Chapter 354 part 2

The autumn sun sets quickly, and it is already dark when the tough-looking chief leaves for work on time.
After meeting at the entrance to the red-light district, I walked first in the front and weaved my way through the narrow alleys.

「This is the place.」

We pass through the entrance of one of the low-class brothels and head for the counter at the back of the lobby. The concierge had already spoken to me during the day, so he left the counter in the hands of a boy who appeared to be an apprentice and led us to the back of the first floor.
As we enter the playroom, we see a young woman in a light-colored one-piece dress, bowing her head with a soft smile.

(I see, this is certainly a shame.)

She has shoulder-length straight hair and a rather slender figure. The impression I got was that of a 『young lady from the countryside』 and the summer sky seemed to suit as a background.
I turn my gaze next to me and see the tough-looking chief with his mouth hanging open.

(Now that I think about it, the chief loves idols didn’t he?)

And she seemed like the friendly type. She is probably right in the middle of his strike zone.

「Please treat me well.」

The tough-looking chief greets her with a straight back and a loud voice. The countryside young lady puts her hand over her mouth and smiles at that sight.
Nodding to each other, the double-chinned concierge and I opened the door at the back of the playroom and stepped into a small room adjacent to this one, which was separated by a magic mirror.

「Is the playroom here all like this?」

Due to the darkness of the small room, I can see the chief and the countryside young lady clearly through the glass. The concierge’s chin meat goes from side to side at my words of admiration.

「No, this is a special room for practice. Because if the tuner were in the same room and stood by the wall, they would inevitably look his way.」

It will be difficult to measure your true ability if you keep looking at the judges’ complexion.

「I see…」

This room is located further back than the worker waiting room on the first floor, and certainly not a place where customers were allowed to pass through. As I was convinced, I decided to watch the chiefs’ play, which started immediately.

「She’s good at this. It would be different for customers who like it rough, but for those who are into a more gentle play, she’s irresistible.」

I said and nodded.
The countryside young lady rinses off the chief’s body in the bathroom and invites him to join her by pulling his hand to the bed. Just now she has finished her massage and is performing her hand and oral techniques.

(She can even work in a middle-class brothel with that skill.)

Her handling was careful and her technique construction was textbook orthodox. You can clearly see her efforts in this area.

「She’s just casually trying to run away, isn’t she? But I wonder how far can she go?」

The concierge doesn’t respond to what I have just said. When I turn my gaze to the side, I see him with a serious look on his face.

『Focusing on hands and mouth technique for several rounds and moves to the final stage of the play.』

That seems to be the countryside young lady’s plan.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her move her body in a fan shape around the axis of her mouth while gently brushing away the hand of the chief, who was eager to get inside.

『If stung, she would go down instantly and wouldn’t be able to come back up during playtime.』

I didn’t tell the chief about that weakness of hers. I just told him to 『play with her and give me feedback』.
What I want to see is the reaction of the customer without any prior information.

「Ah, she got caught!」

The concierge shouted in distress.
The countryside young lady managed to get the first shot out of him by using her mouth. But when she looked up and made eye contact with the chief, swallowed down the liquid inside her mouth, and smiled, she was immediately pushed down by him.

(He was aiming for the time when she’s stopped moving, huh? And she was probably caught off guard, thinking there would be time to talk before the second round started.)

Calling it conceit, would be too pitiful.
The tough-looking chief is an idol lover, and as such, he is more passionate about this type of girl than others.

「Please wait! You can’t!」

The countryside young lady pushes hard with both hands against the densely hairy old man’s chest. She is aware that if she allowed him to enter, it will be the end, so her resistance is not an act but a real one.
However, this is a brothel and she is a professional. Therefore, she can only push back like she’s doing now, without scratching or punching the customer.

「That looks exciting.」

I got turned on seeing that. And the concierge replied to my muttering with 『I get that』.
I coughed lightly and continued.

「Ah— it went in.」

Now the chief’s slightly protruding belly is completely on top of the countryside young lady’s belly. Looking at her reaction, it can’t be just the tip of the spear.

「Pill it out, pull it out! Please pull it out!」

The countryside young lady can do nothing but push his chest while shaking her head from side to side. But the gouging motion of the chief’s hips made the spear sink even deeper, perhaps all the way to the base.

(I wonder how the chief sees this resistance.)

Did he immerse himself in it, or did he only see it as a part of the play?

(Well, I can see it clearly from here though.)

A true and brilliant performance. He must have perceived it as such.
A line of drool was trickling from the edge of the mouth of the pushed chief, and his cheeks were so loose that they looked as if they were about to fall off.

「She would no longer be able to endure it. What shall we do?」

The slender body of the countryside young lady arches against the waist of a powerful chief. Seeing that, the concierge, who was getting worried, asked me.
The countryside young lady’s eyes had gone up showing more of the white part of her eyes.

(It’s too quick, no matter how you look at it.)

This was indeed unexpected. If I were to be the one in that room, it would have been over after the first thrust.
Leaving this task to the chief is the right decision.

「Let’s stop it immediately.」

At my reply, the concierge stands up.
He exits the small room and rushes over as his chin and belly shake, then we joined forces to pull the chief off of her.

「It was close, but we made it just in time.」

The concierge looks at the countryside young lady with the same astonished look on the chief’s face. It seems it was still safe.
After that, the concierge and I sat down on the bed beside the chief supervisor and explained the situation to him.

「I see… So that wasn’t an act.」

The tough-looking chief let out a deep sigh with an apologetic look on his face.
But his crotch is honest. He was not at all able to hide his excitement at the fact that he had penetrated deep inside the woman who was seriously resisting him.
He was already facing the ceiling because he was in the middle of it and since the excitement level was elevated further by the situation, the veins on his spear was pop out in agonizing detail.

「You, comfort him.」

The concierge who took a notice of that urged her, and the countryside young lady, who had come back from the edge, said, 『excuse me』 and put her head on the chief’s crotch.
This is necessary because it has to be comforted to calm down.

「So I tried to come up with a countermeasure, but… do you have anything, chief?」

When I ask him for his opinion, he brushes his fingers through the silky hair on his belly and closes his eyes. After a short pause, he gave me a surprising answer.

「Isn’t it fine to leave it as is?」

I looked at the concierge, but he also showed no sign of understanding. Then the chief supervisor continued.

「We set conditions in advance and only those who are fine with it may go and nominate her.」

He said it out loud with satisfaction, but neither I nor the concierge are convinced. If we do that, she wouldn’t be able to compete and will likely lose the nomination battle on the platform.
When I told him this, the corners of his mouth bent to a smile.

「Please don’t worry about that. Devotion is a man’s true nature and I’m sure there will always be customers who prefer her.」

(Devotion, huh?)

Hearing that, the image of a 『young lady in a one-piece dress wearing a straw hat against a backdrop of blue sky and incoming clouds』 comes to my mind.

(She was born with a weak constitution, and because of this, she spends her time in a mansion in the countryside.)

A back story naturally formed in my mind with that image.

『The crotch that easily reaches climax and has a long interval afterward.』

Certainly, there may be a butler or chivalrous type of pleasure there.

(This is a blind spot.)

The double-chinned concierge, who must have come to an understanding as I did, froze with a look of astonishment on his face.

『A type of play to make the woman you love happy.』

Her appearance and atmosphere are just right for this play.

(To think that he would reach the most optimal solution after just one skin-on-skin contact.)

I can’t help but shudder.
To be honest, I had been making light of the chief’s ability in this field. I had unintentionally looked down on him.

(As expected of a married man.)

I don’t know about the concierge beside me, but I’m single, including in my previous life. And I don’t think I could ever have come up with this answer on my own.
Then my comment about 『a wife who allocated the allowance for him』 would be superfluous. I am sure that he has a much bigger heart than a guy like me and wraps his family warmly around him.

(Oh right, she was also listening.)

The tough-looking chief’s face which she looks at with respect is distorted in sadness.
The part of her that she had always felt was her shortcoming might turn out to be her strength. She must be overjoyed.
The gratitude must have been conveyed to the chief’s crotch by the movement of her tongue and cheeks.

「It seems the problem is solved somehow.」

The tough-looking chief who raised his chin with a grunt and the countryside young lady who buried her face between his thighs and moved her throat up and down. With these two by my side, I told the double-chinned concierge.

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