Chapter 366 part 2

(Now that I take a closer look, her right shoulder is slightly slumped and her head is tilted to the left.)

If she’s always like this, it means that only one side of the body’s muscles is being used at all times.
I don’t use my magic eye because she’s away from me, but this type of person definitely has a 『dark red glowing part』.

(Let’s do this!)

No need to waste more time once the policy is set.
I reached backward without looking back, grabbed the mat in the closet opened by the chest-haired gentleman, and threw it at the green-masked woman in front of me.


As I expected, the green-masked woman brushes the mat aside with her arm. I close in on her, hiding behind the mat, and gently poke the glowing orange area under the armpit of the green-masked woman’s outstretched arm.


The stimulus would be comparable to having a finger pushed into the tip of her breasts. She gasped for breath as she lost her balance.
I grabbed the mat that fell next to her and laid it on the floor, then I grabbed her ankles and made her fall on her butt.
By the way, the guild master suffered unexpected damage because of that. Since he was next to her, he was temporarily covered by the mat.

(How’s that? It feels good, right?)

The green-masked woman can’t put any strength into her body since I’m pressing the glowing parts on her ankles. Then I flip her over to a prone position.
By the way, I did say sorry to Goblin Jii-chan, but he didn’t respond whatsoever. His eyes are bloodshot as he’s kept swinging his hips like a machine gun.
Let alone my voice, he might not even notice the mat that hit him.

(I see, so that’s how it is.)

I moved my focus from Goblin jii-chan next to her, to the task in front of me, and tugged on both ankles. I tried to align both heels together, but the right leg was still just a little shorter than the left one.

(Her center of gravity is off.)

I think the pelvis is slanted.
When I touched her skin while using my magic eye, I could see the 『 reddish-dark 』 area concentrated on one side of her body. I leaned over her on her stomach and placed my fingertips on a spot on her back and put my weight on it.

(Let’s see if my hypothesis is correct.)

『Arrghhhhh!!』, followed by a cracking sound, such a deafening scream came out of her mouth. I continued to push, and the dark red light gradually faded, and her screams subsided.

『 Your pain will go away as your body gets better.』

This must have been what it meant and I no longer doubt that this is a pressure point. As expected of my magic eye, its performance to show that 『the glowing part needs a stimulation』 never fails me.

(This one around the neck… is this stiff shoulders? It’s glowing in a pretty deep place, so it could be causing her a headache.)

Feeling satisfied with this discovery, I continued the acupressure while talking to myself in my mind. The sharp pain from the stimulation makes her flail around, but she cannot escape because I’m riding on her back.
After that, I carefully poked her pressure points one by one while holding her down.

(Phew~ Alright, this should do it.)

I finished erasing the obvious ones.
The green-masked woman, on the other hand, is out of breath. When I leaned over to look at her face, I could see her teary eyes behind her Venetian mask.

(I’ve achieved my personal objective. Now all that’s left is to deal with the Pantyless Troupe itself.)

What drives these women is their faith. If we defeat them and just leave them here, they will undoubtedly start their activities again.
So we must take them into custody and send them back to the Eastern country. By the way, I have requested the merchant guild to retrieve them.

『The nuns who caused trouble in the Kingdom, which is an ally country.』

It seems that church members are like government officials in the Eastern Country. Therefore, this would be quite a diplomatic blunder.
The identity of the girls who came to the country via the merchant guild would surely be a good bargaining chip.

(It’s getting pretty late too, so let’s make them lower their voices a little bit.)

She should be demoralized at this point, but the light in her eyes shows she still has the will to fight. I didn’t expect her to put up a fight to the bitter end.
Then the best thing to do here is to 『take her consciousness away』.

(That said, there’s only one way to do it, though.)

I can’t knock her out by hitting the back of her neck with a karate chop like in the tv dramas I saw in my previous life and I don’t have any drug that I can soak into a handkerchief.

『Making her feel good beyond limits.』

This is the only way.

(The target is not the dark red color this time, but the yellow and orange ones.)

If I press the same way as before, I should be able to understand the difference between the pressure points.
I immediately started to give her a 『sexual』 massage, this time with more pressure. When I look over at the green-masked woman, she is holding her fingers up to the mat while gritting her teeth and suppressing her voice.

(She’s confused.)

Her body stiffened reflexively as she thought it will be another painful experience, but what wells up from where she was pressed is a 『sweet』 sensation. What she’s probably feeling right now is 『the sensation of my fingers penetrating her through the surface of her body』.
Of course, this is just an illusion. But in terms of 『sensitivity』 it is no different from the marine products between her legs.

(Stop! Let it cool down… and start again!)

What I’m imagining is a dish covered with plastic wrap heated in a microwave.

(When the plastic wrap was expanded to the point it was about to burst, I stopped the machine and turn it on again when it has shrunk a little.)

After that, I repeated this process several times. Just like how the flavor permeates into the dish as it cools, the green-masked woman becomes softer and softer the more I touched her.
Keeping her consciousness on the verge of fading away is a practice for me as well as my reward for her enduring the pain.

(Ah crap!)

I can feel an intense spasming in her abdominal muscles, even though I’m straddling her back. After this happened for some time, her body lost all its power all at once.
It seems that I had pushed her to her limits too much. I guess I still have a long way to go.

(Well, it should be fine even in this state.)

The dome of plastic wrap that covers the dish inside the microwave. I had planned to pierce it with the needle between my legs and make it explode, but I can’t do that now.
However, my desires were still there in this state, so I invited myself inside her limp body.

(Despite the situation, this is not bad at all.)

Her sensitive body, now unprotected, keeps squirting with each thrust. The fact that it felt good even when she was in this state, was probably the result of her training as a nun.
Now that I’ve completed all my missions, I let go of her body, let out a breath, wipe my forehead with my arm, and look around.

(As expected of the guild master.)

Resting with his back against the wall is a small old man that looks like a goblin who smiles back at me as our eyes meet.
The tall, blue-masked woman lying next to him occasionally twitches lightly. There’s probably some time that has passed since she sank.

(The third place is… Corneal-san huh?)

Although we were not competing with each other for the top spot, I turned my head in the opposite of his direction with such thought.
The red-masked woman who became the macho young man’s opponent has become a lump of meat that let out a sweet-sounding scream whenever she’s swayed.
While the chest-haired gentleman and the white-masked woman need a little more time it seems.


To pass the time while waiting for them, I sat down next to my superior, the small old man.


Here, the perspective switches to the green-masked woman who was lying on the mattress.

(…..O god.)

Although the breaker between the body and the brain has been tripped by the excessive load, her brain has not stopped working.
Her consciousness, which was melted by Tauro’s technique, was in a state of self-disorientation.

『What lies beyond the end of sexual intercourse between a man and woman is the closest place to God.』

Monotheism teaching in the Eastern Country. For the green-masked woman who believes in this teaching, the place where she is now is the land of God.

(Ahhh~ I understand now. Please forgive me for I was wrong.)

In her dream, the green-masked woman was putting her hands together between her breasts as tears were pouring out of her eyes. She is repenting about her views on Sin and Punishment.

『Hitting a person with a whip and dropping hot wax on his skin.』

The Archbishop who was the leader of the Eastern Country has adopted this practice, which he himself is propagating. However, the green-masked woman and her comrades couldn’t accept this.

『It’s unsuitable for affectionate intercourse between men and women.』

Putting yourself in a rough spot by asceticism is one thing, but trying to get closer to God with violent acts is extremely impious. With this in mind, she strongly opposed the practice and formed the Pantyless Group.

(There is no such thing as high or low ways to pave your way to God’s presence, is there?)

But now, she was truly convinced and she reflected on her wrong views.
There are two reasons for this.
First, the green-masked woman had never gotten to this point, and this was undoubtedly the highest point she had ever reached.
The second reason is that with 『Sin and Punishment』 she was able to go where she had not been able to reach with only 『intercourse between man and woman』.

『A health massage in the first half and a sexual massage in the second half.』

Although, actually, Tauro just switched between the two and it wasn’t the 『Sin and Punishment』. But not knowing this, she thought she had grown up and turned『painful』 into 『feels good』.
Just as she had experienced when she was a girl.

(His Eminence the Archbishop himself explained things in a way that was easy to understand and even gave demonstrations at times.)

She exhaled from the depths of her lungs, thinking of her own foolishness because she had only been stubbornly denying it.
She then made a firm decision. That is to spread the teaching of Sin and Punishment to the utmost of her ability.

『A misunderstanding.』

Because of this, the green mask will still only feel that 『painful things are still painful』.
However, it’s not impossible that she will succeed eventually. Even the Grim Reaper of the Empire did not know his great potential as a masochist until he had an eye-opening experience in the Divine Tournament.


Her colleague wearing a white mask who was in the middle of being assaulted by the chest-haired gentleman. While listening to her voice in her dreamy state, she writhes with an ecstatic expression on her face.

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