Chapter 358 part 3

「Well then, without further ado…」

After flipping her skirt up to her navel, I leave her underwear on one leg, my usual style. Thanks to the effect of my teasing, she is already ready to go.

(Shallow and deep… one, two, three. Strongly and gently… one, two, three. Something like this, I guess.)

I move my hips back and forth dozen times. I stopped moving when I see the depths of her abdomen change color from yellow to white and become more radiant.

(Okay~ it’s calmed down.)

After confirming that the color temperature has dropped to yellow, orange, and then red, I start moving my hips back and forth again.
The beautiful-type girl, brown-haired, Forehead-chan maintains a composed expression, but her eyes reveal her true feelings.

『You want to rush me and enjoy my reaction, aren’t you? Sorry to disappoint you, but I won’t show the expression on my face.』

That’s what she’s probably thinking right now, but it’s really wonderful. If her 『Eyes that reveal her feelings』 became known to her customers without her knowing it, she would be very popular.
From here, I begin the kind of play she did to me in earnest.

(Taste the feeling of Dr. Slime pushing you precisely to the brink. And…… Stop!)

Not only her face, but Forehead-chan’s entire body is also turning red as she’s at the receiving end of continuous edging.
By the way, since I’m the one who’s doing the edging, it doesn’t matter if she can read the tension through my eyes.

(It’s frustrating isn’t it? But nope~ I won’t let you come yet.)

I repeatedly move in and out of her with extreme caution. Her mouth is tightly knit and although she manages to keep her composure from collapsing, a raging, strong light surges out of her eyes.

(Pause and wait for a while.)

If I had to image it, it’s like a bowl filled with stew, covered with layers of plastic wrap, and heated in a microwave.
When the steam makes the plastic wrap swell up, you stop the microwave, wait until it shrinks, and then turn it on again.

(You feel your ears become hot as if they’re burning, aren’t you?)

Forehead-chan’s tightly knit mouth opened slightly and her breath escaped from her mouth. It was like steam leaking from a gap in the plastic wrap.
It must have been frustrating and painful for her. Eventually, she began to move her hips, seeking stimulation.

(Oh no you don’t~)

So I pull back slowly to pull myself out.

(Hoooh~ Would you look at this. She’s completely into me now isn’t she?)

I couldn’t help but grin. Because to my surprise, she was pressing her hips up against me, trying to keep me from pulling out.
My hips were gradually rising in the air as her butt took off from the sofa. It was as if she was doing the bridge position.

(Do your best~)

She squeezed her bottom mouth to keep me from pulling out, but the saliva in Forehead-chan’s lower mouth prevent her to do so and I managed to pull out with a “plop!” sound and silver threads hanging from the tip.

(Wait for a while, and…. There!)

I waited until she had calmed down and then slammed deep inside her with a powerful thrust. Her body bends over, but I pull out immediately after only one back-and-forth motion to make sure she doesn’t come.

『Pulling out completely, then wait a second before I thrust myself into her and hit her innermost part.』

I repeated this more than a dozen times. She is swinging her hips like crazy while still in the bridge position.
As expected she must have reached her utmost limit by now. And since I am not a demon, I decided to give her what she wanted.

(Now, savor it to the fullest!)

But I did it without going into a spurt. Even when the wrap is swollen to the brim, it simply continues to overheat.
The wrap, which has naturally swelled into a tight hemispherical shape is unable to withstand the internal pressure and bursts. The boiling stew flies everywhere in the microwave.

(Along with a big scream and a big spasm, the meat is finally cooked soft and tender. And the look on her face… Lovely.)

It’s not a face that is distorted with pain, but rather a weird face. If I were to use a metaphor, it would be like when someone makes a funny face at a party.
However, this one here has a tremendous impact that only someone seriously putting their effort into it could have pulled off. The person herself might not like it, but it will definitely get a high score from the gentlemen.

(Eh? You already came? And it’s too rough, you say?)

Just where was her cool demeanor from earlier go I wonder? The beautiful-type woman with brown hair parted in the middle, Forehead-chan comes at me with no care of her appearance.
But she didn’t respond and didn’t stop moving. It’s like someone who is so absorbed in the act that they can’t hear anything.

(I haven’t come yet, so I’m going to need you to keep me company, alright?)

What her eyes conveyed was bewilderment. She must have never experienced anything like this before, as she always took control of the situation with her tongue.
Many gentlemen will happily go to a last spurt after seeing the woman they’re with reach climax, so I hope this can be an opportunity for her to experience it. I’m sure she’ll find a way to deal with it eventually.

「Thanks for the meal.」

Some time has passed since, and after having tasted her body which is boiling to the core, I let go of her body with a satisfied sigh. Next, to freshen up, I go into the shower, which looks like a telephone booth in the corner of the room.
Normally, I would ask the girl I nominated to wash me down, but I can’t because I’ve put her out of action.

(I’ll see you again next time.)

After placing a tip that was far above the market rate on the table, I quickly dressed up and walked out of the store.

(….That’s right, I have my 『Doom Squad』 with me, aren’t I?)

I was walking down the main street of the red-light district when a sudden thought occurs to me. As I thought, it seems that thinking in Sage mode makes one’s head clearer than usual.

(So what if the merchant guild decides to not make a move? I can just put the evil organization of the Kingdom against the volunteer group from the Eastern Kingdom.)

It’s a war between non-official organizations. Next, I thought about how exactly I should act.
Since the other party was so unpredictable, it would be difficult to catch them even if I tried to intercept them.

(If they’re based in the church in the royal capital, then I could… No, I guess that’s impossible, huh?)

If they’re a voluntary group, they won’t rely on a formal presence. They would probably be staying at an inn.

(….It will be difficult to fight them head-on. Then, why not do the same?)

Seeing that they’re the religious type, they must be pretending to be an ally of justice, or a righteous thief, or something like that. If that’s the case, the worst thing that they would hate the most would be the appearance of a fake.

(Let’s get Cool-san to dress like them and claim herself to be a member of the Panty-less Troupe.)

Then she will also do the same thing as them. To enter the homes of men who live alone and one-sidedly have sex with them.

『If she gets caught, the guards would question her, which is basically a sexual interrogation.』

It’s only natural since that counts as trespassing. However, if we ask the guild master, they may be able to get the punishment lightened.
In this respect, the home group, our Doom Squad, has a big advantage over the away group, the Panty-less Troupe.
The question is whether Cool-san will agree to go along with this plan or not.

(It would be the same as when she attacked the book rental old man in his sleep. But at that time, it’s been confirmed that the old man is a virgin.)

The odds of getting a virgin fish this time are quite low. If the odds were higher, the virgin eater Unicorn would have been fishing for them long ago.

(Well, let’s just leave that up to the person herself.)

If she refuses, we can work together to figure out another plan.

(There’s no need to wait for her visit. I can just go meet and talk to her now.)

And so, I headed to Jayanne, one of the three families where she is to tell her about 『Operation Virgin eater Unicorn faking as Panty-less Troupe’s member』.

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