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Chapter 358 part 2

「Ohh, if it isn’t Tauro-kun. Would you care for a cup of tea?」

As I walk down the corridor to exit the building, the entrance door opens, revealing the vice guild master, with his long white beard. I have no reason to refuse, so I entered the room as he told me.

「Is it okay? It seems like you’re in the middle of a meeting but…」

I asked because the tough-looking chief of staff was there too. This old man, who was in charge of my potion transaction, bowed lightly to me in his chair.
Santa Claus said that it was okay and had me sit down next to the tough-looking chief.

(Even though I am the sole master of one member, I am also the Knight Commander of the Merchant Guild Knights. That makes me one of the executives, but I wonder if it’s really okay for me to hear this much?)

And thus a meeting under the guise of a “tea talk” began, with maps and documents spread out on the table.
The content of the meeting was quite deep, covering politics, economics, and the situation in and outside of the Kingdom, and to be honest, my brain couldn’t keep up with it.

(This must be executive training for the Chief, right?)

It’s not surprising since I heard that he is one of the candidates for the next guild master. I guess he thought that the meeting was getting a little stuffy with only the two of them alone and wanted a change of pace.

「This kind of talk is good in a while, don’t you think?」

Santa Claus, perhaps noticing my unconvinced expression, said while winking at me. In the end, it was already lunchtime when I was released.

(This is troubling…)

I returned my thoughts to the Panty-less Troupe as I walked through the central square of the royal capital.
Looking at how impatient she is, I am sure that she will show up at my house this evening as well. I have to think about what I will say before then.

(Yeah, this won’t work, I can’t think of anything. I guess I’ll get some lunch first.)

I arrived at the red-light district and after a bit of hesitation, entered a restaurant with a sign that read 『No-hands Store, Bonaza』.

『No-hands Store, Bonaza』

As the name suggests, this is a restaurant where customers don’t have to use their hands at all and the women feed them by hand or mouth-to-mouth. Instead, the customers use their free hands to tease the waitresses.

(Did they change the uniforms here too?)

Women in short-sleeved sailor uniforms greet the customers in a horizontal line at the back of the lobby. Needless to say, I was pleased to see them.
In the past, the mainstream clothing in the red-light district was one-piece dresses that showed the lines of the body. I was dissatisfied with that, so I suggested changing it to sailors and blazers.

『They’re so cute and lovely in those.』

The result was a great success with both female workers and male customers. Moreover, the uniforms are being adopted not only in red-light districts but also as school uniforms.

『Wearing this uniform will make you 30% more attractive.』

Apparently, it was the same in this world.
It’s probably only in a world where 『the social status of brothels is remarkably high』 that it spread from brothels to schools, the opposite of my previous life.

「Then, I’ll go with you.」

She is a pretty woman with light brown hair parted in the middle, showing her forehead. She smiled and bowed her head as I nominate her. Looking at her face and stature, she’s probably in her late teens.
After entering the private room, I had her sandwich my hands which is cold because I just came from outside, between her thighs under her skirt.

「Hooh, it’s very squishy and nice to touch, are you doing some sports by any chance?」

Once my hands are warmed up, I pull them out of her skirt, then grab the bulging breasts over the sailor uniforms.
After playing around to kill some time, the prawn-centered dishes I ordered arrived, and it was time for mouth-to-mouth feeding.

(Hmmm~ This is quite something.)

What surprised me was her skillful tongue technique. As I plan to continue my thinking here after getting some lunch, this is very helpful.

『The stress in the crotch increases in direct proportion to the increase the stress in the brain.』

This is a basic rule of thumb I got when I was a student. Normally, I have to hold the pen between my crotch with my hand to relieve it, but here, I don’t have to.
It’s because the woman kneels down in front of me who sits naked on the sofa with my legs spread wide open, and keeps sucking out the stress that’s rising in my body using her mouth and tongue.

(It makes my head clear and I’m sure I’ll come up with good ideas with this.)

Hence, I call the private room at No-hands Store, 『The Sage’s Room』. It seems that a lot of men use the room in the same way and it is very popular during the exams and qualification tests seasons.

(Still… she’s really good at this.)

The pleasant meal is over and now it’s time to think, as planned. Thus I racked my brain as I run my fingers through her light brown hair which was moving back and forth along with her head between my legs.

『Twirled in a spiral, wrapped in a cylinder, and sucked gently.』

It is true craftsmanship.
Moreover, she only uses her mouth, while both of her hands are on the sofa. The worker, just like the customer, does not use their hands to serve the customer.

(I can’t help but keep noticing her skillful tongue technique, but her real value is her keen insight.)

She stops moving her tongue just before I’m about to reach my limit. It’s as if she’s reading your mind.
That’s why I can enjoy it to the maximum. It’s not as good as my 『Magic Eye』 or Light Cruiser-sensei’s 『Discernment』, but it’s definitely close to that.

(Just how many people has she given service to get her to this level.)

I looked at the woman below, who was in her late teens, and yet, already approaching the realm of mastery as I exhaled a breath mixed with a hint of sweetness for the nth time.


Then, my eyes meet hers by coincidence. She’s probably trying to see my reaction.
At that moment, I realized that I was mistaken.

(It’s not because of experience. No, that might be a part of it, but mostly it’s due to her talent.)

『The manager told me he’s a skilled and distinguished customer, but… it’s just the same. Every man is the same under my tongue.』

If I had to put it into words, it would be something like this. This woman with light brown hair parted in the middle is said to have quite a confident personality.
She doesn’t know that I’m 『Dr. Slime』 but it’s not really surprising.

(I don’t look that dignified after all.)

Even though my nickname is well-known, I look no different from an ordinary old man wandering around the red-light district with a perverted look on his face. The difference in image is so great that I’m often not recognized outside of high-class brothels.

(Did she not realize that her thoughts were being read? But still, it’s rare to see a person who can be seen through so clearly.)

If she didn’t realize this, it’s probably because she works in a place where she keeps servicing the customers with her face down.

(Then let’s have her experience it. The fact that she’s not the only one who can see through the other party’s thoughts and feelings.)

In order to move on to play with her lower mouth, I hold Forehead-chan’s head with both of my hands and gently pull her off of my crotch.

(Let’s do it from the front.)

With this thought in mind, I get up from the sofa and push her down, covering her from the front.
I took a position and stared at her in the eyes, but I also used my magic eye to make absolutely sure.


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