Chapter 334 part 1

The main street stretches westward from the central square of the royal capital. This is the center of the red-light district, and the three families and most high-class brothels are built facing the street.
There’s a newly opened brothel located in a narrow alley a few streets south of there.

『Brothel School.』

This is a store that 『The Revolutioner』, a businessman who was known throughout the red-light district has finally opened.
A dim alley under a bright sky. A boy stands motionless in front of a brothel school. He is probably on his way home from school, judging from the uniform he is wearing.

(I’ve come all the way here but… isn’t this too cheap?)

He had chosen the brothel based on price, but he got worried at the last minute.

『I want a woman so bad I can’t help it anymore.』

It should be the same for everyone in their mid-teens. However, the boy whose only income is the allowance he got from his parents does not have the money to go to a brothel, even a lower-class one.
The only places that might be affordable for him are go-go bars or compensated dating cafes, but both of these places are collective businesses with women as sole proprietors. To get a cheap deal, you need to have the right skills.

『The price is up to negotiation. After taking the girls out, they will ask you for food and shopping, but you just have to brush them off and take them to the rest area.』

It would be harsh to ask this of the young boy. His experience with brothels was only one.
He was conscious of this, and the only option was a brothel with transparent billing practices where he could make a complaint to the concierge.

(I want to go, but I don’t have money.)

While agonizing over these thoughts, he received a flyer at the central square yesterday.
His eyes went wide at the unbelievable price tag for a brothel, then went home, smashed his piggy bank, and confirmed that he had enough. If he didn’t have a curfew, he would have run straight out the door.

(No, it’ll be alright. Yes, everything will be alright.)

Pushed by his lust, the boy steps into the store with a small bag of silver and copper coins in his pocket.
But when he sees the interior, his hope fades and his anxiety grows.

(It’s completely different from the store I went to last time.)

He had imagined a platform on which beautiful-looking women sat. In contrast, in front of him was only a tired, skinny old man sitting at an old wooden counter and a door at the back of the room.
As he approaches the counter with a quizzical look in his eyes, the boy remembers what happened last time.

「We have to get that little one to graduate too.」

These words were uttered by his father about six months ago when he was lightly drunk after a night of drinking. On the night of his graduation from middle school, the boy followed his father to the red-light district.

「This is the store. Don’t get too lost in front of the platform and bother other customers, alright?」

Although the brothel he entered was a low-class one, the shock the boy received was extremely great.
If we were to compare it to Tauro’s previous life, it would be comparable to 『a child being taken to a world-class theme park for the first time』.

(That was nice.)

When the boy returned home after successfully graduating, his mother who welcomed him home laughed hysterically at his face with eyes moistened like a maiden’s.
Fascinated by the dream he had that night to the point of soiling his underwear, he naturally begged his parents to let him go back. The answer, however, was, 『Go by yourself』.
From then on, he worked hard at his studies, helped out more with the household chores, and earned an increase in his allowance.

(This is the money I’ve saved since forever.)

After he’s done reminiscing, he touches the sack over his pants.
It may not be a lot of money for a grown-up man, but for a boy, it’s a lot of money. It is understandable that he is cautious.
Whether he realizes it or not, the skinny, tired middle-aged man opens his mouth with a wry smile.

「Welcome to our establishment, dear customer.」

After he greeted the young boy, he began to explain the store’s system.

「The in-store stay fee and play options are a double feature here.」

The old man points his palm toward a blue tag attached to a string that hangs from his neck and a paper ticket on the counter.
The blue tag is the entry permit will start turning red right after passing through the back door. It takes about two hours for it to turn completely red, and when it fades to black, it means the time has expired.

「The interior is a school-like setting, with a female teacher and female students taking classes. And the customers’ position is that of an invisible presence to them.」

Therefore, the customers can do as much mischief as they want. However, since they are only treated as 『existence that shouldn’t be there』, they should not expect a reaction like 『 Surprise after being touched by an invisible person』 from the women.

「Looking, touching over the clothes, and stroking the exposed skin such as the thighs are fine. However, you may not remove their clothes or put your hand inside their underwear and grope them.」

From there, it is optional and requires a ticket. They can do or have them do anything you want for about ten minutes per ticket.

「However, we charge triple the ticket for female teachers.」

To the young boy’s surprise, this brothel is also a real school, where you can get a proper diploma.
The female teachers were set at a high price, probably because they would not be able to teach classes if they were swarmed by customers.

(I see.)

It was cheap because it’s half school half brothel. Somehow, the boy guessed the reason, and the anxiety he was feeling was replaced by hope.

「Okay, I understand. Please give me a blue slip and one ticket.」

After a bit of hesitation, the boy looked up and told the old man. 
The amount on the flyer was the base price and did not include optional extras. One ticket would completely empty his wallet.

『Enjoy the time from the entry fee fully and use the ticket to finish up in the end.』

The only way he can satisfy himself, however, is to do this, and there is no point in coming here if he didn’t do it until he cum. He thought about it in his own way and made a decision.

「Thank you for your patronage. This way, please.」

The boy took the tag and ticket from the old man put the string around his neck, and lowered the tag to his chest. Next, he put the ticket in his pants pocket and pushed open the door at the back.


A not-very-long windowless hallway stretched beyond the door. There was a sliding door next to the end of the hallway, so he opened it.
When the boy saw the scene behind the door, he let out an understanding voice in his mind.

(It certainly looks like a school.)

Twenty desks, four rows horizontally and, five vertically, are lined up in a large room with a rather plain backdrop. All of them are occupied by girls dressed in sailor-style uniforms that are so popular these days.
The boy entered the classroom from the rear door. Beyond the back of the girls with thin sailor uniforms and visible bra lines, a female teacher in her thirties with heavy make-up was teaching.

(There are some other customers too.)

About four male customers are sitting on chairs with female students on their laps. Walking around the corner of the classroom toward the blackboard, the boy looked to the side and saw the girls taking notes with their voices muffled while their breasts were being squeezed.
I guess this is how they treat the 『Invisible』 customers.

(Over here too.)

I could see from the side that there were men hiding under the desk as well. They range in age from old men to those around his own age.
When he proceeded to the blackboard, he discovered that there were customers inside the teacher’s table as well. They were sticking their heads inside the skirt of the female teacher who is in a half-sitting position, pressing their faces against the base of her skirt and moving their heads from side to side.

(No wonder the end of her sentence is weird.)

She gripped both sides of the table tightly with her hands and explained the textbook in a strange accent.
To be the teacher’s partner will require three tickets, but it seems that if the deed is within the price of admission, the treatment is the same as for the female students.

(Alright then, I should get started too.)

He looked at all of the girls’ faces from the front and went to the girl he liked best among those without customers.
The fact that there was no reaction even when he entered the girl’s field of vision as if he became an invisible person was refreshing for him.

(I wonder if I can get her to stand up.)

The girl lifts her hands under her arms and lifts her hips as if she has no weight. Although he is treated as 『something that doesn’t exist』, she seems to comply with the customers’ wishes.
The boy sits down in the chair and sits her on his lap, just as the young man next to him is doing.

(……It’s like I’m groping my classmate’s breasts.)

And the other person is a girl of his type. No, in terms of quality, she is better than the girl in the same class he’s interested in.
He is enjoying the elasticity of such a female student’s breasts, cupping them in his hands. It must’ve been quite the feel for the seasoning of a play.

(I can even see it through her clothes. The tip is getting harder.)

He’s holding back, but every time he opens and closes his hands, the thin body in his arms flinches. He could tell that her breathing was shallow and quickening because he was in close contact with her.
The sound of her voice leaking out from time to time and the sound of her swallowing her spit over and over again only added to the boy’s excitement.


The boy shoots out his load while his pants are still on after she moved her butt in a lewd manner.
He looked sideways at the girl’s face, but her eyes remained fixed on the notebook on her desk. But she was writing something that had nothing to do with the class.

『Did it feel good?』

Obviously, it was meant for him.
For a moment, he tries to open his mouth to reply but decides not to, and lays his own hand on the small, smooth hand holding the pen.

『It does, very much.』

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