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Chapter 347 part 1

The red-light district that stretches westward from the central square of the royal city. In an alleyway one street off the main street that runs from east to west, there is a middle-class brothel that looks like it hasn’t been open very long.
I was invited to visit by a gentleman with chest hair who is an acquaintance of mine.

「Hey, what would you like to drink? I think this would be good.」

A girl no taller than my chest looks at me who sits on the sofa in the playroom and leans over the table while pointing at the menu.

「Okay, I’ll get that one then. Are you okay with the same?」

A picture of the drink is painted beside the words on the menu. A frothy green liquid with plenty of whipped cream floating on top looks sweet.
To be honest, it was not my favorite, but I decided to order it.

(As I thought, it’s because she wanted to drink it, huh?)

I smiled as I knew that my guess was correct when she nodded her head with her face beaming.
However, it was a bit unexpected to see that it was an old woman who brought the food.

(Usually, it was the younger apprentice girl who would come to bring the drinks. No, wait.)

To begin with, the occupant of this room is too young. Looking at the other brothels’ apprentices, not only of the same age, it’s also possible to flip it around and make it so that the apprentice is an older woman.

『Cionne of the three families.』

With the 『Magical Girls』 as their signature play, the main force of the platform are girls in the younger age groups. However, just as there is also 『Oyakodon』, the lineup ranges from milfs (mothers) to onee-san (big sister) grade.
In other words, there are people who can be mentors for apprentice girls.

(But I guess it’s different here.)

Bitter and sweet. I took a glance at the two platforms, all of whom were the same age as the girl in front of me.

(Could it be that the teacher role was played by the old woman who brought the drinks?)

The old woman accepts the tip with a gentle smile, bows, and leaves the room. Her back is straight and her behavior is impeccable.

(It’s not like it has fallen apart, but I’m sure she was a beautiful woman once upon a time.)

In the sea of red-light districts, men with their crotch masts erected and sails called trousers in full swing.
She is definitely a veteran male rider who has been rowing with her whole body since her youth.

(No longer in demand from customers and has retired from active business, she is now teaching the younger generation. Is that how it goes, I wonder.)

However, at this moment, the brothel is in the middle of its business hours. In sports terms, we are in the middle of a match. There is no way to let the players practice at this point in time.
They are probably playing waitresses in their spare time to make some extra money.


The girl sitting on the opposite sofa sipping green liquid from a glass through a straw and making a happy face. Her legs are dangling around because they can’t reach the floor.
I looked at her thin thighs peeking out from her skirt and continued.

『A store that fulfill unpopular demands』

This must be the owner’s policy.

(If they’re going to go for “gap” theme, it’s probably better to have both sides of the extremes in the display.)

Crunchy and sour blue fruits that are just beginning to bulge. Sitting next to them are old women who have passed their ripeness and become shriveled.
Both will stand out visually.

『Even if grapes have gone bad and dried up, they still have a mellow aroma and a rich sweetness when you put them in your mouth, don’t they? There’s something called noble rot in every people. You should give it a try.』

These are the words of a petite, goblin-like old man who is the leader of the merchant guild.

『I’m sure you’ll get addicted when you get used to it.』

He often pulls on my sleeve and asks me to join him. I politely decline because it’s out of the range of my preferences, but I don’t intend to deny his.

(If there is even a small demand, we should supply it.)

This is what I think, rather. It will surely lead to the happiness of more people.
I nodded to myself, but I think I came to think this way largely because I made the acquaintance of a certain person.

『The Industry Revolutioner.』

My encounter with the thin, hunchbacked old man who stood on the side of management side certainly broadened my horizons.

「Open your mouth. It’s delicious, you know?」

When I realized the voice calling me out, I looked up to see the face of the lively-looking girl approaching me. Right after that, my lips were stolen and the liquid inside her mouth was poured into my mouth.


A sudden mouth-to-mouth feeding. And a mouthful of soda water mixed with whipped cream is flooding my mouth.
It was sweet, not figuratively speaking, and tremendously so.
But I had no choice but to swallow it down. She got on my lap halfway through and put her hands around the back of my head and kept pressing her lips against mine until my throat moved.

(Wow, she’s so light.)

The small, slender girl smiles at me as she pulls her face away from mine. And that’s what I was thinking while smiling back at her.
I think this is the lightest weight I have ever felt.

「Come here. I’ll give you a massage.」

Again, she pulls my arm and makes me sit on the edge of the bed. Then she rubs my shoulders from behind, but I barely feel anything because of her lack of muscle strength.

(But she’s hard-working. I can feel her desire to be useful.)

As I narrowed my eyes at her devotion, she urged me to lie face down on the bed. I do as she says and she climbs up on her knees to my back.
I guess it’s part of the massage, but she doesn’t have enough weight to press the pressure points. But I have no intention of complaining.

『An animal is docile while being groomed.』

It’s the same as this. This skinship feels comfortable.

「Well then, let’s go to the shower.」

I get off the bed and she begins to undress me. I bend down so that the girl can reach me, but she still has difficulty undoing the button at the neck of my shirt.
It’s probably because her hands are small and not strong enough.

「Don’t worry, I’m fine.」

I tried to help her, but I was stopped.

(Was it the pride of a professional? Or maybe because 『she’s at the age where she wants to take care of someone』.)

I was reminded of a time when I rode the bus with a relative’s child.

『I’ll push it for you!』

She must have realized that we were approaching the stop when she heard the announcement interspersed with advertisements.
I nodded my head and she immediately pressed the 『Get off button』, which was followed by a ding-dong sound that echoed through the car.
The smile on her face as she looked back at me and the expression on the girl’s face as she took off one piece of clothing for me. Both were of the same kind.

(I guess I’ll leave it to her.)

After that, I did nothing and just let her take care of me.
I was covered with bubbles and washed with the shower. I was then moved to a foot mat, where a bath towel was used to carefully remove the moisture from my feet.

(It’s my loss, huh?)

The reason I raised my hands was not only to get her to wipe my armpits. It was a declaration of defeat for my doubts about whether she was capable of 『Motherhood Play』.

(She would even outshine Big Mama on one point I’m sure.)

I think as I squint my eyes and quietly let out a breath.

『The devoted and caring treatment I received from a young girl.』

Big Mama shouldn’t be equipped with the feeling of 『Sorry』 or 『Guilt』 that this gives.
She’s trying hard to reach out with her hand holding the bath towel, but still can’t reach it and stands on tiptoe. The sight of her stimulated my paternal feelings, and I felt a twinge of excitement.

(It’s about time for ‘that’.)

Again, she pulls me by the hand and leads me to the bed. The girl with a bath towel wrapped around her body straddles me as I lie completely naked on my back.
She sits down quietly with her eyes half-closed and exhaled lightly.

(I feel like I’ve grown somewhat.)

The weapon I’m born with is not something that would warrant a whistle from someone at first glance.
But this kind of thing is relative. Like in this instance, because the other person is petite and slender, it must’ve seemed like a magnificent possession to her.

(She must rely on her body weight from here on out.)

Calmly and slowly, her slender hips sank as she bit her lip. And I myself breathed out a small gasp of air as I endured the narrowness of the cave.


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