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Chapter 350 part 1

The royal capital, also known as the 『City of Flower』 has one of the largest red-light districts on the continent of Ost.
Befitting its nickname, many bees are flying around the colorfully blooming flowers. What is different from the world of nature is that it becomes more active after the sun goes down.

(Ohh, this is good.)

I, too, had turned into that very humanoid bee with a stinger growing out of my crotch and was visiting a cheap, low-class brothel in the backstreets.
This is the playroom of 『Uniform Specialty Store』, located on the second floor of the building.
The blooming flower in front of me is a girl with a ponytail standing with her hands on her hips and a displeased expression.

(Her breasts aren’t that big, but her moderately toned legs have great lines. In addition, her skin is still in the process of growing, and it is so firm that it looks like it’s about to tear off.)

The tight skirt, which is the pilot’s uniform, and the bare skin between it and her boots. I leaned forward while sitting on the sofa and used my gaze like a tongue to lick it all over.

(It’s worth noting that she truly hates my guts.)

A former classmate from the pilot school.

『I hate painful things, so I resort to long-range offensive magic while moving around to dodge the enemy’s attacks.』

My magic control is so remarkably high that I even share the sense of pain with my golem, the Knight. This is a method of fighting that I have developed in a desperate attempt to compensate for this shortcoming.

『Have you no shame, you coward!?』

However, she, who believes that 『head-on close combat is the honor of a pilot』, completely rejected my reasons with this one word.
If she had been stronger than me, she would have only scorned me, but I won every match overwhelmingly. As a result, it seems that she feels complicated in various ways.

(When I was a student in the pilot school, I just thought she was a troublesome person, but it’s a different story when we play in the brothel.)

Sign reversal. The greater the negative opinion that you have at school, the more positive it becomes in the brothel.

『I’m being embraced by a man I hate, but contrary to my heart, my body is happy about it.』

What a wonderful situation this is. This is something that none of the three families could offer.
Moreover, because I continuously nominate her as a play partner, her body has familiarized itself with me and her taste has been further enhanced.

(The person herself doesn’t seem to have realized it though.)

Her lower stomach, which continues from her lower mouth, wants to eat me so badly that it starts squirming.
I can see it clearly with my magic eyes, which can see the other person’s sensitivity in terms of color temperature. Even though I haven’t touched it yet, Ponytail’s lower stomach is glowing yellow.

(It’s been a long time since we last played, so let’s take it easy like what Zaratan did.)

An old turtle who was eating a Pomelo bit by bit while exhaling a satisfied sigh. I want to try his way of enjoying things.

(Alright, let’s start with the visual.)

I don’t want to push her down first thing right away. I’m going to pierce her with a needle and slowly inject my venom into her.
I made a perverted look on my face, smiled, and pointed to the bed with my right arm.

[Now then, please sit on the edge of the bed.]

The harsh-looking girl with her hair pulled back, obeyed my instruction while raising her eyebrows and closing her eyes. Her knees are tightly shut, probably in resistance to my desire to take a peek.

(But this is better, on the contrary.)

What is the appeal of skirts? In my opinion, it’s the 『half-assed defensive power』.
It is because they are hidden that we have the urge to take a peek at what lies inside. And this wish is correlated with the mutual relationship between many casual gestures and positioning. In other words, this wish can be granted just with a little luck.

(It is a piece of clothing that make men’s gambling spirit run rampant. Then, this is also a form of gambling isn’t it?)

As I thought, skirts are the devil’s invention. No wonder there are so many people addicted to them in this world.
While thinking about this, I got off the sofa, put my hands on the carpet, and brought my face so close to the two bare knees in front of me that my nose almost touches them.
I was looking at it with my eyes wide open, but unfortunately, due to the light, I could not see deep inside.


But when I switch to my magic eye, I see that it’s glowing white. It was yellow earlier, so it’s correct to say that the temperature has increased.
I looked up to see the face of the young girl flushed red and a harsh expression on her face as she looked down at me with narrowed eyes.
As soon as our eyes met, she closed her eyelids tightly and turned her head to the side, shaking her tied-up hair.

(Isn’t she becoming considerably more sensitive?)

I can’t stop my cheeks from relaxing. She must be able to use 『being watched』 as fuel for her lust now.

[Alright, now can you just open your knees a little bit for me, please?]

I told her, as I tried to move on to the next step, but she didn’t respond. Looks like she’s just going to pretend she didn’t hear me.
This is a common tactic used by Ponytail when she doesn’t want to follow instructions to strike a certain pose.

(If you’re going to be like that, then…)

If you won’t open it, I’ll make it open. As I muttered to myself, I got on my knees on the bed and moved behind Ponytail.
Next, I put my hands on her white shirt from both sides, under her jacket.

(Warm and… small, but has firm elasticity to rub. And this is… is it the smell of her shampoo?)

My former classmate stiffened and her shoulders twitched. While enjoying the feeling of both breasts, I opened my nostrils wide and inhaled the air.

(As fresh as ever.)

The pleasant stimulation that’s intermittently coming from the chest. Her body is probably craving it, but her heart refuses to acknowledge it.
She wriggles her narrow shoulders to the left and right in an attempt to escape, but the palms of my hands effortlessly follow the movements of her body. As I continue to open and close my palms without rest, her shoulders swing wider and wider.

(It’s been a while since I’ve come here, but it looks like she hasn’t forgotten the rules.)

I think as my neck is tickled by her swaying ponytail.
Resisting with body contact such as using the movement of her belly is okay, but using your hands to seriously shake off the other person is not allowed.

『Don’t use your hands in a soccer game.』

It’s the same as this. It’s common sense for the other girls sitting on the platform, but this wild boar often forgets about it.

(Alright~ It’s opened now.)

She stomps her legs and bends her back trying not to be swept away by the sweet sensation. As a result, her legs are spread open to more than 60 degrees.
In the mirror hanging on the wall in front of us, I can see her light blue underwear.


Once her hip joints have melted, she can no longer close them on her own. After all, her body wants it very badly.
My hands were warming up with her modest chest. I move one hand to Ponytail’s right knee and run my index and middle fingers up the inside of her thigh.

(Grasp it!)

My target is her precious ball, which is positioned on the center line, deep in the middle of the field.
Ponytail, realizing the danger, tries to escape by twisting her waist, but it’s already too late.
My right hand crosses the line between skin and fabric with a brilliant step and invades the light blue field where the center circle is located. Then I step gently on the hard ball with my middle finger.


Her well-trained and elastic body bounces up with her hips in the air. The ball almost spilled out of my hands due to the recoil, but this is where the right hand player’s footwork exploded.

(Marseille Roulette!*)
*TL Note: a specialized dribbling skill unique to the game of Association football.

I pull the ball with the heel of my middle finger, then step on it with my index finger and turn. Then I pulled the ball again as is with the heel of my index finger, and this time I stepped on it with my middle finger and turned.
It was probably because of the turning and pulling, Ponytail takes a deep breath, expanding her rib cage as her chin pointing straight up to the ceiling.

(This is bad.)

I stopped dribbling and let my feet off the ball. It was much sooner than expected.

『A strong-minded former classmate who holds back at the edge of her limits while glaring at me with resentful eyes, but never says she wants more.』

Today’s theme is appreciation. I can’t let her be satisfied here, albeit lightly.
This dark pleasure is also a taste unique to her.

(But still, I was surprised because her limit line is suddenly lowered.)

Truly an offside trap. Her sensitivity has increased, but the upper limit seemed to be unstable.
Then I resumed my dribble while being very cautious.


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