Chapter 338 part 1

Even though the World Tree has collapsed and burnt fields are scattered among the charred and withered trees, the Spirit Forest is still alive.
Grass and new sprouts appeared, feeding on the magical power that could be described as a lingering scent. They sustained the lives of insects, beasts, and magic beasts.

(This is….)

A young Heavy Lancer tilts his head in puzzlement. Ahead of his gaze, he sees a medium-sized boar-shaped magic beast lying on the ground, and rats clinging to it.
If that were all, it would not be an unusual sight. However, the rats had broken through the skin, gnawed a hole in the skull, and burrowed inside to eat the brain.

(Why only its head is…)

Normally, the first thing to go is the internal organs, followed by the meat. It is quite unusual for beasts to discard the internal organs and go for the contents inside the hard skull.
However, the young Heavy Lancer turns his head away and moves his feet to go around it.

(I’m hungry…)

There were far more important things to do. To satisfy his hunger, he had to find grass to feed on.
Looking around at the sparsely inhabited surroundings, the Heavy Lancer sniffs sadly.

『Leave the forest to find a new place.』

Many animals, magic beasts, and spirit beasts have decided to do so and have disappeared from the forest.

(Shouldn’t we also do the same?)

It still thinks so. Because there was still not enough grass even with less competition and it was being uprooted and eaten before it could grow.
Because of this, the wasteland was steadily expanding.
However, the herd leader, to whom this young animal belongs, chose to stay.

『They will all die without reaching any good place.』

The leader must have feared that possibility.
After running his eyes over his own body, the Heavy Lancer breathes heavily through his nose and shakes his head from side to side.

The protruding ribs and hollow belly. It is impossible to travel once one has become so skinny. There’s no longer any choice for them.
(It is too late now.)

The large, supposedly extremely powerful magic beast begins to move its legs unreliably through the charred trees.
The herd had been invited to move to the Garden Forest before the forest was engulfed in fire. But what it doesn’t know is that the leader had refused.


It is just after sunset in the royal capital.
Having finished all of today’s business, I leave the knight hangar and walk westward along the main street of the shopping district.

(Well, whatever it is, I’m glad it’s settled.)

I was worried about the claims from the sugar merchant, but it was cleared up without any problems. So my steps are light.
I quickly reach the central square, cross it, dodging the people who are on their way home from work, and enter the red-light district.

(I feel sorry for Corneal-san, but I’m gonna go and try it out myself first.)

My destination is the Brothel School.
This was born out of a conversation between the Revolutioner, myself, and my best friend, Corneal.
Originally, I wanted to take the first step together with the young muscle guy who came up with the idea. However, he had already told me that he would be too busy for the club activities for a while.

(Unlike me, he’s one of the people who supported the country after all.)

He may look like an unattractive, perverted macho man, but his main profession is a pilot of the Kingdom knight order. He is also the number three pilot of the knight order, driving an A-class Knight, 『Viking』.
He must have a lot of troublesome tasks piled up on his desk.

(Just ahead of this road huh.)

After cheering for my best friend in my heart, I enter an alleyway in the red-light district with a flyer in my hand.
After looking at the rough map, I found a store lined with festive floral decorations. I enter and find a thin, middle-aged man with a tired look sitting at the counter in front of me.

[Congratulations on the opening of this store. I came to visit as soon as I could.]

The thin middle-aged man is surprised when he saw me but then his cheeks relax and a smile formed on his face.
He doesn’t look energetic at all but looks can be deceiving.
Although I have not heard him say it from his own mouth, he is someone called the 『Revolutioner of the industry』 who is creating a new wave of innovation in the red-light district.

[I have tried to formulate it in my own way, but I’m not sure if it will meet your expectations.]

So he said, but he looks confident about it. His expression is cheerful.

[Don’t worry about the payment.]

It’s probably an offer out of courtesy, but I politely decline. I pay the regular admission fee, buy about half a dozen tickets, and head for the door at the back that seems to lead to the classroom.

[Please let me know what you think later.]

I raised one hand at the voice behind me and pushed the door open.

(I see I see.)

As I proceeded down the windowless hallway, next to the end of the hall was a sliding door. Sliding it open, I found that inside was indeed a school classroom.
Arranged in an orderly fashion were about 20 wooden desks and chairs. I looked at the backs of the girls sitting on them as I sneaked in, feeling nostalgic as if I had been late for school.

(Oh? Too bad, it’s just time for recess.)

It was while I was still looking over from the far end of the classroom.
The bell hanging from the center of the room and a metal tongue inside, a clapper, I think it was called, swung automatically and made a loud but clear ringing sound.
After a short pause, the teacher, a thirty-something woman with heavy makeup, left the room. The female students followed her out of their seats.


Schoolgirls in their mid-teens are having lively chats with each other. About a third of them have customers clinging to their bodies.
A young man sticks his hands in both pockets of a girl’s skirt from behind while sniffing her hair as he walks.
Or a boy whose eyes are bloodshot and who rubs the girl’s chest as if he is avenging his parents’ death.

(Ahh as I thought.)

Basically, the customer was treated as a 『thing that doesn’t exist』, but it seems that the boy’s way of doing things was rough.
The girl’s face contorted and she whispered a complaint she laid her own hand on the hand that rubs her from behind.

(It seems he gets it.)

The boy immediately retracts his hand and apologizes in a whisper. I nodded with a warm feeling at that sight.

(That’s right. Every man goes down that road at least once.)

They don’t understand because their breasts don’t expand unlike a girl would. It is the same as a girl not understanding the pain of being kicked in the groin.
This is how boys gain experience and gradually become adults.

(Then, we shall go too.)

I casually pat one of the schoolgirls’ in her butt from behind, which is covered by the skirt of her uniform.
It must still be new. The pleated skirt’s neatly arranged vertical folds are pleasant to the touch.

(Big or small, firm or soft.)

I appreciate the various characteristics in the palm of my hand as a gentle breeze passes by.
Then I imitate the young man and boy from earlier. Wrapping my hands around the girl’s breasts from behind and enjoying the scent of her well-groomed hair.

(Ahh…. I’m healed.)

Making them squeal sweetly by thrusting and twisting myself inside her isn’t the only thing to be enjoyed.
I went under the desk as the class resumed, and while listening to the lecture with my skin between the skirt and knee-high socks as a pillow, I thought about the workings of human sexual activity.

(The desire to procreate, the desire to win and dominate.)

Other than that, there’s also something like, 『I want to please a woman even if it means risking my life』.

『Dedication and self-sacrifice are the essences of a warrior.』

It is not surprising that these things are imprinted in our instincts, like the worker bee that protects the hive and its larvae. And doing things that satisfy our instincts feels very good.

(This is bad… I’m getting sleepy.)

It’s part of my nature to get sleepy when I start thinking about difficult things. I shoved my face between her thighs and took a deep breath, then I resigned under the desk and turned to stand facing the blackboard.
The view from there was truly amazing, with schoolgirls’ bras showing through the back of their sailor uniforms.

(….Let’s try it out.)

A thought occurs to me, and I took out a ticket and tear it off.
The blue ticket around my neck, which is my admission card. I held it up from behind to the girl in front of me as it began to flicker.
Next, I reach behind her back and unhook her bra without hesitation.

(Now comes the hard part.)

Short sleeves of summer clothes. I insert my hand from under that armpit and drop the straps that hang over the right and left shoulder. Next, I pulled out one arm and pulled the bra body with my right hand.

(Did I take it off?)

The cups were obstructed by the twin dunes and progress was slow, but I continued to pull the bra gently and quietly. Then, not long after, the intricately shaped cloth settled in my hand.

(Don’t worry. I won’t take it with me.)

I went around to the front and looked inside her skirt and confirmed that the top and bottom underwear were the same color. It doesn’t make any particular sense, but I was convinced.
After that, I pressed the bra against my face, enjoying the body heat and scent, and then put it inside the desk.

(I think I could do a little better with more practice.)

It may not be possible to pull it out as I passed by them, but I may be able to unhook it with a single fingertip.
It doesn’t have to be Plain-chan, but I wonder what would happen if I do it to the Queen in Cassabell?


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