Chapter 346 part 1

Mountains in the suburbs of the royal capital, dotted with yellow and red, looks like a landscape painting.
The streets of the city also change color, and the occasional light breeze tickles the ears of passersby with its dry sound.

『A perfect day for an outing.』

That is definitely how I would describe it, but unfortunately, today is a weekday. It was early afternoon, but still too early for school to end, and those with jobs would be working until the sun went down.
I was sitting in the lobby of a high-class brothel, plopped down on a cream-colored leather sofa, and enjoying conversation with an acquaintance.

「The Black Bikini school made it to the finals, but their new technique of stomping on the crotch with the soles of their feet was banned on the spot.」

The topic of our conversation is 『The royal capital’s Women Flower Arrangement tournament semi-finals』 that I watched with Cool-san the other day.

『A brothel is a social gathering place for ladies and gentlemen.』

It is as it says, it is an important place for those of a certain social status to exchange information.

「No surprise there. It’s too violent, and it’s missing the main purpose of flower arrangement, which is to melt the opponent with sweet stimulation.」

The man who nodded in return was a middle-aged man with thick chest hair. He is a well-known gentleman in the royal capital red-light district.
Incidentally, he and I fought side by side in the 『Bureikou held in the Guest House』 against a giant very mature woman and Shitanaga who came from the Eastern country.

「But even though it was ruled a foul, the victory was not reversed, huh? How unfortunate.」

『Eight Basic Strokes』 technique that was used by the Blue Bikini School. The technique, which makes the students scream with just one fingertip, seems to have aroused their interest.

(Honestly, I was expecting that too at that time.)

While expressing my agreement, I recall the scene that happened immediately after the match.
After all of the players had left, the referees entered the ring and formed a circle to begin discussions. Soon after, an old woman who looked like the head referee turned to the spectators and announced.

『We will not approve of Electric Foot Massage technique.』

They talked a lot about the definition of techniques, but that was the summary of it.

「Could this be a turnaround victory for the Blue Bikini?」

It’s not surprising that such words came out of my mouth to Cool-san next to me.
However, the beautiful woman with a blank expression on her face didn’t share the same excitement as I did and shrugged her shoulders as she gave her opinion.

「I don’t think that will happen. Because of the 『non-retroactivity principle』」

I didn’t reply because I don’t know what she means by that. Cool-san, who saw me like that, politely explained it to me.

「It’s a rule so that the judgment that has been made cannot be changed by a new rule that is decided after.」

Apparently, there is such a rule.

「I see.」

Now that I think about it, that’s only natural, huh?
Because no matter how hard you try to solidify a contract, it can still be violated somehow.

「It will be considered to be a violation of the rules only for the subsequent matches. Or so they said.」

I returned to the present and explained with a proud look on my face. In addition, I also try to use a phrase I just learned, 『non-retroactivity principle』.

「As I thought, it’s like that, huh.」

But the gentleman with chest hair is not impressed and brushes it off as a matter of course.
I guess I’m in the minority for not knowing. It seems to be common sense in this world, or at least here, in the Kingdom.

「The Blue Bikini school was eliminated in the semi-finals. However, there will always be an opportunity to see the Eight Basic Strokes.」

He suppressed his disappointment and said in a comforting way.

「The other schools will no doubt try to copy it. And eventually, there will be some brothels that will incorporate the technique too.」

It is as he said. In fact, Jayanne’s Light Cruiser-sensei is still working on perfecting the technique.
When she is satisfied with the results, she will begin teaching the technique to her students.

(I’d love to see it for myself at that time.)

Light Cruiser-sensei, an instructor with excellent skills, tortures the girls on the bed with her finger techniques.
She is gentle to me as a customer, but her students call her an oni. I am sure that even if they writhe in agony and beg for forgiveness, her whitefish-like fingertips will not stop.

(What an amazing sight that would be.)

Imagining the scene, I rubbed my fingers under my nose.

『The right of the one who invented the technique to watch the first lesson.』

She will definitely let me in if I insist. I could see the image of Light Cruiser-sensei guiding me around while making a troubled expression on her face.
Just as I was silently picturing that scene in my mind, I heard the voice of the gentleman with chest hair.

「It is as you said. Let’s wait in anticipation.」

We finished talking about the Flower Arrangement tournament here. We take thin white porcelain cups from the table, moisten our throats with tea inside and return them to the plates.

「By the way, have you ever been to Big Mama, Dr. Slime?」

Taking his turn, this time the gentleman with the chest hair opens up the conversation.

『Big Mama』

That is not the name of the store itself, but rather the name of a play in that store.
The idea is that middle-aged women with ample bosom, buttocks, and belly, will thoroughly pamper the male customers and give them so much love that they suffocate.
Of course, you can do it until the end, or just sleep buried in their skin.

『There’s nothing better than this service in times when you’re mentally exhausted.』

As someone who enjoys various plays, I have a little interest in that direction. So of course, I would have had no experience with it.

「Yes. Actually, there’s a new play in Big Mama now.」

The old man’s face broke into a smile, probably because he knew something that the famous Dr. Slime did not.
I’m not exactly known for my range of tastes, but people around me seem to think that I’m famous for one thing. However, the people around me seem to think that I’m amazing in all areas, just because I’m famous.

「The play up until now is called 『Sweet』 and the new one is called 『Bitter』.」

I enjoy listening to him, even if I don’t like the subject of the conversation. When I looks like I showed interest, the old man continued happily.

「The women’s age is somewhat older, as it has been in the past. Their body shape still looks good and is no difference for this point.」

What is different is their attitude and mannerisms. They will say harsh and mean things to you.
If saying 『You’re not at fault. I know you’re not』 while giving you a hug is the sweet course, then that’s certainly bitter.

「Encouragement through scolding, I guess you can call it. It was only verbally, but it felt like a slap on the back and a kick in the butt.」

He told me with a wry smile, but I just don’t get what’s so good about that. My expression naturally turns grim, as I fold my arms and tilt my head.

(….Ah, now that I think about it, there IS someone who would love this kind of thing.)

I suddenly thought of a senior colleague who was still working there after retirement when I was a new employee in my previous life. That gramps’ Snack Mama* was also like that.
She was always strong-willed and would scold gramps when he was being whiny.
[*TL Note: a lady of a house bar proprietress.]

(What’s this?)

I was dumbfounded because I also got the brunt of it and even though it was our first meeting, I was hit with a barrage of criticisms.
It was very unpleasant, and to be honest, I never wanted to go there again. But that was the sadness of being a new employee, and I had to deal with it from time to time as a substitute for my young seniors.

「She said those harsh words because she really cares about me and you!」

On our way back, the old man would always say so, and he would also warn me, 『Never go to a store that only offers pleasant words, because they are full of lies』.

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