Chapter 339 part 2

At around the same time, in the royal capital of the Kingdom, I was having dinner at a brothel with a friend of mine.

「Good work today, Corneal-san.」

A muscular young man sitting alone on a three-seat sofa facing each other. His right arm is wrapped around the shoulder of a married woman next to him, and the other rests on the married woman’s daughter on his left side.
In other words, he’s holding two flowers in each hand, while being fed by the mother-daughter pair.

「I’m sorry to bother you. Even though I’m the one who wanted to ask for your advice.」

He receives a mouthful of meat from the married woman, chews it lightly, and replies after swallowing it.
It’s a 『No-hand store』-style meal, but this is Cione, one of the big three in the royal capital. A super high-class brothel that serves magical girls and oyakodon.

『He’s been a little off lately. Why don’t you go talk to him?』

So the guild master of the merchant guild told me. I was advised by the well-informed Goblin Jii-chan, so I prepared the place and invited him albeit a little forcefully.

「So, how was it? This play?」

I received skin-warm water from the mouth of a fluffy girl with small breasts and butt and replied after quenching my throat.
Actually, this is my idea and the first public release. Seeing the Revolutioner’s work must’ve inspired me. I wanted to make something myself.

(I don’t mean to be a big jerk or anything.)

Why? Because the content is simple.

『Call the sideline magical girl and her mother to the playroom and make them feed the room service food to you mouth-to-mouth.』

That’s it.
Of course, once your appetite is satisfied, your sexual need is next. And that would be the end of the set.

「How should I put it… It is more stimulating than ordinary oyakodon. But like, I guess it feels a bit immoral?」

Corneal stopped the long, drawn-out kiss with the married woman and answered after licking his lips. The married woman blushes, probably because she thinks as much.

「Is it because you’re mainly kissing each other deeply and exchanging saliva with each other?」

Despite continuously doing so, the number three of the knight order tilted his thick head, as if he was not convinced.
With my left and right hands, I gropped the other breasts which were different in size, hardness, and age, and spoke my own thoughts.

「As I thought, the presence of the daughter played a big part in it.」

A breathtakingly long kiss with another man in front of her own daughter. And she has to accept it.

「It may not be the best way to describe it, but it feels like you have taken over their household, or something like that.」

The married woman next to Corneal bites her lower lip at my words and turns increasingly red. When I glanced to the side, this married woman too similarly went red as her eyes ran to the side.
But neither of the daughters’ reactions is strong. The fluffy girl at my place lightly licked my earhole and then whispered in a small but strong voice.

「Please don’t tease mother too much. It’s bad manners to bring up family matters during play, you know?」

That’s certainly true, so we apologized to the ladies. After that, we proceeded to concentrate on playing pranks on them and getting them to feed us.
When we had roughly finished our meal, Corneal cut to the main topic.

「Actually, the Queen has refused to participate in the training. If it’s just her, then there would be no problem but… if it continues, it would be a little bit bad.」

At any rate, there is a shortage of human resources. It seems that this is growing to be a bigger problem than anything else in the Kingdom knight order.
That’s why they want me to know about other developments.

(So this is what’s been troubling him, huh?)

I wonder for a moment if it is a topic that’s safe to be heard by other people while we’re talking about it. But I guess there shouldn’t be any problem.

(A brothel is a place for socializing. Especially if it’s brothels like the big three, the workers will not divulge any information.)

That is why I chose this place today instead of the Brothel School.
Still, just in case, I’m fingering the mother and daughter pair on both sides of me while I’m speaking to keep them from overhearing what I’m going to say.

「Um, I’m sorry Tauro-san. Could you please turn down the volume a little?」

It seems he can’t hear me. It seems that I turned up their volume a little too high.

(There we go.)

I reduced the volume by adjusting the movement of my fingers that went into the skirt of the married woman and her daughter. I limit it to rough breathing and the occasional groan.

「Looking at them recently, I don’t think you can put much hope in the first place and third place. The fourth place, however, I can say that she will definitely participate.」

Light Cruiser-sensei, the winner of the regular practical exam, and Cool-san, who placed third, can’t be expected to participate in the training. Only the petite and slender kouhai-chan, who has small breasts and butt, is eagerly waiting for this year’s exam.
When I told him that, the macho man drooped his head and exhaled as if his life was being drained from him.

「Is there anything we can do to change their mind?」

Even if you ask me that, their answer won’t change.

「Isn’t the problem lies in the knight order for not being able to make them interested in joining when they enrolled in the pilot school?」

I had told him in advance. 『They might have the talent for it, but I can’t be sure if they would want to be a member of the knight order』.

「I thought so. I had warned them a few times myself, but no one seem to be taking it seriously enough even now.」

That I can understand.

『No one wouldn’t be happy to be invited to join the knight order.』

It’s a common mindset among the higher-ups. Change 『Invite』 to 『Grace』, and you’ll see it everywhere.
It is true that it applies to almost everyone, so it would be a mistake to say it’s false. However, there are exceptions to everything.
After sighing once again, Corneal opened his mouth.

「Tauro-san. If I were invited to dinner by the Knight Commander, would you come with me, please?」

A meal? With the knight commander?
Normally, it would be a thank you for introducing someone who seemed to have the talent. However, this doesn’t apply to the knight order.

「I won’t. Not a chance. Never. Regardless of the fact that I am just an outsider, I still won’t go even as a normal person.」

I firmly refused.
The somewhat unattractive, muscular young man probably didn’t mean it and just joking around. He laughed weakly and apologized to me.

「Hm? What is it?」

Corneal asked the magical girl on his left as he continued. She was fidgeting earlier as if she has something to say.
Even now, the young man’s blunt fingers are still diving into her clothing, pressing and stroking the barely bulging tip. But I don’t think this reaction is due to stimulation from that.

「…Um, actually, I failed the pilot school exam. So, I was wondering if you could tell me what I need to focus on or something.」

As a professional worker in the entertainment business, she probably didn’t want to let her personal feelings get in the way and overstep her boundaries.
There is nothing wrong with replying “no” or just play it off by giving her some random appropriate advice. However, since we’re here anyway, I decided to offer a helping hand.

「Corneal-san, how about we do that? The blindfold.」

It’s what I used to train the sluggish athletic bob-haired Black Tights-chan in the 『Uniform Specialty Store』 sometimes ago.
Corneal has also visited the store several times as a customer and given her a severe love lance.

「That’s a good idea. And while we’re at it, why don’t we use the 『Kidnapped mother and daughter』 setting too?」

The young man replied with an additional idea as his face regained a little bit of brightness.

(I Hope this can be a change of pace for him.)

This is the least I can do.

「Then let’s all do it together. Please have the apprentice bring a black cloth that can be used as a blindfold.」

Everyone follows my instructions and gets moving. Soon the desired object is delivered and I carefully place it over the girls’ eyes and tie it behind their heads.
Corneal and I then hold up one finger in front of our own mouths and signal with our eyes.

(Here we go.)

Without saying a word, we attacked the women.

(A mother is kidnapped by an evil secret society, the Doom Squad. The magical girls who are summoned to the house with the kidnapped mother as bait are helplessly caught in the poisonous fangs of the monsters, and repeatedly attacked by them.)

Isn’t this an exciting setting? The best part would be that no help is coming.


「Stop! What are you doing to my daughter? Whatever you want to do to them, just do it to me!」

The girls were following the setting with high spirits, and Corneal, a MILF lover, was happy to oblige the married women’s requests. He immediately put the two big butts side by side and began to take turns thrusting into them to enjoy the different tastes.
And I, too, in a position like plucking the feathers of a bird, was assaulting the aspiring magical girl from behind, when suddenly I heard an ear-piercing scream and turned my head.

(The Skewering Whirlwind!? Not just that… It’s Grim Reaper style!?)

I was surprised to find Corneal, who had been assaulting and crushing her from behind, laying on top of the married woman with only her buttocks raised and spinning himself on the axis of the spear in his crotch.
It looks similar to the helicopter technique that Grim Reaper performed in the Divine Tournament. Which the people around called 『Earthquake』.

(Even amid a busy schedule, he never forgets to improve himself. As expected of him.)

I almost let out a groan of admiration.

「Are you okay? What did they do to you? What you do to my mother, you old men!」

Since the daughter wants to know what we did to her mother, I should give my best to show her.

(I can’t spin, so please bear with 『Airwalk』.)

Instead of spinning, I can only do a violent diving-like movement in the air.
I pushed forward with a deep stab to her small buttocks, and I began to violently flex my arms and legs in the air.


The daughter’s screams brought the mother back to consciousness, and the other pair of mother and daughter was frightened, not knowing what was going on.
Like this, we had a great time, and my best friend regained some of his energy.


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