Chapter 354 part 1

The twinkling stars in the autumn night sky, and the red-light district of the royal capital that shines below outshine them.
After finishing playing at a certain low-class brothel, I didn’t leave the store immediately and had a coffee in the lobby.

(It’s almost closing time, huh?)

There are no women on the platform, as orders have already been closed.
The only other customer in the lobby, besides me, is the one who is talking to the concierge at the counter. And that one person has just left the store.

「Is there something wrong?」

A middle-aged man with a double chin returned from the counter, wiped the sweat from his forehead with a handkerchief, and sat down in front of me.
This person is the store owner and concierge. He was chatting with me until just now, but he was called by a customer and went to the counter.

「It was a complaint from the customer. I’m thankful, but… this is troubling.」

His chin quivered as he spoke with a sigh.
His expression is grim, but there is no trace of hatred in it. It is probably not that unreasonable of a complaint.

(Then that 『thankful』probably meant he appreciates the customer for pointing out the existing problems.)

And it’s 『troubling』 because it is a difficult problem to tackle. By the way, I am the type of person who 『quietly stopped coming if I experienced something unpleasant』.

「It seems you have an idea of what it is.」

When I tried to fish for information, the concierge held his hand on the back of his neck and shrugged. Moistening his throat with his now-cold coffee, he told me the complaint.

「….Hmm, so the woman climaxed instantly every time he put it in, is it?」

I parrot back the content of the complaint.
I asked if the man is a strong type, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. He said he was a customer who visited the store regularly and doesn’t seem to have the ability to crush the worker.

「So the problem lies in that woman, huh?」

To summarize the concierge’s description, she is the so-called 『woman with premature ejaculation』. She is similar to the twin-tailed large-breasted girl who is very popular among the boys with high sensitivity at Jayanne.
However, Twintail is the type who 『climaxes continuously during play to satisfy the customer’s desire for domination』. On the other hand, the woman here is said to be the 『satisfies and heals your heart and mind』 type.

(And after that, she immediately went into sage mode*.)
[*TL Note: Japanese version of post nut clarity.]

After listening to him, I raise my eyebrows and groan while stroking my chin.
The woman already climaxes, but the customer is still on his way. Of course, the play continues until the end, but the quality goes down because the fire is not lit in their hearts.
I guess that’s why the complaints came in.

「Her looks and skills are not bad. If it only weren’t for this problem…」

The concierge shakes his chin from side to side with a regretful expression on his face. I cross my arms, look up at the ceiling and think.

(Is there any way to solve this I wonder?)

Working in a brothel is a dream job for many women in this world. She must have worked hard to improve herself to fulfill her dream.
To have to give it up because of a single physical condition is too much pitiful.

(….It’s no use, I can’t think of anything.)

I tried searching through my brain, but no hits.

「Please give me some time to think of a way.」

After telling him this, I sat up from the sofa. Then I left the store and headed home, feeling the concierge’s presence behind me as he bowed his head.


The next day, I went to the Kingdom merchant guild’s building and headed for the buy & sell section on the first floor.

『Piloting a Knight of the Kingdom merchant guild, slaying magical beasts on the highway and protecting the safety of the travelers.』

Since I don’t have that sort of work today, I came to deliver the potion.
It was crowded, so I sat in a chair and waited for a little while, then handed over a bag full of potions after being called.
The person in charge is a tough-looking chief who has become quite familiar to me.

(He’s as diligent as ever.)

With a serious expression on his face, he held up each piece to the light and looked through it. As I watched, I thought about what to do after this.

(I guess I’ll go to yesterday’s store after getting lunch.)

I should probably play with her once first and figure out what’s wrong with her.
However, I have a record of overdoing it with Light Cruiser-sensei, Twintail, and Explosive Onee-san.

(I have to be careful…. hm?)

As I was thinking about this, there was something that stuck in my mind.
Even though he was in the middle of inspecting the potions, the tough-looking chief’s gaze would often wander away from the potions and turn behind me.

(That, huh?)

I followed his gaze and casually turned around to see a lady in a tight skirt reading a document with her legs crossed while waiting for her turn.
From this angle, the content of the skirt is fully visible. She was wearing black stockings, but it was hard not to turn your gaze there.

「Is there something wrong, chief?」

I understand the reason, but it still didn’t add up. There had never been a time when the chief would lose focus while inspecting an item.
I was curious, so I asked him in a whisper while I was waiting for the inspection to be finished and the money to be credited to my guild card.

「Ah, it seems you caught me. This is embarrassing.」

The tough-looking chief shrugs his shoulders as his face turns red. He knew it was a bad thing to do, but he couldn’t help but look.

「Actually, my allowance has been cut recently.」

This has led to fewer trips to brothels and he occasionally feels aroused more often.
Incidentally, the reduced amount of money went toward education expenses. He says that he has increased the number of cram schools his children attend at his wife’s request.

(Having a family sure is tough.)

As the chief supervisor of the Kingdom merchant guild’s headquarters, his salary is well above the average in the royal capital. However, there is no hint of luxury in the small items held by the tough-looking chief.
From his wife’s point of view, the money her husband spends on hobbies and having fun is probably nothing but a waste.

(But is it fair? I hope the chief is not the only one forced to make a sacrifice and hold back.)

Whether it is an individual or an organization, it is difficult to cut oneself loose. Is it right for the wife to make the assessment of his 『self-reward』?
I won’t speak too much about it because it is someone else’s family. However, seeing the circumstances of my colleagues and superiors in my previous life makes me think so.


I decided to invite him to a brothel. However, it won’t be a treat.
The chief and I are both members of society. To maintain a good relationship, we should not give one-sided charity.

(On that note, if it’s that store, we don’t have to pay.)

I just need to get him to monitor the 『sage-mode woman with premature ejaculation』 who works at the double-chin concierge’s store.
From my experience playing together, the chief’s ability is the same as that of the general customer. Then he would be able to give a more accurate assessment than I could.

「If you have some spare time after work, can you please help me with something?」

I offered as I received my guild card. The question mark on the chief’s face disappears after I explained the details.

「No no no, I could never…」

Even with a reason, he can tell that I’m being considerate by offering him to go play together. With an apologetic look on his face, he puts both palms forward as if he’s trying to hold back.

「It’s really just work, you know? As evidence, the concierge and I will be watching you as you do it, albeit hidden.」

I give him one more push, convinced that in reality, he really wanted to accept the offer.
The presence of customers behind me waiting for their turn must have added to the pressure. Then the chief nodded his head in a sign of gratitude.

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