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Chapter 342 part 1

This is the Brothel School, located in a back alley in the red-light district of the royal capital. It is a regular school where you can get a certificate when you graduate, and it is also a brothel of the lowest class.

『Girls who won’t be hired at other stores, but still want to improve their skills while completing their studies.』

『Men who want to play for cheap.』

The play style of this restaurant, which aims to achieve both of these goals, is that 『Customers who are treated as if they don’t exist, invade a school during class and tease the female students to their heart’s content』.
The owner, 『The Revolutioner of the industry』, lives up to his name with this novel idea.

「Amazing! This is amazing!」

But now, both the language classes and the brothel play had stopped.
A female teacher in her late twenties and nearly twenty female students. Moreover, the eyes of the less than ten male customers were glued to one female student who was raging in the center of the classroom.

『Horny perverted class president.』

The girl who Tauro call as such, gripped both ends of the desk until her hands turned white and shook her butt she sticks out backward.
Her skirt was pulled up, her underwear slid down, and her now bare, hairy, large white peaches accepted the knife between the male customers’ legs inside her until it reached her seed.

「Ahhhhhhhhh—!! Iiii—-!!」

And then, with drool spewing out everywhere, a scream echoed through the window glass while drooling. The praises to the male customers who continue to satisfy her in turns didn’t allow the teacher to recite the text from the book.

「I was wondering what had happened, but it’s something like this, huh?」

I stood next to a skinny middle-aged man who watched the scene from the side after I told him what happened.

『The class president, who, after being teased continuously, began to comfort herself, but it wasn’t enough and exploded.』

Sensing new possibilities in her, I ran to inform the Revolutioner and met him in a windowless corridor on the way.
He, too, had noticed something strange and was on his way here.

(The customers suddenly rush out of the classroom and buy more tickets at the reception desk.)

It would be natural to think something is going on.

「By the way, is it okay to leave the reception desk empty?」

When I asked him about it, he told me that he had a substitute. He tipped a female teacher who was waiting for her turn to teach a different subject and asked her to guard the reception desk.
As a middle-aged businessman who owns several stores, there is no need for him to sit at the counter himself. Even so, he appears in front of customers only at this store, which must mean that this store has a special place in his heart.

「My my, it seems she got caught by a customer.」

As I’m pondering such things, the Revolutioner mutters something to me.
I followed his gaze and found the seat in front of the class chairman. I found a girl with a cute short bob sitting there.

(Ahh, it’s her.)

She is a female student who has started to comfort herself because of the class president’s courageous fighting figure.
It seems she was trying to hide from the others, but it was obvious from the distance.
Naturally, the old man who was very observant spotted her and approach her with a lick of his tongue.

「He grabbed both of her breasts from behind. And he used a very strong force on from the very start.」

Ten fingers dug deeply into her still-developing breasts. I wrinkle my brow wondering if that hurts.
But the middle-aged businessman lightly shakes his head from side to side.

「She’s probably fine. It seems she raised the bar quite a bit by herself.」

I guess he’s right, now that he said it. All that shows on the short bob’s tomato red face is surprise and embarrassment, not the distortion caused by pain.
It seems that she was well prepared to accept the strong stimulation.

「Please look. That girl is about to climax.」

The manager narrowed his eyes as he continued in a calm tone.

『I was doing it in secret and got caught.』

It seems that the situation stirred up her embarrassment and raised her arousal to near its limit.
The old man is rubbing so much that the swelling protrudes from between his fingers, and he’s putting his mouth to the cute-looking female student’s ear. He’s probably also verbally assaulting her.

(I bet he’s saying something along the line of “you perverted bitch” to her.)

That looks so fun. Let’s try it out next time.

(Oh? She climaxed.)

The Revolutioner was right on the money.
The short bob cute girl lifted her chin, suppressing a faint scream, and her body trembled silently as she gripped the customer’s arm.

「She climaxed with just her breasts just now. It was only because of the help of the customer on top of her own preparation, but it still counts as growth.」

Struck by the development, the middle-aged man puts his hand on his chin and shakes his head from side to side.
As expected of a well-known businessman in the red-light district. He has a different way to see things than I, who was just watching them with a grin on my face.

「If her sensitivity keeps raising, at this rate she may eventually get offers from low-class brothels.」

“It would be wonderful if that were to happen”, he continued. Then he turned his attention to the class president with long, straight black hair, who still dancing in the air like a lioness, and spoke.

「She will definitely be recruited by other stores in the near future.」

His profile with sunken cheeks was calm, and his voice oozed with joy.

『The workers we’ve worked so hard to nurture are being taken elsewhere.』

I wondered how that would feel as the manager of the store, so I asked him.

「Do you get money from the store when the girls transfer there, or is there some sort of contract involved?」

But the answer is, 『No, nothing like that』. And he still doesn’t seem disappointed, as expected.
He must have noticed my unconvinced look. The Revolutioner smiles and opens his mouth.

「I think of this brothel as a training facility for those who want to work full time in a brothel, so…」

Therefore, he would not place any conditions that would hinder the girls to do so.
His expression was bright and his eyes were clear as day.

(That’s so cool.)

As a business person, there must be a problem. After all, they are given the opportunity to grow and develop their skills, only to have them taken away from you when they have reached a level of skill and competence that is acceptable.
The investors, who are looking for a share of the profits, would have branded this business as a 『Failure』.

(But it’s not personal gain he’s looking at.)

He must be thinking about the prosperity of the red-light district. As long as he can achieve this, he is willing to become nothing more than soil that is sucked dry of nutrients.
Of course, only to the extent that it won’t destroy him.

(People like him are the reason I get to enjoy every day of my life.)

As long as there is an existence that continues to bring fresh air, the royal capital’s red-light district will never lose its vitality.
That is why the old men of the merchant guild are willing to lend money to the Revolutioner all this time.

「I will be rooting for you. Please take care of yourself and good luck.」

I can’t help but respect him and say a few words to him. The tired-looking middle-aged man scratches the back of his head with one hand and smiles shyly.
Just as he was about to open his mouth, I heard a desk knocked over.

「Did she exceeded her physical limits?」

He opens his mouth to say something different than he intended to say.
It seems that the horny and perverted class president pushed the desk she was grabbing forward and collapsed headfirst to the floor.
The only reason she didn’t hit the floor face-first was probably because a customer who was connected to her hurriedly held her up from behind.


The owner then turns to the female teacher and instructs her to take the class president to the infirmary. Then he looks around and mutters in relief.

「For the customers…. It seems there’s nothing to worry about.」

The men who were waiting for their turn had already begun to cling to the other girls.
They had taken their eyes off the class president and noticed some of the girls, like the one with the short bob, were starting to comfort themselves.

「How about we talk some more?」

He watched as the female teacher returned and the class resumed, and he invited me to have a chat.
Since I had used my ticket and had nothing else to do, I decided to take on his offer.

「The result sure can be different depending on how you do things, huh?」

We moved to the room where the receptionist was and sat in cheap chairs facing each other behind the counter with tea in front of us.
What he said in a somber tone of voice was quite interesting.

『Masturbation show brothel.』

The Revolutioner once opened such a store. However, he was forced to shut it down early due to a lack of customers.
I think this is what he was trying to say earlier. He must have wanted to say to me, who was praising him, that 『He encounters a lot of failures too』.


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