onee-san whispered in his ear.
Those words which he heard in a state of ecstasy, may have been the trigger. The middle-aged man, who has no hair left except on the back of his head, releases his animalistic and infantile nature. Then he attacks from the front.

「My my, you sure like breasts huh.」

Andale squeezes her firm, ample breasts, lifting them up from below.
Explosive Onee-san’s tone at the end of her sentence was a bit sweet, as one of the hard, pointed protrusions began to be sucked furiously.

「Don’t use your teeth, okay?」

For a moment, she frowned and pulled off him. But the bald old man does not give up.
He opens his mouth wide and takes a breath, then forcefully sucks on the neighboring pointy head and sucks noisily again.

「What can I do with you…」

Like a mother breastfeeding her own child, the beautiful woman with too much sex appeal to be a holy mother, patting his hairless head with a gentle, loving expression.
The second round began as Andale pushed her down.
Thus the gift from the son-in-law to the stepfather became the best gift, albeit not like what it had initially planned.


The stage moves a little further south from the red-light district to the northern edge of downtown.
The top floor of a partially three-story building with a garden on the second-floor rooftop. On the bath towels laid out in the living room, the familiars were gathering, as usual, enjoying a happy time with the master.

「――The enemy swung their sword in front of Unicorn’s Knight who fell on its butt. There was already no time to escape, and just when everyone thought it was over」

I’m talking passionately about the 『Pilot school regular practical exam』 that took place at noon today. It was the semi-final battle between Unicorn and Light Cruiser-sensei.
The fifth instar larvae of the swallowtail butterfly and the dung beetle listen to it leaning their bodies forward while emitting excited waves.

『Hurry up, hurry up.』

『Tell us what happens next.』

Imosuke and Dangorou came up to my knees and wriggled around on their feet.
I felt my throat get scratchy and sipped some water, but it seemed I was in the wrong place to cut off the story.

「Strangely enough, Unicorn survived the direct hit. Even I thought she would never make it.」

The two looked at each other and nodded. While the other familiar, a turtle is lying on the floor with its chin on the floor, but listening, as usual.

「You gave her a blessing?」

Dangorou nodded. He said that he had sensed that his subordinates were in danger, so he had activated it on the spur of the moment.
He said he wasn’t sure if it was possible to do so if the receiver is far away, but he was convinced after hearing me talk about it.

「That’s amazing, I was surprised you know?」

When I stroke him with my finger, the general of the 『Doom Squad』 curls up happily. Seeing him like that, it occurred to me.
That time, Cool-san’s Knight curled itself up and became a wheel, chasing down Light Cruiser-sensei. I wonder if the two were connected.


I was wondering about the subtle reaction, and he told me that he advised her to 『Curl up to protect herself 』 but he didn’t think nor told her anything about 『Fighting by ramming herself onto her opponent』.
Cool-san came up with the idea by herself after hearing Dangorou’s advice.

(His voice and power reached her who was far away, albeit for a moment. They’re both good at spinning, so maybe they’re a good match.)

The general and the monster who are both a part of our evil secret organization. It is very good that their relationship is good.
As I close my eyes and nod my head, the dung beetle tickles my knee.

「You want me to tell you the details so you can practice it?」

Looks like he wants to learn 『Giant Wheel』 himself. When he heard that Cool-san lost, he was motivated to avenge her.

「Can’t be helped then. Let’s ask everyone else to help too.」

It’s very unlikely that the rematch will happen. But I don’t want to disrespect the feelings of my subordinate.
What started after that was him rolling on the bath towel and Zaratan catching him with his shell. Then the turtle would push him back with his head, along with Imosuke.

(It’s more like playing catch, or maybe toddler soccer practice.)

After four or five times, the ball’s eyes rolled, so we ended tonight’s discussion.
Then I mention a matter I forgot to tell them.

「Ah, I forgot, there’s a message from Unicorn. She said she was going to visit tomorrow night.」

As I was leaving the venue, she told me, 『I’m going to visit to give my thanks』.
Since we had only passed each other for a short time, I could not ask her what it was about. But now I understand. It must be about the blessing Dangorou granted her.



The vice chief and the general seem looking forward to seeing their subordinates. And then there’s the old turtle, who is always there to give his advice.

「I’ll give you a lift. Come here.」

I went out into the garden with my familiars, a caterpillar on my head, a dung beetle on my shoulder, and a turtle I carried in my hand.


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