Chapter 350 part 2

Here the perspective shifts to Ponytail whose left breast is covered with the palm of Tauro’s hand and his fingers are placed on the sensitive spot between her legs.

(That was dangerous.)

I was on the verge of failing. I managed to survive at the last minute, but I think it was very close.

(But still, as expected of me.)

It must be the result of my nightly training. In the past, I would have screamed as my body is shaking uncontrollably.
“However…” the space between my eyebrows became cloudy.

(I wasn’t the only one who became more skillful. It’s frustrating to admit it, but I’m impressed that he managed to corner me this far.)

She, who has an attitude to always live looking forward, only looks back when she is on her bed in her room with a toy in her hand, recalling the time when she lost a series of battles.
Feeling a little more relaxed now that she has overcome a hurdle, she looks down. What she sees is a man shoving his hand into her tight skirt.
She can’t see his fingers because of the skirt, but she can feel that he’s using two fingers.

(At least let me catch my breath.)

Her face contorted as she swallowed her spit.
The man’s hand, which had once retreated from the attack, saw the pause as an opening and came back to attack again.


The girl’s mouth twisted as her brow furrowed. To her surprise, the man pinched her precious parts with his two fingers and pulled them
In that instant, a sweet electric current flows up from her tailbone to the back of her head.

(I won’t lose! I can’t lose here!)

The situation she’s in right now is that she is hugged from behind and continuously being teased with his fingers. It’s impossible to go on the offensive from this position.
She has no choice but to endure and wait until he can’t hold it anymore. The real match begins when he pushes her down and makes his way into her.

(Hang in there, me!)

Ponytail grits her teeth and rebukes herself. The disgust she once felt for him is already gone, though she hasn’t noticed it.

『A sound mind is found in a sound body.』

The reverse is also true. As the saying goes, Ponytail’s mind was strongly influenced by her body which gave in to pleasure.
And from here on, the time to narrowly endure Tauro’s offensive began.


Tauro on the other hand has a thin vertical crease between his eyebrows. It is safe to say that he is slightly, but not quite, bewildered.

『A strong-willed former classmate who glares at you with resentful eyes, but never says he wants it.』

That was what I wanted to see, but her reaction was strange.

(What’s with that expression?)

When a big wave came crashing inside Ponytail, I slowed my hand down just before the crest of the wave collapsed. It was an exquisite fingering that can only be done by a person with a magic eye.

(She must have felt frustrated with that.)

I looked in the mirror in front of me with a smile on my face, but for some reason, Ponytail had a proud expression on her face as she looked at me. It was as if she just did something amazing and bragged whilst saying, 『How’s that?』

(Looks like this girl misunderstood the situation.)

It’s not “I didn’t let it crash”, but “She didn’t let it crash with her own power”. She must have twisted the fact to her convenience on her own, not realizing what really happened.
It’s actually easy to clear up this misunderstanding. If I just continue as is without adding any considerations, she’ll realize it right away.


Seeing her frustrated like this is nice and all, but as I thought, I want to be the one who leaves first today.

『I’m going ahead.』

I told Ponytail who saw me off in a light tone and leave first with a very satisfied feeling. This is the next best thing to do if I can’t tease her around her limit.

[Okay, now let’s go over here shall we?]

I nodded to myself while hugging her from behind. Then I drag Ponytail’s limp body straight to the center of the bed.
Moving next to her legs next, I looked down at the contents of the tight skirt, and while staring at it, I think to myself.

(Usually, I play with her underwear on as is and just shift it slightly to the side, but…)

Let’s change things up a bit for today.
But still, even though it’s just her underwear, it’s not acceptable to take it off completely. This store is called a Uniform Specialized Store because it’s a 『play with clothes on』 kind of store, and as such, they will only allow you to take off the girls’ clothes up to halfway.


I put my hands in and slipped her light blue underwear down to her ankles and pulled out only one leg. Then, after thinking for a moment, I pull the underwear back up to just above the knee.

(Not bad.)

The fact that the clump of cloth is only clung on the thigh of one leg makes it unexplainably attractive. I had a hard time deciding whether to pull it down to her ankle or not.
By the way, there’s no resistance coming from Ponytail. Although she’s glaring at me with her eyebrows furrowed, her atmosphere is sweet and relaxed.

(Long time no see, how are you?)

The drool-covered mouth at the base of each leg. When I speak to her gently with my middle finger, her lips move as if she’s trying to bite me.
Unlike her upper mouth, her lower mouth is honest. It doesn’t hide the fact that it’s hungry.

[Bon appétit.]

The corners of my eyes lowered as I cover her body, offering the hard sausage with my hips, which was beginning to drip with juices.


While the red-light district, including Tauro, was filled with excitement, this is the downtown area just a little further down the street.
In the living room on the top floor of a partially three-story building, three spirit beasts were gathered on bath towels chatting.

『What is it?』

A fifth instar larva of a swallowtail butterfly asks a turtle.
Zaratan, the oldest of the Great Spirit Beast, often just stays still while listening to the others. Tonight, however, he is strangely restless.

『I want to move my body around.』

He said he was feeling energized. He said he noticed it around noon and was certain of it when the sun went down.
The only thing he could think of was the first harvest of pomelos from the garden forest this morning. When he asked his seniors about it, the caterpillar and dung beetle turned their heads to each other.

『What do you think?』

『I don’t know.』

At least not that they’re aware of.
The two thought that it was because they only nibbled on the skin, unlike Zaratan, who ate a whole piece.
Then it occurred to them that the owner of the garden forest, the master of all the spirit beasts here, had given the skins and seeds to the herd of Heavy Lancers, but almost all of the pulp went to Zaratan’s mouth.

『This might be a sign that my lifespan has increased.』

If it made him healthier, they would be praised. Imosuke and Dangorou were thinking about this, but they reacted sharply to the turtle’s muttering.
When asked how long it is, the old turtle replied, “About three days”.

『I’ll make it so that he can eat it every day.』

『That way, master won’t die.』

When the two were fussing about it, Zaratan gave a wry smile with his reptilian face as he added a piece of information he omitted.
The first one is that it’s limited to the first piece for the eater, and the second, is that the second and subsequent pieces don’t have the same effect.

『It’s only the first piece of the season.』

Seasonal foods have more efficacy somewhat. But it is rare to be felt so strongly.
Then he continued and summed it up nicely, saying that it must be the result of the efforts of his seniors.

(…..I’m already at the late parts of my lifespan. But master is different.)

Zaratan thinks as he squints at the two animals, who are embarrassed after being praised. The vigor that rises in them should give a strong boost to their reproductive activities.

(Be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth. Was it?)

A human friend who he once allowed to live on his back. While remembering the words he said, the turtle closed his eyelids and hope that the master will do his best.
By the way, Zaratan does not know about birth control magic.

『Why would something like that exist?』

He would have sincerely questioned its purpose if he had known. This Great Spirit Beast who supports increasing your descendants couldn’t understand why people would prevent it.

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