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Chapter 351 part 1

A low-class brothel located in a dimly lit alley at the alley of the royal capital’s red-light district, 『The Uniform Specialty Store』.
What does Ponytail, who had both of her legs spread wide open on the bed of the playroom, think of the thirty-something-year-old man with a perverted smile who’s invading her right now?

(Fine, bring it on!)

Her fighting spirit was burning hot inside her womb.
A fingering attack from behind that put her in a position that won’t allow her to counterattack. At best, the only thing she can do is push her butt against her opponent’s crotch.
And since this will make them to move to a frontal, up-close battle, there is no reason for her to refuse.

(It will be my victory once I catch him. I will boil you myself!)

She knows her inside is hot because Tauro mentions it every time they play. And her fighting instincts whisper to her to use it.

(Here he comes!)

The image she had in her mind was 『a giant hornet trying to eat its way into a honeybee’s nest』. And the bees, unable to deal with him individually, retreated inside the nest.
Then, when the hornet had been successfully dragged into the nest, the bees attacked him from all directions.


Hearing the man’s voice in her ear, she crosses her legs over his back and firmly holds on to him. Now her opponent cannot pull himself out of the nest.

(Good luck, me!)

Thousands of bees surrounded the giant hornet in a spherical shape, shaking their bodies vigorously and raising their body temperatures. It was a vessel that even Tauro, who is known as the supreme treasure of the red-light district said that it should be designated as an important cultural property.
Incidentally, the national treasure is, of course, Light Cruiser-sensei.

(Let’s show him the results of my training.)

Ponytail clenches her teeth as honey drips from the entrance of the nest onto the bed sheets. In her mind, she was recalling the rigorous training she had every night in her room.

『Her right hand fingers fiddled with her crotches that gradually became faster.』

“How many times have I brushed it off with my left hand just before I was about to ascend?” All in order to overcome my lust and defeat the loathsome former classmate from the pilot school in front of me.
And from the moment I entered the room to this point, things were going smoothly.

(I can do this.)

The head of a thirty-year-old man who is in close contact with her head. Gradually rising its chin.
Such was Ponytail that, even with a large bead of sweat on her forehead, both corners of her mouth curved upward at the prospect of victory.


And here we move the perspective to Tauro.

(This hot temperature is as amazing as ever.)

Ponytail’s stomach trembling in excitement. It never subsides, and the originally high inner temperature is gradually rising even higher.
To be honest, I wondered if it was safe for a person’s body temperature to be this high.

(It feels as if she won’t let go of me, and it feels nice.)

Ponytail with her arms and legs locked behind my back and her breasts pressed to my chest. Usually, we started the real thing midway through playtime, however, today for some reason she wanted to start right away from the beginning.

『A passionate embrace by a sporty girl.』

She may have her own plans, but it doesn’t matter. I just squint my eyes and enjoy this situation.

(It feels like I’m going to melt in there.)

It’s like stirring hot water with a bar of chocolate, and a sweet numbness envelops the bar of chocolate.
And something about it makes me want to spit out my load so badly today.

『I’m dying to let it out.』

If I had to describe it, it would be like holding your pee until you are on the verge of leaking. It makes you unable to think of anything else.
I haven’t felt this way since I was in junior high school or high school, but I don’t think just worrying about it will do anything.

『I won’t be able to go to school if I didn’t do self-relief every morning.』

The situation is different from those days.
Because now, I’m happy as long as I can play with women as much as I like. It’s a sign of a healthy body and mind.

(Let it out!)

Besides, I originally planned to come before Ponytail.
She may think she’s putting up a good fight, but it’s the usual thing. I don’t have to go out of my way and have an endurance battle with her.
I’m a customer, so I can at least be allowed to be a little bit more selfish.

(Take this!)

Then I released my mind and body as I wished without restraint.


The giant wasp continues to advance despite being surrounded by the bees but finally bends to its knees and collapses. White bodily fluids spewed from its large jaws and spread to the floor of the nest.

(Endure it, me!)

A girl with a harsh face with her hair tied up behind her back distorted her face and pointed her finger at the man’s back while scolding herself.
The sensation of a hot fluid being poured deep into her body sent a sweet jolt of high voltage through her hair and down to her toes, causing her back to bend backward.


It must be thanks to her self-discipline. Ponytail managed to survive the huge wave, so huge that she had to look up to see it, without being swept by it.
She clenches her fist and shouts into the sky in her heart.

(I won…)

This is undoubtedly the taste of victory. You could call this liquid the cloudy sake of victory.

「It’s my victory!」

This time, she declared it out loud and in high spirits to her opponent. The dull thirty-year-old former classmate admitted defeat with a sigh.

(You can’t even stand up, can you? Just wait there, I’m going to stomp your face in right now.)

She has always felt like this after the play until now, so it should be the same for him. Ponytail, who has no doubts about her belief, puts all her strength into trying to move the man who is covering her to the side.

(It won’t move.)

Perhaps because of the damage he had sustained, he had no more strength in his lower body.
He would recover after a short rest. The next moment she thought of that, she felt a thunderbolt in the pit of her stomach.

(H-How? I should’ve defeated him.)

The giant hornet, which should have been wrapped in a bee ball bouquet and lost its life in the heat. It suddenly stood up and began to move back in.
She could tell from the feel of the wasp’s body that it had not lost any of its hardness.

(…I just have to do it again.)

Figuring out the reason for this can wait until later. Defeating him again should take priority.
What? I defeated him earlier. I just have to do it again.

(How’s that!)

Using her abdominal muscles to raise her body temperature, she wrapped and tightened her hold on the intruder. She managed to snatch up another victory, albeit just barely than before.
But then, her eyebrows shot up in astonishment for the second time.

(Are you a zombie? You never know when to give up, aren’t you.)

After a short pause, the giant hornet rose up again.

(This is bad. This is really really bad.)

Slowly but surely, the giant hornet advances. And the destination is the deepest part of her nest.
This is where the queen bee, which has no combat power, sits.

(…..No, there’s no way, right?)

A certain question rose from Ponytail’s mind, which she denies by shaking her head which also sways her hair left and right.
The queen bee is protected by 『Birth Control』 magic. It has never been broken, and there has never been a story of it happening anywhere else.
However, the unusual vitality of the giant hornet, which keeps coming back even after being knocked down, instinctively made her fear that the magic might be broken this time.

(Stop it! You–!!)

She removes her legs from his back and in order to tear off the palms that were tightly attached to her breasts she grabbed both sides with her hands and pushed hard.


But it’s slippery because both of them are sweating.
Incidentally, Ponytail doesn’t know about the 『Emergency Call Magic Circle』 on the headboard of the bed. Or to be precise, it would be better to say, 『she doesn’t remember』. It was explained to her when she was hired as a part-time worker, it flew over her head because she thought she wouldn’t need it.

(Urk! Ugh!)

While she was doing that, her former classmate was coming at her like a series of hammer blows, slamming his hips into her in an attempt to push the giant hornet deeper into the nest.
With each blow, the giant hornet was sure to advance and was about to reach the innermost part of the nest.

(No! You can’t!)

How many times has this happened? Once again, the white liquid spits from the jaws of the giant hornet. The venom engulfs the queen bee, melting her and the nest.
Ponytail’s consciousness has also melted and disappeared.


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