Chapter 370 Part 3

「Alright, Tauro-san, it’s time to go for the second round.」

The woman with Middle Sauvage in her late twenties who has been married before. The chest-haired gentleman said as she finished her story.
I followed his gaze and turned around to see the plump, energetic girl in her late teens, who was lying on her stomach. Her cheeks are still flushed and she’s still letting out a hot breath, but it seems she’s ready for another round.

「You’re right. Well then, I’ll be in your care.」

I said to the slender beauty, to which she replied, 『me too』.
Behind her back, the chest-haired gentleman was immediately making the energetic girl laugh with his sophisticated dirty jokes.

「My play starts with a massage but… is that ok?」

The introduction of play varies from worker to worker, starting with conversing, using their breasts and mouth, or being completely passive and letting the customers do what they want with them. In her case, it’s probably a health massage, which she mentioned earlier that she is confident in.

「Yes, please. I’d love to.」

I also call myself a masseur, but I am a self-styled pleasure masseur who relies on my magic eye. I’d love to experience an authentic massage myself for my own study.
Smiling, she urged me to lie down on my face, and after I do as she told, she straddled my back without putting too much weight on me.

(……Ooohhh~ I see. This certainly feels good.)

The massage begins on both sides of the spine, then moves to the soles of the feet via both sides of the tailbone.
After that, she rolled my body from a prone position to the side, and from the side to lying on my back, each time holding my elbows and knees.

(It feels a bit painful, but it definitely helps with sciatica.)

It’s a pain in the leg or other parts of the body caused by a compressed nerve. In my previous life, I suffered from occasional calf pain after a back injury.
It was just like muscle pain, but it was caused by a nerve, so it won’t get better if left untreated. However, if I soak in a hot spring and relax, it disappears as if it evaporated.

(I used to see canes left behind at the entrance to the main bathhouse in hot spring resorts.)

I remember that feeling fondly.
The owners were elderly people who came to the bathhouse with a limp. They can walk normally after getting out of the bath, so they leave it behind by accident.
Incidentally, since I transferred to this world, I have been casting unused healing magic on myself every night, so I am always disease-free and injury-free.

「I’m finished. How do you feel?」

A married woman masseur from Easternmost countries, asked me what I thought of the massage while breathing lightly. I half raised myself from my back and rotated my shoulders and neck, and I felt light indeed.
She nodded and smiled happily when I replied, 『I feel so much better』.

「As a matter of fact, I am also good at massage, although I am still an amateur. And I have quite a good reputation for it too, you know.」

So I would like to try it out and ask for your feedback. When I said this, I heard the chest-haired gentleman muttering from behind me, 『Hoho, so that’s what you’re aiming for』.
It seems he misunderstood something, but I am not planning anything weird here. I simply want a professional opinion about my slightly erotic but body-relaxing massage.

「…..Sure. I guess I’ll try it out.」

There was a slight pause in her response, probably because she was concerned about the 『Amateur』 part.

(Amateur massage can be dangerous after all.)

We must have that one self-proclaimed 『shoulder massage masters』 among our relatives, friends, and colleagues in the office from time to time. I have been sick so many times because of their confident imposition of good intentions.
She agreed because the chest-haired gentleman behind me added, 『Don’t worry, he’s a well-known figure around here』.

「Now then, please get down on your stomach.」

We switched positions, and this time I straddled her back as she lay down.

(Magic eye activation! …Fumu fumu, I see.)

If her back is the night sky, the 『Pleasant Points』 look like stars in my eyes.
Choosing a few of the brighter ones among the stars, I began to press my index finger to trace a constellation.


The reaction is great. It’s good that she is highly sensitive, but her back muscles are somewhat more rigid than other women.
If I’m not careful, I might cramp some muscles and cause her severe pain.

(Carefully and slowly.)

What I had in mind was stew meat that had been simmering for so long that it was melting and falling apart in my mouth. I avoid the same muscles, use both hands so as not to lean left and right, and press my fingers on her slender, tight body.

(She’s not in pain, isn’t she?)

The slender beauty bites the pillow she clings to and it gets wet with saliva. There is no doubt that she is trying to endure being exposed to the sweet waves.
I wonder if she was holding back because of her 『pride as a professional massaeur』.

(I wonder if it’s embarrassing for her to let out a sweet voice at technique from an amateur.)

As for me, I would be more than happy to have her screaming from the bottom of her stomach, with her body twisting like a shrimp just like the energetic teenage girl.

「Please don’t hold back yourself. It’s natural to let out your voice.」

I’m trying to make her climax and this time I flip her over and make her lie on her back.
And from there, it’s a touch to the front, which is far more sensitive than her back.

「What a nice voice. It’ll feel better if you don’t hold back and just let it all out, you know.」

Once the limit of what she can endure is exceeded with my first move, the usual lion dance on the bed with her hair disheveled ensued. As one would expect from someone who can dance, even her maddening appearance is amazing.


Since I feel there was a change in the presence behind me, I turned my gaze without stopping massaging with my fingers. There, the chest-haired gentleman and the energetic teenage girl stopped their play and were looking at me.

「That is the pride of the red-light district of the Kingdom, Dr. Slime’s technique. As the name “slime” implies, he melts not only the flesh but even the bones of his opponents.」

The chest-haired gentleman with a solid build explained proudly and the plump teenage girl was left speechless as she clasped her hands on her mouth with her eyes wide open.
The gentleman said earlier that he wanted to learn by watching my play, so I guess he’s more interested in being a spectator than playing right now.

(It should be about time she reached her limit.)

Various things other than her voices erupted and the violent convulsions began to weaken.

「I’m done with the massage. Thank you for your hard work.」

When I told her so, she looked relieved and her whole body relaxed. I looked at her and continued with a smile.

「Then, I’m looking forward to the play.」

As soon as I finished, I covered her, who was lying on her back, and tried to enter her from the front.
She must not have expected that I would start the play right away. Her eyes widened in surprise and she said in a muffled voice into my ear, 『wait a minute, let me rest, please』, but I didn’t respond.

(Both her body and soul should be lit right now.)

Comparing it to a tempura, instead of being crispy, it absorbs the juice and becomes fluffy. I like this type of tempura better.

「Wait a minute, please listen to me.」

She pushes my body with her hands, which are not strong enough, but such things can’t stop me.
With my magic eyes still working, I hold both of her thighs on either side of her waist and swing my hips at her repeatedly so that I can thrust down on all of her pleasure spots.


That wasn’t the slender beauty, but the voice that escaped the energetic girl’s mouth, who was watching our play from behind.
Then the chest-haired gentleman added, 『The first round with you was just a warm-up it seems』.

(That’s not true though.)

It might not look like it, but I was serious in that play. And what’s happening right now is a natural flow of events.

「What do you think? The red-light district of the Kingdom is a wonderful place, right?」

Eagerness to brag about his hometown to foreigners. Perhaps it was this feeling that made the chest-haired gentleman’s voice sound terribly happy.
He then began to tell the stories about me with a smooth tongue after the energetic girl responded positively with a smile.

(I don’t think getting banned by brothels is a story of heroism, but a failure though.)

Then I remembered that she was a worker in a mobile brothel that traveled around the continent of Ost, and I thought, 『I wonder if this will be part of her story stock to tell other people』.
Well, that’s not really a bad thing. If it serves as a pillow talk to fill in the gaps between plays, I would be honored.

「I wonder if Nee-sama will be okay.」

The chest-haired gentleman replies to the energetic girl’s concern with a smile.

「No woman has ever been okay when playing against Dr. Slime who went serious!」

While listening to such exchanges behind my back, I thoroughly enjoyed the stew meat in front of me.

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