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Chapter 347 part 2

About an hour and a few minutes later, I’m walking down the stairs to the lobby with the girl with our arms entwined in a friendly manner.
After saying goodbye to her at the counter, I looked around the lobby and spotted a gentleman with thick chest hair waving at me on a sofa set in the back.

「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to decide who should I go with after we parted.」

I explained as I took a seat on the opposite side.
After the chest-haired gentleman disappeared to the stairs with the bitter course girl, I, who flinched at the bitter course platform, moved to the sweet course side.
Hearing that, the old man slapped his knee and made a smile.

「Did Dr. Slime-dono got intimidated by the girls? I wish I could have seen it.」

I shrug my shoulders at the usual overestimation comment.
The old man then wanted to know how the sweet course goes. He said he had only tried the bitter at this store.

「It’s the same thing as Big Mama basically.」

The only difference is the girl’s age and physique, also their feelings toward me. Personally, I prefer this one to Big Mama.

「I flinched and turned my back, but may I ask what kind of play the bitter course is?」

After finishing my story, I turned to the water.
The chest-haired gentleman who was nodding his head while listening smiled and opened his mouth.

「She sits on the edge of the bed with her arms and legs crossed. Then I kneel on the carpet in front of her with my head looking down. This is where the play start usually.」

Even though the scene he tries to picture is terrible, his tone sure is cheerful.
And then next, it seems the aggressive girl with a long ponytail started cursing and bad-mouthing the old man.
When he kept quiet, she said, 『Say something!』 and she would verbally attack him and stomp on his head with her foot.

「Once I feel the weight on the back of my head, I begin my counterattack. I grab her ankles, flip her over backward, and cover her as she shouted 『Dammit!』」

Incidentally, if it’s Big Mama’s bitter course, my motivation would have gone down the drain even before I came to the store.

「My cheeks can’t help but loosen when a young girl curses at me. But when it comes from someone my own age, it stings.」

After shaking his head, the chest-haired gentleman resumes his story.
First of all, he finished the first round with force as is. However, the opponent hasn’t given up yet.
After spitting out his fluid inside her, she would snicker at him while saying say, 『That’s all you’ve got? How weak.』

「Of course, we naturally went for a second round without letting go of each other’s bodies. As long as the other party does not break, we will keep going.」

His partner today has lasted until midway through the third round.
He must be recalling the time he spent with her, as the corner of his eyes drooped as if they were melting.

「It’s not an exaggeration to say that it was the best feeling. I just can’t get enough of it.」

In the middle, she would kiss him while spouting something like 『……You idiot』.
Her eyes were moist, her cheeks were flushed, and her tongue was very hot.

「The feeling of having made them submit to you is always thrilling.」

It’s not that the girl with the long ponytail is special because most of the other girls also finish at about the same time.
It seems that the gentleman with chest hair has experience with more than half of the girls from the bitter course, so there is no mistake.

(It’s not exactly a type of healing play, but it does sound fun.)

I’m tempted to give it a try. However, I am not sure if I want to try it alone, so I think I will invite my best friend, the muscular young man.

(I also heard that the knight order is not as busy as they used to be anyway.)

The old man looks at me like that and asks for my opinion with hopeful eyes.

「So, how’s this store for you? Did you like it?」

Naturally, I nodded so deeply that my chin almost touched my chin.

「Of course. I think I’ll try the bitter course next time」

The gentleman with thick chest hair showed a big smile on his face.

『I recommended a store to Dr. Slime and received high praise.』

It seems that this is some kind of medal of honor for the old man.

(I never think of myself as an honorable guy though.)

I shrugged my shoulders and sighed.
After we parted in the lobby and left the store, I looked up at the sunset filling the sky from the west and decided, 『Let’s go to this place for the next Adult Gourmet Club activity』.


Far to the northwest, past beyond the imperial capital, under the same red sky. On the banks of the river stands an elegant castle with many arches and spires.
Though built of white marble, it was now stained by the setting sun and glowed with rose-colored light.

「I’ve been traveling for a long time, but I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as this.」

One of the three men standing side by side and looking at each other let out an exclamation of admiration. From the fact that he is standing in the center of the room, this dignified, burly middle-aged man looks like the leader of the group.

『World Champion.』

He is called such because he was ranked number one in the world for a long time in sex battles. However, his real job is as a 『tuner who teaches women techniques in brothels』.
Since he was also a first-rate tuner in this field, he has traveled all over the Ost continent at the behest of others.
However, he had never visited the Rose Castle in front of him because there were no women there.

「It will be dark as soon as the sun goes down over the hills. Let’s get into the inn before then.」

The one who said that urged him to move was a lushly-shaven thirty-something man. He is probably the youngest of them all.
They are now in the castle town of Rose Castle. It is on the other side of the river from the castle, and they have just arrived by golem carriage.
As soon as they started walking along the riverside path, they stopped to admire the beauty of the scenery.

「Bluebeard is right. No matter how strong you are, you won’t survive unschated against numbers.」

The last one, a tall unshaven man, also followed because his master, the World Champion didn’t nod.
In truth, the burly middle-aged man wanted to see the evening turn into night.

「Well, it’s your first time coming here, so it can’t be helped I guess.」

The person in question only returned with a quizzical look, so Stubble just shrugged his shoulders and scratched his head.

「The only people in this town are those who came for the Rose Cup. But just because they are men doesn’t mean they are all gentlemen.」

They will drag you into the dark alleys and will teach you a 『painful lesson』 if you won’t do what they say. It is not uncommon for such a situation to occur.
While the middle-aged master looked at him with a curious look in his eyes, the coach of the boy’s flower arrangement club with a clean shaved face, who was on vacation made an expression as if he wanted to say something.

『Like you’re one to say.』

It was probably because of this feeling.
After all, the tall stubble had picked a fight with them at Landbarn out of jealousy but was beaten with the sword between the master’s legs.

「Keep your distance when passing by the golem carriages parked on the side of the street. If you don’t, four thick arms will grow from it and take you away with them.」

『Sometimes you won’t be able to get home until the sun goes down and rises on the other side』, he continued with a frown while patting his own butt. Judging from it looks, it seems that he’s speaking from experience.

「I see. I’ll keep that in mind.」

The burly middle-aged man shrugs his shoulders and turns on his heel.
The two have been tuned and are now completely captivated by him, but they are more experienced in watching the Rose Cup. He decided it would be better to follow the advice of his seniors.

(I owe him a lot too after all.)

The Bluebeard 30-year-old man with a plump butt who stands and walks ahead of him to show him the way. The burly middle-aged man thinks while staring at it.
He had seen a poster in the royal capital and had impulsively set his sights on the Rose Castle, but the him from back then had found nothing.

『A guy is better than a woman.』

He can’t deny that he had faintly sensed it.
However, it was at an inn in an inn town on the way to his destination that he came to admit it to himself. It all started when he sat down next to a man with the Bluebeard man in a large public bath, and his eyes fell upon the man’s crotch.

「You… you’ve been staring at it aren’t you?」

He was just trying to be casual, but it seems he was found out. After being approached in the changing room, he was taken directly to his room.

「You got a nice, meaty, mouth-watering body aren’t you?」

The thirty-something coach stares at the burly middle-aged man who backs away to the corner of the room and licked his lips as he approaches him. Bluebeard, who had gained the upper hand mentally, was on the predator’s side at this point, and he was speaking from above, unlike now.
But even though he had no experience with men, the World Champion was a professional among professionals when it came to women.

「What’s with this technique!? I thought you were a rookie!」

Before he could eat him, the burly middle-aged man took his back and placed his rod in his backdoor, continuously attacking him who placed his hands against the wall until his toes floated in the air.
The excitement he felt at that moment and the sense of fulfillment afterward. It was something he had lost in recent years, and yet it was the best thing he had ever felt in his life.

(I never knew there was such a wonderful world on the other side of the wall inside my mind.)

Thinking back on it now, he thought that he from back then was immature for hesitating to try it out.

(The first step is to take one step. Whether we like it or not, whether we continue or stop, can be decided after that.)

As advised before, the World Champion walks in between from the golem carriage while maintaining his distance. A sideways glance reveals a few men in the carriage looking at the group listlessly.
If they are hunters and he had been within a doorstep away from them, he would have been bitten and not let go like a moray eel to its prey.

(Though I guess that’s also a form of experience, there’s no need to be too greedy on the first day of our arrival.)

“I’ll look forward to enjoying it on another day”, the World Champion thought as he squinted his eyes.


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