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Chapter 351 part 2

Time goes back a bit when Tauro has just finished his first shot.

(Ahhh~ that felt amazing!)

Going first is nice as I thought. As I lean my weight on the girl underneath me and savor the experience, she opens her mouth and makes a weak sound.

「Iss… hai… iory..」

She’s probably trying to say, 『It’s my victory』. It’s just like her to be so bothered by winning and losing.

「It was my loss.」

I, who was still recovering from the afterglow, replied after letting out a heavy sigh.
Right after that, Ponytail’s lower body began to move as her face was filled with joy. It seems she’s planning to shake me off and get up.

(It’s still not enough.)

But I still feel like I have a lot more pent-up energy inside of me. I could definitely still go on, so I decided to make her keep me companied.


As I moved my hips with a jerk, the color of joy drained from the harsh-faced Ponytail’s face and shock spread across her face.
“Unbelievable!” must be how she felt right now.

(I might be a lot older than her, but my stamina is comparable to that of a young man.)

I spoke to myself in my mind and started to move it again in small increments.
And then, a few moments later, I fired the second shot.

(I can’t really tell whether I’m doing good or bad today at this point.)

I tilted my head because I fired my shot quicker than expected, and my head tilted even further when I find that I’m still not quite satisfied yet and still raring to go.

(Oh well. We still have time. Let’s have her serve our needs as much as we can today.)

I drink the high-rank potions I made myself every night, so I don’t have to worry about any illnesses or abnormal status.
I stopped thinking about it and began the third round without a break. I should probably take a break for my partner’s sake, but I can’t suppress this feeling of 『wanting to let it out』.

(Let’s just stop if she tells me to.)

If it becomes too unbearable for her, she would surely reach for the 『Emergency Call Magic』.
I nodded to myself and began to move my hips back and forth again.


How many times did I repeat this process since then? She regained the light in her eyes intermittently, but in the end, she didn’t show the intention to do that.


I separated myself from her and got up from the bed, then took a shower by myself to clean off the sludge.
Ponytail is still lying on the bed. She is in her disheveled uniform with her underwear hanging from one leg above her knee, rubbing her inner thighs together, sometimes bending and twisting her body while moaning.

(….I guess I’ll go for one more round.)

The flames that should have subsided in that disheveled figure suddenly flared up again. The number of our battles must have reached double digits by now.
As expected, I realized that something was strange at this point, but I had an inkling of what could be the cause.

『The glowing citrus’ flesh when I peeled off the skin.』

It was eating the Pomelo from the forest garden.
The fruit was grown by my familiars and spirit beasts who worked together, led by Imosuke. It’s not surprising that the fruit has this kind of effect.

(Haah… it’s completely empty now, nothing’s coming out.)

I get off of Ponytail’s body that I was riding on and I take a shower again.
There is zero time left to play. My former classmate who’s also an active B-class Knight pilot of the Kingdom knight order is currently not moving, except to breathe.

(Looks like she lost consciousness.)

I left her, who looks completely satisfied from sucking the life out of me, on the bed, and left the room.

「Then, I will be in your care from now on.」

It’s probably because I’m a major investor of this store. I tell the strangely timid concierge old man about Ponytail’s current state.
It was only natural that I gave them a tip that was equivalent to the cost of playing multiple times. Even if she somehow recovered, it would be impossible for her to do any more work today.
It seems I’m the only one who wants to nominate her, but that’s another story.

(The night breeze is refreshing and pleasant. Let’s go home and chat with Imosuke and the others.)

I would like to hear more about this seemingly limitless stamina.
I left the store and walked down a dimly lit alley in the red-light district while humming a song through my nose.


The next day, in a large room at the headquarters of the Kingdom knight order.
Two young female pilots, given desks in the corner, were checking off check marks on documents as they compared numbers.

『I don’t think there’s any mistake there, but make sure everything checks out.』

That’s what the seniors of the knight order told them. It can’t be helped that they have a lot of help work because they only joined the knight order recently.

「Hey, are you okay?」

The girl with braided hair asked in a whisper as her cannonball-shaped breasts shook. It was because her friend, Ponytail, seemed to have a hard time concentrating.
She was holding a pen in her right hand, but with her left hand on her cheekbone, she stopped and let out a hot sigh from time to time.

「Hm? Did I do anything strange?」

Moreover, the person herself is not aware of it. She replied back with a puzzled expression.
Busty-chan who was met with her moist eyes shrugged her shoulders with an exasperated look on her face.

「There’s this feeling of “happiness” seeping out from your whole body.」

“You smell of a female in heat”, she continued while pinching her own nose and waving her hand in front of her face.

「There’s no way that’s true!」

Ponytail’s face instantly turns red and stood up from her seat with a loud voice. She can’t tell if she was surprised at being told so bluntly by her best friend or if she knows that it’s true.
However, the seniors doing paperwork in the same room gave them a stern look.

「I’m just a little tired, that’s all.」

Ponytail sits back down after bowing her head to the surroundings and whispered with reproachful eyes, and Busty-chan responded by shaking her head from side to side as she sighed.

(She’s not just hiding her embarrassment isn’t she?)

The person herself must really mean it.

「So, how was it?」

Ponytail went to work at her part-time job last night for an appointment with Dr. Slime.
Although she can more or less guess the outcome of the battle, she asked anyway.

「….It ended with my victory, of course.」

She replied while averting her gaze and looking diagonally down. Seeing her being so obvious, even worse than a child, Busty-chan closed both of her eyelids halfway and stares at her with a warm gaze.

「You don’t believe me don’t you?」

She must have felt dissatisfied because her mouth twitched as she continued. Incidentally, Ponytail herself does not think she told a lie.

『It’s my loss.』

It was only the first round, but she definitely made him admit defeat. And she never once said she lost.
She closed her eyes to everything else, taking out only the part where she 『won』. But of course, deep in her heart, she knew that she had lost miserably.

「Of course I believe you. Good for you, congratulations.」

Ponytail stopped mid-sentence as she moved her mouth as if she wanted to say something to Busty-chan who replied without looking at all impressed.
After letting her eyes drift into the air as if searching her memories, she let out a small breath with a look of relief.

(What is it now?)

Busty-chan didn’t know.

『He might have broken the birth control magic.』

Her best friend who remembers and had been so frightened about it, requested to be examined by the staff after she recovered last night.
After hearing that everything was fine, she collapsed on the sofa in the worker’s waiting room and could not get up for a while.

(Ah, this is bad.)

She was tilting her head in puzzlement but switched her gears when she saw the senior pilot entering the room.
It was because the senior who was coming straight toward her had 『the work I had asked you to do should be finished by now.』 written on his face.

(Let’s work harder and try to finish this quickly.)

She elbowed her best friend, who was still in a daze, in the arm and dropped her eyes to the stack of papers.


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